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pgsree 2013-11-12 11:40:42


My daughter is in Nursery at Euro Kids. I am in search of schools which help kids explore and be innovative rather than just follow a curriculum. Do we have such schools in Hyderabad?

ash1000charlotte 2013-11-12 12:45:31


Hi, happy to talk about Little Einsteins Preschool at Kondapur. The kids there are always very excited about the activities be it making music, gardening or making toys and crafts. As a parent I am happy with the way things are coordinated and executed. With utmost personal care,  they have 1:10 staff :child ratio. I feel so proud that i made the right choice in my putting my kid in one of the Little Einsteins Branches.


This is a second home, and the curriculum are based on activities through the multiple intelligence concept. My daughter blossomed in just 5 months she comes home with lots of songs to sing, some special fact that surprises me on the concept taught to her. Writing has become her favourite as they have innovative worksheets to enhance writing. Also the school has universal activities celebrated at her school. so everyday she looks forward to going to school. wish you all luck. 


pgsree 2013-11-12 16:52:56


Thanks for the information.


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