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AnuGeorge 2013-11-10 23:24:51


We would like to join our two girls in St Geroge Grammar (ICSE) or Stanley Girls School (SSC). We are tilting towards St George after discussing with them. Any parent of the children studying here can give feedback and help me take a decision. My elder girl will be joining 5th Class. How will be the higher classes in St George.

padmajasingh 2013-11-27 11:33:14


Hi Anu,

My duaghter is studying there in std 1 I am not happy with the school atleast the preparatory section... but one gal who goes by bus with my daughter spoke to her abt her experience she is in 9th std said this school is better than other schools and teachers are good there.

so please go to the school and talk to few parents and gals if possible before taking the admissions.


AnuGeorge 2013-11-28 11:22:18


Hi Parmaja garu,
Thanks a lot for the response and feedback.

We have visited the school about a week back and spoken to a KG teacher and 4th Class teacher.
They are polite and courteous. We checked class rooms which are not that much impressive.
We checked academic record also. About 20-25 percent girls are getting more than 80 percent in ICSE exams which is a bit satisfactory.
Good thing is they are not promising the sky as like many other schools :)

We are looking for a girls school with focus on communication skills and academics.
What is your observation with regard to communication skills of the students of St Georges?
Can you pls send your contact number to, if possible?

Thanks a lot.


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