Gitanjali Devashray - Admission to Class VI (sixth) - 2014

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madhumurthy 2013-11-04 12:28:50


Dear All,
My kid will be taking VI th (sixth) standard admission test at Gitanjali Devashray (CBSC) syllabus. I am looking for suggestions/guidance or any material information which can help to prepare for the admission test.

Also, my kid is currently studying in Gitanjali Devshala (ICSC), I have a younger one who is studying in Devashray, I want to move the older one to Devashray (from Devshala) as well. It will help me have both my kids in one school. The other issue is about the emphasis on English in ICSC syllabus which worries me, that is why I am planning to take this step. Please let me know if this decision is a right choice.

querynew 2014-12-27 18:17:41


Hi...this is an old post ..but enquiring as we have a son who is in 5 th and will be going to 6 th next year. We plan to put him in Devashray.. How do you find the school? Are both your kids happy with the curriculum? Please reply


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