Feedback on DAV Safilguda, anyone?

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anxparent 2013-10-21 12:09:52


My son will come to 1st Std next academic year (2014-15). I am looking at CBSE options. Can I get feedback on how DAV Safilguda is in terms of teaching and co-curricular?

Any other suggestions? We stay in Vidyanagar.


Madhu74 2013-10-22 19:47:57


Hi, I heard it is very gud one of my friends both sons studying there

tapa 2013-10-23 14:41:39


DAV Safilguda is a well established school. Children of all-income level parents come here. Lower income families living in that area, send their children to this school. If you want your child to mingle with children from every walk of life, then this school is ok.

The principal is good at running the school. They try to improve the school every year. They do not take any feedback from parents though.

This is a pretty religious school, so some basic ethics and religiosity gets fed into your child.

There are several co-curricular activities.

For classes < V, the activities are limited to chess, skating, kuchipudi, bharatnatyam, multimedia and a few more.
For higher classes, there is basketball, table tennis also.

The coaching level for these activities is average. Not very good. But I think other schools will also be at the same level. Learning a sport or game outside, after school hours will definitely be better. Here you can only get basic level of coaching.

They have Brain-o-beads abacus training which can be taken either during school hours or on Sundays.

The school's X class results are very good. And has been good for a while now.
They have several eminent people visiting the school and advising/guiding the children from time to time. ( for higher classes )
Fees is not high. Admission procedure is open.

Standard of English is not up to the mark. Teacher's English is also not very good. Some teachers are good and some are below average. Maths is not taught well. There are no experiments conducted in Science for students to understand the concept. ( for primary classes ). If you find a school which does not have these limitations, then you should join there.

Infrastructure is ok. Lab facilities are there. Ground is there for basketball, cricket and skating. Campus area is substantial. Classrooms are not very tidy.

Hope this helps.



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