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JyoChandrika 2013-09-26 18:17:04


Dear Parents,

I need your valuable suggestions to choose a good school for my daughter, who will need admission in LKG for the next academic year 2014-15.

We would be shifting shortly to SMR Vinay @ Miyapur and looking for good schools which meets the following crieteria

1)  WIthin the vicinity of max 3 Kms

2) To develop excellent  English vocabulary & communication skills

3) To help to achieve good academic track record

4) Child centric / personal attention for pre primary classes.

5) Less burden on the kids

I have read good reviews about Vikas Concept School, Sanghamitra & mix reveiws about Sentia Global. 

Please help me to choose a good school for my daughter.







AnithaV 2013-09-27 10:02:57


 Hi Jyothi,

Regarding Sangamitra school, they have already given the admission forms in the month of july for the next acedemic year 2014-15.

If u dont mind can u tell me in which SMR flats ur going to move. Coz we r also staying in one of the SMR's in Miyapur from last 4 months. 

My daughter is studying in Kidzee pre-school now and even we want to change her to a gud school next year. In my apartments, many kids are going to Sentia, Silver Oaks, Kennedy  and Vikas. When I enquired with the kids of Sentia and Kennedy, they are fine with school and infact some kids really enjoy their shcool it seems. 

About Vikas , one of the parents said they give lot of home work even for the pre-schools kids. But acedemic wise the school is very gud, I heard. 

If u come to know any other feed back please let me know.




srini1246 2013-09-27 17:16:26



Any idea which all schools started givent forms?




AnithaV 2013-09-30 11:12:55



Am not sure but heard that Sentia is going to start the admission preocess in October.


daughters 2013-09-30 15:01:44


Unicent child centric school, miyapur is also a good school


vidhyaramesh 2013-10-17 15:22:53


Hi jyothi ,/ anitha
Even the am planning to join my daughter in log the coming year. As far as I know only MVM is giving admission forms now. Others start in nov. I am looking for a school that concentrates on both academic and extra curriculars, where there is no pressure on kids for homework or exam...
Can you suggest a few schools please

souravsain 2013-10-21 06:42:04


You can also try DAV kukatpally and Miyapur!

souravsain 2013-10-21 06:43:04


Any feedback on silver oaks, bachupally?

Sakethsampath 2013-10-22 15:12:49



I enquired various schools near miyapur and m very satisfied with details on Sentia Global.
Admissions for 2014-15 started in that school and I heard that very few seats are left for LKG now.

For 1st standard the fee structure would be:
Fee: 57K
Transport: 20K (for 5-10km distance) [if the distance is less than 5km then the fee would be 15K]
Donation: 20K
EduSports: 5K (Abacus+edusports)
books: 2500/-

For LKG the fee is 53K but remaining things are same as above.

Silver oaks admissions starts from 18th Of November.


Sakethsampath 2013-10-22 15:17:30


DAV admissions will be in December or early January.

As per my knowledge the branch is miyapur is not good.
Also, in kukatpally branch, things are not as expected. In my apartment around 6-7 kids go to DAV KKP, but most of their parents told me not to send my kid to that school
Most of the parents that I know say they are not happy with the school with respect to the teacher care towards kids, communication skills etc.

When I enquired in the school the office staff told me that admissions will be only for LKG. from UKG onwards there would be no admissions at all.

AnithaV 2013-10-23 10:29:59


Hi Sakethsampath,

Did u join ur kid in Sentia ?. We too enquired in Sentia and are satisfied with the school. In my apartments around 40 kids are going to this school. Actually , we have applied for the admission in Sangamitra and are waiting for the result which will be announced next month. We wanted admission for UKG for next academic year. 

We thought if we wont get admission in Sangamitra, will join our daughter in Sentia (coz we have have to pay around 45K at the time of admission which is non refundable). I just wanted to know whether u have taken the admission in Sentia or not.



vidhyaramesh 2013-10-24 09:51:45


Hi Anita,
Do you know if DPS or BVB bhel have started their admissions


vidhyaramesh 2013-10-24 10:03:54


Hi sakethsampath,
Please go through this thread.

I am not sure how far this is true about sentia.. If you can clarify will be helpful

AnithaV 2013-10-24 10:48:40



Am not sure abot DPS admissions, but heard it will start some time in December. And about BVB , last year when we enquired, they said they have no admissions available (for PP2) and they asked us to contact in March. We dropped the idea to join our kid in BVB for some other reasons. 

The review link of Sentia , which u have given is some 3 years back. Last month when I have enquired with the kids & parents of Sentia, they said its is good. And all the kids were saying they really enjoy the school.

Everybody have different opinions & expectations from any school. When they dont meet with their ecpectations, they'll not be satisfied with the school. 


Sakethsampath 2013-10-24 14:00:32


Hi AnithaV,

Yes, I have taken admission for my kid in Sentia for 1st standard. Admissions started in September. So, I guess you might need to go soon for the admission as in many classes admissions are getting closed.
All the best :)

Sakethsampath 2013-10-24 14:14:01


Hi vidhyaramesh,

The thread is an old one and when I visited the school, dint find any hygine related issue. I have taken admission for my kid in that already.

please let me know if you have more details on this.


AnithaV 2013-10-25 12:52:19


Thanku Sakethsampath for ur reply. We r planning to visit the school once again my be tommorrow.



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