Looking for a good school for my kids (2013 mid year admission)

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rachujkg 2013-09-17 13:47:10



I am planning a move to Hyderabad, so looking for a good school for my kids 5 yr and 9 yr. Did some reading but have got mixed reviews. 

I kind of found the reviews on Manthan and Phoenix green good. Would like to get some advice on them-- preferably from parents whose kids study there.

My prefernce is a school which is not very heavy on curriculum, and does have decent extracurricular and games- and a place which allows parents to participate or interact with kids (not the kinds which are more of tight scurity wonderworlds)

(my husband's office will be in Hitech city) 

Videe 2013-10-01 16:43:08


Here it goes, my first post comes as a reply to your post :).

I heard good about Waldorf schools like Abhaya, Dikhsa. Vidyaranya, Chaitanya Vidyalaya and Sri Aurobindo are also good, what I heard is that these schools follow playway method. But today when I had been for an interview at Vidyaranya, they said that it is not about  avoiding stress but it is about preparing the kid to cope up with the stress!!

We can also try in BVB and CHirec. Manthan is also good.

My view is I don't want my kid to undego stress.. I want him to grow observing, understanding and learning from his surroundings. There is no aim to make my kids experts in some field or some sport. I don't know in which school my kids will end up, but I wil make sure that they become good human beings yet street smart.



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