Which school is better for my kids at Gachibowli/Lingampally Hyderabad

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0311parent 2014-02-23 01:32:39


Hello Freindz,

Finally my search for the school is ended today, i haven taken admission for my daughter in the Future kids school today. In this last 4 months, all my weekends were spent searching for good school for my daughter like all other parents..I would like to summarize my experience.for the benefit for parenttree members.

First on the school that we selected: Future Kids: Initially I have given miss to this school because of our preference to CBSE syallabus. But, soon realized what a big mistake I made because  the qualities that I wanted are more acheivable in ICSE than CBSE board. The qualities that I was looking for :
Greater focus on communication/soft skills and overall development,
More options on the subjects 
In-depth learning on the subject
More practical oriented teaching
I spoke to different people on this subject (students, parents and teachers) & read lot of articles on internet and then concluded ICSE is better choice for my kid.

Now, coming to school, we have attended open house session in nanakramguda campus and liked below things:

First their teaching methodolgy, they give more preference in understanding the concepts and reacting to situation rather than just learn the things in the text bookl infact they do not have textbooks up to class 2  i guess because they want kids to be more attentative during classroom teaching but they will share with the parents on the topics that were taught to the kids in the weekend.They dont want anything to be imposed on the kids forcefully, lets kids decide their own future and they want to support the kids in whichever path they take. 

Second, approachability of school management. Mrs Shailaja who is the founder of the school was very approachable during open house, she has answered all my and other parent queries patiently and she mentioned that its because of continuous feedback from the parents they are become better day by day.

Third, Infrastructre is okay. All classrooms have ample natural light and air, have facilities for sports like basketball, football, hockey etc..

Fourth, the school fee is reasonable when compared with mqny of the new school,  below are the fee details of lkg
AdmissionFee: 60000
Refundable fee: 15000

Annaul fee: 52 000 (payable in 3 terms and 5*%discount for onetime payment. Includes morning snacks/breakfast for lkg and from ukg lunch is provided.

Transport around 270000 (pqyable in 3 terms )

The other thing which I.liked about the school is their admission process, Child presence is not required for admission, basically they dont want to judge kids at this age and they feel every kid is unique. Admission is purely based on the interaction with the parents and selection process is if they feel parents expecations are in line with school principles.

I spoke to existing parents of future kids and they are happy with the school and progress of their kids. All.of these factors made me tochoose future kids over below schools:

I visited many schools and would like to give short overview on few of the schools:
Manthan: This school was high on our priority but received negative feedback from existing parents as these dqys mgmt not keeping thier promises. Also,the progress of tellapur campus is pretty slow, so we didnt want to take a chance..
Sancta Maria: Being very close to my home i thought a lot about this school before giving a miss bcos i felt i,ll not be able to manage fees for 2 kids (thinking abt future..my younger one is 1 yr old ) though I liked the school for the infrastructure and the teaching methodology.
Samashiti: pretty impressed with their infrastructure but had to give a miss because I didnt get any feedback on this school. All parents who arelooking for GIIS, please check samashiti once..its infrastructure is way ahaed of GIIS and also this school is closer when compared with GIIS
Arbor: liked the school, they are doing lot of activites for playgroup but not suer abt middle qnd higher classes asthere is n feedback
Epistemo: being a new school, i felt fee demanded by this school doesnt justify...also during my visit to school on sunday, i found rat roaming in one of.the playgroup class... It really scared me....please.donot form opinion on this school just because of this incident... The reason for me not choose this school is i didnt get enough feedback and also it desnt justify me on the fee demanded by the school
Niraj International: Except location, i liked everything about this school.
Dps: Tried but didnt get admission but somehow I didnt liked their admission process of interviewing kids...though my kid has answered most of the questions..she was not selected...however, i heard very good feedback about this school on academics and extra curricular activities..
Obul reddy n Bvb j hills : did not get in lottery but both are good school and admission process is also transparent.


NagaVasantha 2014-02-27 14:09:31


@ 0311parent, may i know into which class you have taken the admission for your kid. And r there any openings for grade I ?

0311parent 2014-02-27 22:58:27


NagaVasantha, We admitted our kid to PP1. We were told that there are no vaccancies for grade1 during open house session but I would request you to call the school once and enquiry abt it.

SRINIBANDARU2504 2014-03-04 14:02:00


Hi All - I am planning to visit VISTA School tomorrow @ 9:15 am to meet Principal. People who are decided to take admission for your kids, please join with me. We all go together and negotiate. Thanks.

Srinivas, PMP

divinepower 2014-07-25 11:37:23


Did u join ur children at vista...if yes..can u tell me quality f teachers...do they communicate in english ..etc.v r shifting to hyd nxt month ..looking at schools near gachibowli..for PP2
V r thinking f staying at kondapur..how far is vista from kondapur ?

sriram6547 2014-08-06 15:13:26



Basing on your query, I would like to tell you that one of my friends children studied is Vista school last year. As he didn't find any improvement in his child he withdrew him and joined in World One School from Vignan group at Kondapur. Do not judge only on my feedback. If possible visit both schools and decide for your self.

divinepower 2014-08-06 16:10:15


Thanks wil chck out..can u give ur frnds mail id .,,i want to know abt academics,communication,quality f teachers ..m looking for admission in PP2 fr this yr...

Also how is  Sanskriti school,Arbor,CGR  madhapur w r.t academics etc....m planning to visit .,v r lukng at academics oriented school with cbse ..no cambridge or other new methods ...pls suggest if u kbw w.r.t  criteria i mentioned..


sriram6547 2014-08-13 22:01:42


U can ckeck out Sanskriti as I fiind it good for children, but not CGR & Arbor as I couldnt find any improvement in the children studying over there... I too went to watchout the same schools for the academic year 2014-15 but not satisfied... Check out Sanskriti... Its good and having peaceful environment.


divinepower 2014-08-14 16:13:49


Thank u ...
I will visit sanskriti,worldone,Arbor,CGR ,Manthan this week

Regarding CGR u know any child going to this school..i read vry gud review in PT abt this school...first time seeing nt so gud review...its hell of a time fr us parents.in slecting the right school..thnks once again fr  the inputs..:)

rami11 2014-11-12 15:44:08


Hi Srirama, 

Can u please provide me the feedback on  Worldone School Kondapur. I am looking for my daughter for 4th class. what is the fee structure , admission fee and another information which i need to take care.Over all growth of the child.


MiyapurHyderabad 2017-12-20 22:17:08


@0311parent, thank you so much for posting your feedback. Very helpful. Which grades your kids are in. Is Future kids good option for higher grades ? 

Mohan85 2018-03-03 14:57:53


Can anybody tell complete fee structure of Pavithra international school lingampally. For UkG.

Mohan85 2018-03-03 14:59:23


Which school is better in lingampally and chandanagar


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