Which school is better for my kids at Gachibowli/Lingampally Hyderabad

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SRINIBANDARU2504 2013-09-03 19:48:45


Hi Parents,

I stay near lingampally railway station and i have 2 kids going to school (one in L.KG and other in Nursery). I would like to change the school in 2014 for both kids. Could you please suggest any good school near Lingampally/Gachibowli.Will also be helpful if you can suggest which syllabus (either ICSE or CBSE) would be best for their future as the competition now a days is very high. I cannot afford Annual fee per head (excluding admission and transportation if any) around 25 to 35 K.Few I could name - VISTA schools, BVB Jubilee Hills. Any other good schools and your reviews would definitely help me.Appreciate your quick response. Thanks.Srinivas, B

0311parent 2013-12-24 23:46:34


Can anyone please share the feedback on the Vista-Pearson school at gopanpally, their website  looks pretty promising with lot of activities for kids (check gallery section ) . Kindly share the feedback on the school....

SRINIBANDARU2504 2014-01-26 15:09:15


HI- Sorry, I could not reply on this. I've some good news/information people near Lingampally/Chanda Nagar.

Though, I stay in LIngampally (Near BHEL), I have taken application for my son (for LKG), both BVBs. unfortunately, our application was not shortlisted/selected.

Post this, I have gone through lot of discussion in this forum and in fact, it helped a lot to shortlist some of the schools. I have got very good impression about Hillside school as it was preferred over BVB.
Then, I visited Hill Side (Jubliee Hills) managed by Pearson Yesterday (25th Jan, 2014). The school is very good and very impressive. Modern techniques are used to teach students. I had a chance to talk to Principal as well. She in fact, suggested me to admit my kid to Vista as it is very near to my home. Since my kids are small and it will be too much of journey (15+ kms). I was also told that there will not be any difference in the teaching technique in all Pearson schools.

In some of the discussions, some questions posted like "What is the difference among schools managed by Pearson’s. Example - Hillside Vs Vista. In fact, I have put the same question to the principal too. The only difference between these 2 schools is the experience/history. As Hillside started way back and Vista has come up 3-4 yrs back. Other wise there is no big difference. I have visited VISTA School too. I felt that there is no difference between these schools. Another fact is that, the principal of Hillside is over all head for all Pearson Schools in Hyderabad.
Hence, I have decided to admit my both kids in VISTA School (For LKG and UKG) this year Jun/Jul 2014.

One additional point would like to mention. Sometime in Dec'13, I visited VISTA school and got to know that there is a discount of 9,000/- per kid if I take admission on or before 11/12th of Dec'13 by paying 10,000/- Plus 500 application fee. Looks like this offer is now not available. As I was in dilemma whether to take admission in BVB or other schools and could not take decision by the time. 

When I checked y-day about the same offer in VISTA SCHOOL, I was told that the offer is over. We were negotiating and I have my friend along with me and whose kid also getting into LKG. Finally we told them that I have 2 kids (one for LKG and other for UKG) and my friend is going to take one admission for LKG and hence can you please give that offer of 9,000/- discount. She said that she will get back to us by Monday.

Another thing is, she also offered if you can manage 2 more admissions along with you as a Group Admission, we can still give that offer (9,000/- Discount per kid).

May I request anyone who is interested to seek admission for your kid’s in VISTA SCHOOL managed by PEARSON’s near Lingapally, please join us so that we can get the discount.

You can contact me at 9966235292 or srinivas.bandaru@gmail.com

 Thanks one and all,



SRINIBANDARU2504 2014-01-27 12:07:35


SyamalaRani - Franckly, I didn't visit Pavita. I should not talk much on this school. However, I have got feedback from my friends and didn't get good impression. I will definitely visit in a day or 2 and provide some feedback.

One morething, VISTA is not too far. It is approximately 15-20 mins journey.

SRINIBANDARU2504 2014-01-27 13:36:58


Dear Mickey - Would like to know your views on Vista School, Gopanpally (managed by pearsons).

Appreciate your response. Thanks.


Ashokpothuri 2014-02-10 13:28:45


   can any one provide the complete fee structure for VISTA School.



SRINIBANDARU2504 2014-02-10 15:15:44


I didn't visit Mantan but got to know that their fee structure is beyond my budget. I can maximum afford 35 to 40K per kid for annual fee excluding transportation and admission fee. So it is not in my list.

I have 2 kids to go school. I am comfortable with VISTA School and it is with in my budget too & more over, it is also closer to my house (apporx 15-20 mins journey). Currently, roads are being expanded. Once Fly over is operational it will be traffic free and reduce the commute time too.

You can find details about Vista at http://vistaschools.com/ 

About Fee Structure for LKG and UKG (Approx figures):

Application Fee: 500/-
Admission Fee: 23000/- (one time payment)
Tution Fee: 24000/-
Anual Fee: 2500/-
Books, Uniform+Shoes: ~5000/-
Transportation: 16,500/- (up to 10 Kilomitres)

The school is located at Gopanapalli Village, Next to WIPRO. From Lingampally, it is approximately 8-10 Kms.

Directions from Lingampally Flyover (newly being constructed): Go towards Aparna Sarovar Apartment, then follow the same road. Once you reach X Road, go towards straight for 2 KMs (same route you can go to Chilkur Balaji Temple as a short-cut), you will find WIPRO office and next to that, you can find VISTA school.

I am planning to visit Principal sometime end of this month(Feb) or First week of March to negotiate ton the fee part and some of my additional queries.

Please note that I am not trying to attract anyone here but fact is that I personally prefering this school as it is fitting my requirements and sharing my views on this school.


Anshu2020 2014-02-10 15:55:23


Glendale Academy school is increasing fees very high every year comparing to other school.  When my friend�â'¬â"¢s son got admitted 3-4 years back,  Glendale fees structure was lesser 30% to DPS but due to high increment every year now Glendale fess is much higher than DPS.  When my friend contacted School management for high increase in fees they simply said that you can look out for other schools.  

Can any other parents share their experience on high fees of Glendale and specially high changes in your budget after school admission. 


sreekrishna 2014-02-13 17:08:18


Hi Srinivas,
you can slso think of Global indian international school.
they also have a branch @ madinaguda which is 2km from lingampally.

SRINIBANDARU2504 2014-02-17 13:25:43


Hi Sreekrishna - Could you please provide more details of this school if you are aware.

Like fee strucrure,, etc any additional feedback would help.

Srinivas, PMP

sreekrishna 2014-02-17 14:48:46


fee for K1/K2: 41000

-Sree krishna.

Anshu2020 2014-02-19 15:32:45


At last I enrolled my daughter in Glendale Academy. Its far but by ORR will take less time. Manthan with same fees is too small and conjusted. So couldnt make my mind for manthan.


Chiya25 2014-02-20 20:21:57


Is there anyone who can share their experience with Glendale regarding education . . We are in the process of changing the school for my daughter. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated . Also would like to know about Sancta Maria which is located in lingampally. Do they have trained teaching staff? Though school looks impressive with excellent infrastructure. 


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