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Ahsu 2013-08-13 14:41:32


I want to put my kid in either FosterBillabong or St. Andrews (both are in ECIL area).

Could anyone give comments on how FosterBillabong is? How is the workload for kids? How about extra curricular activities?

St. Andrews i heard puts a lot of loads on kids with homework and tests. Is it the same with Foster billabong too?

Manoja 2013-08-13 15:36:44



In which class you are seeking admission?



Ahsu 2013-08-13 15:47:38


Its for LKG


Manoja 2013-08-13 15:59:42


last year only fosters merged with billabong international. so they are implementing all international standards. my friends kids studies in fosters. they are happy with the school.

St.Andrews Keesara is also good. They have till 7th in Keesara Campus. hearing good feedbacks about the school.


friend1 2014-11-10 11:06:35


Earlier foster was affiliated to State Board and their school was located in Defence Colony.  Couple of years back they got tie up with some international brands like ‘Kangaroo Kids’ for pre-school and Billabong International Institutes for their Middle school and stared their branch in Saket.  The fees are high â€" may be you may think they are reasonable since all mid-range schools are charging the same now a days.  The only difference I saw is that their staffing has no change.  The same staff what they had for State Board are now continuing in their International school.  It’s ok to have the same staffing.  The only problem is the way they teach the students does make more difference.  I saw really international schools how the teachers and staff receives and how they manage the students…how they respond to the queries of the students….how they educate the students…international means not only the education what the kids are getting is more than that (manners, confidence, discipline, attitude, awareness, etcs) all these makes lot of difference for the kids now a days…that’s why the money is charged….but these teachers who never had any exposure to the international standard how can they can make kids think in broad way…I saw same old standard teaching methodology followed in foster international school. 


Also one more important thing… when this school is in state board their fees structure was different to accommodate all range of students from low to high…now since they are international…their fee structure is different but they cannot force the old students to shift to the new structure because they loose the strength of the kids (actually most of the students already shifted to Bhavans and other schools and also new branch is little bit inside to the main locality so not much awareness  about this school)…so you may see the students of mixed category in the school…which is not at all correct to the international standards…I am not against to the students…I am also the same person who thinks all should be at the same level…but the problem comes is that these kids don’t have exposure to the actual school standards (I hope you understand…I don’t want to get into much detail here which feels bad who reads this) and if you kid sits next to them will learn what they should not…bulling is high…no control from teachers side…if your kid is sensitive and comes from a different school he should be ready to face this situation and also the education part is not upto mark… heavy loads, heavy home works…kids won’t have time to take break…every month exams, they are forcing 4th standard guy to learn the English of harry potter book…their syllabus for English and English literature is the harry potter book…my kid is extremely stressed and I am worried if he falls sick of school in his 9 years journey…


Mum2Mum 2014-11-10 19:55:54


Thank you Friend1 for the details.


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