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 Former member 2013-12-21 15:43:47


Hi All,

Do we have some parents here who have their kid studying in Grade 1 or Grade 2?

I wanted to know how is their environment for Grade one and two as most of the school have good environment for LKG and UKG but  when it come to Grade 1 onward where they have to Balance Academics and extra Curriculum, they struggle. to be precise if somebody can share feedback on:

1: How is their Approach for Grade 1 and 2 students? Balancing between academics and extra curriculum activities.
2: Do teachers pay enough attention to what kids are writing in Notebooks (As from Grade 1 onwards, kids are suppose to copy what is written on Board for Homework and circulars (Notices) 
3: Do they have any negative feedback( Due to less number of students in Higher class)

Over all feedback.?

My Kid will be taking admission for grade 1.

Can some body share the feedback on above points about the school?

Thank you in advance and happy parenting!



SHAA 2013-12-30 14:20:40



Looking for my daughter's admission to grade I.
Visited the school , this Saturday, found few of the things good.

  * Infrastructure is nice with play ground, all classes have  projectors
  * fee is reasonable
  * teachers need to attend mandatory hrs of annual training
  * several branches throughout country with same set of curriculum and books
  * sufficient activities for overall development of children

Need existing parents open feedbacks on academics and teachers before finalizing.

naresh7 2013-12-30 15:23:24


I am looking for admissions for my 2Kids ( 1st and 4th ).. can someone assist me on fee structure for Mount litera-Manikonda ..Thank you.

SHAA 2013-12-30 15:52:14


Fee structure for I to III is

One time
 * Donation    30k
 * Caution      10k
 * Application 1k

Per Term ( 3 terms per year)
 * Tution fee                around 18k
 * Food (optional)        5k

 * 0-5 km 5,700 per term

SHAA 2013-12-31 00:12:36


Hi sisttlasuneetha,

Can you please share your feedback for higher grade class in mount litera.
Basically I want to know about the academics, activities and teachers for
grades like I and II.


Priji 2014-05-26 12:58:13


Hi All,

I am planning for this school for my son for LKG.
I am a working mother, can anyone please let me know if there is day care facility avialable within the school premises for Mount litera Zee school in Manikonda?

Also how is the teaching provided in this school? How about home works??

Thanks in advance

schoolqry 2014-11-10 12:08:26



I am looking for an LKG admission for my daughter in Mount Litera Zee school - Manikonda branch. Request first hand reviews / feedback from parents who's kids are going to this school. How is the teaching methodology, overall atmosphere, transport facility etc. Kindly help. Request others who have got replies to their queries to guide.

Mum2Mum 2014-11-10 19:44:11


Any idea how the Kapra branch is?

indu2013 2014-12-01 13:55:47



Any parents of 1st / 2nd std tots in this group?

I am looking for reviews on teaching & activities.


Chola 2014-12-01 20:56:48


hi, there is a daycare facility available in the school itseems.. recently got the circular from school.. timings till 5.00PM ..

tumbin76 2014-12-12 15:11:00


is this till VIIth class?????

souravsain 2014-12-15 21:02:14


Thanks @Chola  for the update. Does the school have a web site with more details? Is class 12 already operational? Which streams are there.

gauravinibm 2015-01-16 17:57:12


Hi All ,
Today we went and visited the Mount Litera Zee School in Manikonda, Hyderabad.  

Pros -
1. Nice Campus
2. CBSE Board
3. Mount Litera method of teaching
4. Every class is neat and have Smart Boards
5. Have 1 tenis court, 1 basket ball court and 1 football court / cricket
6. Child Teacher ratio is well maintained 28: 2 teacher
7.All Class room are AC
8. Small Library for Senior Section
9. Comp Lab with 20 Computers in 3 round table - may be they make 2 studen sit for each comp.
10. Good Transport and Bus Fleet.

1. No Swimming 
2. Not very old just 4 years old
3. location is bad , just residential houses outside
4. poor road and connecting infrastructure, only if u go from lanco hill side its ok
5. Manikonda branch is till class 8 now , not appeared till class x

fees are 50k per annum and transport is 14k per annum
food and dress, book cost extra  for pp1 pp2
did met the admission coordinator Suman, she was nice to explain about the school and facility, even her own daughter is studying in same school , which gave us the confidence, that school should be doing good.

Please post your review or connect with me or share me any parents contact number , if your children is going to Manikonda branch,  my number is 7673903801.

Gaurav Kr Sanghai


sravanala 2015-04-13 09:49:37


I have seen the management not switching on the A/c even the school bell rings. They don't have fans and even don't open the windows. The classroom was very hot in the morning hours. When i spoke with the principal she says the we will switch on the A/c after the school starts. My question is does the children come after the school bell rings or before the school bell rings. When the parents were not able to stand in the classroom because of that suffocation how can a small kid sit in that room. I was not satisfied with the principal answer. Even i sent an email to Suman regarding this but no reply from the mgmt.

 Former member 2015-04-13 14:08:28


My Kids are studying there (Grade 1 & Grade 4). I am overall satisfied with their performance and how all staff is working towards making it very good school.  Good Infrastructure, Balanced approach in academics & extra curriculum activities. considering the school is just 4 years old, they have good staff and infrastructure.  My kids are there from last year and I have got good support from teachers and admin staff.    

gauravinibm 2015-05-07 14:26:59


Dear Parent,
Please find attached the fee structure for the new academic session beginning in the month of June. Please find the fee details in the attachment along with the last date of payment. 
The term fee and food-transport charges have to be paid by cheque/online transfer. The online transfer details are as follows:
For term fees payment, transfers to be made to the following account:Bank Name : ICICIA/c Name : Apple Tree Educational Society
For food & transport transfers to be made to the following account::Bank Name : Karur Vysya BankA/c Name : Apple Tree Educational Society Books & Uniform charges are to be paid by cash.Jr. KG Books & Stationery -  Rs. 4100/-Sr. KG Books & Stationery - Rs. 4300/-
Boys Uniform - Rs. 2100/-Girls Uniform -  Rs. 2500/-
For online transfers please send the screen shot of the payment page.  Thanks & Regards, MLZS Team040-64622101/102

Uploaded image


sravanala 2015-06-11 06:56:39


Current principal doesnt keep her promises given to parents.


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