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Priyanka123 2017-02-21 09:23:02


Hi dcb My daughter is in std1 at jublie hills branch which is for preprimary.... No idea abt higher classes.... Thanks Mona ...

dcb1 2017-02-21 11:23:09


thanks priyanka..r u planning to change her school to arbor.

Priyanka123 2017-02-21 13:44:30


Already got admission....

aadi14 2017-02-22 20:51:32


Looking for admission into pp 1 for my daughter. I have heard from a friend's colleague that, he is not satisfied with academics and management in arbor only infrastructure is good. But I see positive reviews in this forum. I am looking for good school in terms of communication skills, extra curricular activities along with academics. Can some parents with kids in pre primary sections help me in understanding rating of arbor in terms of 3 aspects.

anan1 2017-03-16 06:51:33


Hi,we are planning to join my kid in the Arbor. pls suggest place to live near to the school? Preferably in gated community and close to the school.
may I also know, most of the students comes from which area? kondapur? 
Whats is the class strenth in arbor for primary?

manjuanala 2017-07-24 09:33:08


@salimadugu Does arbor international school provide food? Coz i didn't see anywhere mentioned in the fee structure. others also Please do reply..

Umakabotula5 2017-10-08 01:05:51


I need feedback about Arbor School. Planning to join my kid in PP1 . Plz reply parents whose kids are studying in Arbor presently.

Laki234 2017-10-10 16:11:16


Hi Umakabotula5

My daughter is studying in arbor from nursery and currently she is in PP1.It is a good school,No need to think anything.But one concern is Food.They don't provide lunch at school .we have to prepare and send it.Apart from this everything is good and fee also reasonable and now a days so many schools will not display their fee in website.i see couple of schools who publish the fee in the website and yes arbor is the one.


Nitu2285 2017-10-16 22:47:28


First of all thank you everyone for posting the queries and answering them. I am looking forward to get my son admitted to a school mid term in to LKG as I relocated to hyd recently. I have visited a few play schools as well as Sanskriti. I am yet to visit Arbor but would like to hear from the existing parents on the quality of education, extra curricular activities, fee structure including admission fees etc. Please help and share as much info possible please. Thanks

pandureddy 2018-01-12 18:35:21


I,m planning to join my kid PP1 in Arbor. Can anyone help me the latest review about the school.

SalimKG 2018-03-07 02:24:24


Arbor is a good to a very good school. It is a very solid 3.9 stars out of 5, if you rate it conservatively. If it keeps on improving the way it is, then, in a couple of years, you could rate the school 5 stars, as it would have become an excellent school. My child is in grade 2 and doing well at school. He loves his school and does not wamt to.change. He ,earlier, went to Sanskriti which is pretty good too.

Swat27 2018-04-19 09:55:41


I joined my son last year in Grade 1 in Arbor.The experience was horrible.I have taken out my son it this year from the school.Definately,school campus is eye pleasing,sports are good;but worst part is as a parent one needs few safety for kids which is absolutely not there. 1-The school management took more than a month to provide ID card to my kid after I requested for address change which I feel is significant for such small kids. 2-Most alarming thing for any parent...Child showing disinterest in going to school..Arbor's way to handle kids are threatening them to be locked in dark room,if tiffin not finished making them stand out of the class and finish it..One of the punishment which brought down my kid's confidence completely was making him sit with nursery kids and study while he was in Grade 1..and many other petty issues...Such unethical way to treat kids if such a small age.. 3-Academics is so poor that be sure that the foundation which we expect to build for a child go in vain with such untrained teachers who doesn't know basic things..Fir instance i had to circle teachers mistake and correct it..but,Hindi subject is only excellent.. If you are thinking of Arbor..From my side it's a big no no.My point is a child should be enthusiastic to go to school everyday.Apart from academics his confidence should be boosted up..Arbor was a good school when it started if it hires trained teachers and change its way to handle kids it is good.. Otherwise ,please do not opt for this school.

Sanju27 2018-04-23 11:15:12


Hi, Can anyone tell me which school is better in arbor international school or Jain heritage Cambridge school located in gachibowli

MangalaK 2018-04-23 13:34:01


This school was on my list. I dropped it only because of distance and I found a bigger school near my place.

Swat27 2018-04-23 23:05:38


Both the school's are not good..For which grade you are looking for?? Schools you can prefer- Global edge Sanskriti international Phoenix Greens school of learning

Maddy3 2018-04-24 23:03:22


My elder daughter got admitted in Arbor for PP1(LKG) in 2012 year when the school was set up. It's been six years and our experience with Arbor is amazing. My daughter loves to go to school. The school is well constructed in 4 acres of land in which it's having big class rooms with high ventilation, spacious with very big ground, tennis court, basketball courts. They have well maintained with high safety and security measures by installing the security cameras at vintage places, handovers the kids only if you have ID card. You must go through principal approval to get your kid during middle of the school.

Rapport building between teacher(s) and student(s), are really friendly where students can complete their tasks either at class room or home. The school strength has begun with 80  and it is 800 now. Each section has strength of 25 with max 5 sections per each class. This gives more attention towards each student from a teacher.  

I have few situations where management could took actions on safety aspects raised by me. You may raise your concerns during PTM or any other day with prior appointment to the principal.

I have experienced that Arbor is trying to bring more discipline in kids, in that situation you may feel a bit hard during initial days :) , my kid adopted the discipline so quickly; since then we have seen many changes in her especially pampering was no-longer exist.  Please don€™t treat it as a punishment! My daughter had a concern of eating initial years i.e. not able to complete the box on time. Thanks to Arbor, now she is completing her food on time. They follow certain rules where every parent should cooperate.  

A few other details:

-          Teachers follows XSEED curriculum

-          Activity based teaching

-          Conduct PTMs on regular basis

I would definitely choose Arbor for second daughter as well.

Reach out to me for any specific information, I will try to provide.


karanveer 2018-04-26 09:56:51


I have heard pretty good reviews about the school.What is the fee structure for grade 1?

Maddy3 2018-04-26 13:05:29


It should be around 90K

123MONA 2018-04-26 15:40:39


@ KARANVEER 84k is d tuition fee nd the best part is they don't have any one time charges like admission fee or caution deposit. @SWAT27 My child is in ARBOR since 3yrs ...I never had any bad experience with them... If we provide proper details they will issue the ID card immediately My child has never been threatened by anyone at school. When d child is not finishing his/her lunch they will take the responsibility to see that the child finishes lunch under in-charge's supervision. Students are asked to finish their pending work during hobby classes or after school hours. My child has improved a lot in academics after joining Arbor. U can check arbor website for teacher's qualifications..they have trained teachers only. Apart from academics they do have many co-curricular activities ... Everybody will have their own experiences but mine with Arbor is wonderful nd it's still continuing...

shreeniwassrav 2018-05-28 12:28:33


Based on the reviews here and a visit to the Arbor international school, We have decided to join my kid in 2nd grade. Anybody has any present feedback about the school? I would like to interact with Arbor school  child's parent. Please help me.. thank you!

parent3681 2018-06-28 15:35:07


School is good with good ambiences like fresh air, sports activiries, etc. Works for middle class families around Kondapur village. Little experienced teachers and prompt bus pickup and drops. And excellent till class V. Later you can think when your kid reached to VI class.


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