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justakid 2013-07-01 00:08:15


 Can somebody give feedback regarding Arbor international school.


School started last year.Infrastructure seems to be okay.

I would like to know more about the quality of teachers.



justakid 2013-12-29 20:18:56



  One of my daughter goes to Arbor and another daughter goes to near by Ivy League(so called) school.
We moved from USA to India. I am quite happy with Arbor International school.

1. Student to teacher ratio is less in Arbor

2. Infrastructure is good  (school buildings, tennis courts etc ....)

3. Due to low student to teacher ratio Teachers pay attention to each and every student

4. Home work is good. Students are taught concepts. Quality of teachers is good.

5. Activities are good (e.g.: On independence day students were shown spinning wheel and operate spinning wheel)

6. Teachers follow XSEED methodology ( you can search for this on internet)

7. You get better response to your questions/concerns from Arbor.

With confidence I can say we are quite happy with Arbor. Even better than near by Ivy League school.
In some classes number of students are low.

sowmyamurali 2013-12-30 11:24:57



Can you tell me which grade your daughter is in? We live near HCU depot and arbor is very close to us.

Alapati 2014-01-02 11:04:32


Can any one tell me the fee structure in ARBOR... i am planning for LKG..

schoolmaniac 2014-01-06 20:17:25


Hi justakid,

We r looking for an admission into class 1 for our daughter. Went to arbor after a detailed research on internet. The school looked spacious enough with a good ground. Everything looked fine but the tuition fee apart from lunch n transport comes around 75000. So I feel its a lil high wen compared to other schools inspite the school being new. So if ar kids r studying deer, can u tell me if the education quality is worth paying that amount of fee. 

Poem 2014-01-07 16:47:11


Hi schoolmaniac,

Most of the new schools coming up in this area have fee structure on higher side. 

When did you go to this school for enquiry ?
Do they still have vacancies for grade 1?
I also liked this school, only factor i am worried is that school is not yet time proven.


ksk11 2014-03-24 11:20:09


We visited the school last week and impressed with the management and infrastructure for joining my kid into Nursery. Fees is also on a bit higher compared to the other playschools in that area. But we are not sure how the quality of education would be as its a new school started just couple of year ago . Any feed back on this is appreciated. 

justakid 2014-03-30 18:51:21


My kid goes to Arbor. I am satisfied with Arbor school. I would say Arbor is better than some of Ivy league schools in that area.

Individual attention is what i like about Arbor

Sima123 2014-11-07 10:20:59


Hi All,
Thanks for sharing your experiences here. It helps a lot to parents like us. We can wisely choose the school and ultimately future of your kids.
I m looking for help to choose school for my 4 year old boy in Kondapur. I m looking for current reviews on sanskriti and Arbor schools in Kondapur.
I read your discussions, so came to know that many of your children is going to Arbor school. So how is Arbor for Hkg??
Please share your valuable input, so that we can take right decision for our kid.
Thanks you so much...

anu2278 2014-11-24 01:36:27


we are living in america n are planning to move in jan 2015,wanted a feed back about arbor son is 6 yrs old. 

mom4ta 2014-11-28 17:52:08


Hello justakid,
                       My son is 4yrs.I am looking for a CBSE school around gachibowli .Can you plz share your experience with Arbor....Wanted to know some good schools other than DPS.

ashishmahesh 2014-11-28 22:49:16


Admission for class will be always available in Arbor. So dont worry.
My daughter study in 1st class in Arbor.
School is very good. I did not see any negative things till now.
very helpful staff.
nice play ground.
If you have any question please let me know , ll be happy to help.


Sima123 2014-11-29 00:23:49


Hi ashishmahesh,

I wanted some information as your child is going to arbor school.

Is there any burden on child for studies or homework???

And if child is weak in any thing, do they give personal attention??

And Can you please clerify that what % of fees increase every year??

I m looking for my son's admission in pp2.


popsy 2014-11-29 16:54:26


what is the current fee structure of the school for 2nd std? also what is the one time fee for new admissions?

Sima123 2014-11-29 20:47:05


I inquire about pp2. Admission fee is Rs. 50,000. (Non refundable).

ashishmahesh 2014-11-29 22:48:08


Is there any burden on child for studies or homework???
Not at all

And if child is weak in any thing, do they give personal attention??
Yes definately

And Can you please clerify that what % of fees increase every year??
I am not sure about it as my daughter's first year in this school

I m looking for my son's admission in pp2.
Go ahead. 

lathapandu 2014-11-30 18:55:12


Where is this arbor school, i seen pavithra international and sancta maria.i live near doctors colony

ashishmahesh 2014-11-30 20:13:59


its near heritage fresh , botanical garden road.

Sima123 2014-12-01 13:21:28


Thanks Ashish for help.

nam2010 2015-02-20 18:02:45


How is the school for class 1 and above?
please help.


schoolnice 2015-06-29 10:39:45


Arbor school management changes very year. Its been 3 years since the school started and they had two principal changed. The fee they charge is very high when compared to other established school near by. They take 50000 as admission but they do not have sports in their curriculum. Even simple sports like skating, badminton etc. are not there. The school time is 8.40 to 3.40 which utter waste for such long hours without any sports and hobbies. U cannot send kids outside, as its too late when they reach home and tiresome for kids. There is Zero period (last 40 min) where the kids are not doing anything. Just waste of time..

Coming to management, the Director/Correspondent is not approachable. The principal does not allow parents to talk to him even with a prior appointment. But he will talk with new admission parents and ignore existing parents and their concerns. The principal considers her to be the best and most disciplined and parents are not disciplined. But this school should the status and back ground of the parents. The parents in and around kondapur, Gachibowli and Hitechcity are well educated, working in big multinational organizations.. Actually they should look at teachers background and staff background. They do not have experience and are not trained as teachers. They change every year.

Finally, this is not an established school to have such a fee structure and are not like a professional school who can be at Parents level. But they are good at dictating rules to children and parents. They forget that kids, now-a -days does not like dictatorship and parents are like customers with that huge fee structure


divinepower 2015-07-01 12:16:01


My child is studying here sibce last 1 yr ..shez in grade 1 now..but done thobgs mentionef here arecwrong.. i agree that school fee is bit high ...but never had any issues with teacher...i hav seen lot if improvement in my child be it communication ,education , reading etc.. Regarding sports they have yoga and Also KOOH where there is sports child tld tht they are practising basket ball ..i mean bouncing ball etc and also badmition ....they have hobby class too ...western or classical dance once a week... Apart from this to encourage children to read they are asking kids to read duribg library hour..also evry 1st and 3rd week of month they hav spelling competition fr english and 2nd and last week for secnd lang.. My exp so far s gud there r only 20 students in each class ...n they do take care of kids .. @schoolnice pls chck facts before saying abt sports or other kids do not lie ..i chck with my kid too to make sure they are getting the facities promised... I m not from the school..i am a parent ...i m nt paid to write this...

Moving2hyd 2015-07-02 15:46:31


I am moving to Hyderabad in Delhi and planning to stay in Kondapur area. My son is studying in PP2 level class in Delhi and want to continue same level in Hyderabad.
It would be very helpful if anybody can let me know about Arbor international school or any school nearby Kondapur.
Thanks in advance.

schoolnice 2015-07-13 18:12:15


My questions to divinepower about Arbor is whether they utilise the big ground for students?Do they have proper skating place?badmittion or any other? They just use it for conducting sports day and annual day that too for publicity. Doing sports day for one day does not mean that the school has extracurricular. For Kooh Sports they charge which is 1500 per term and is not part of Tuition fees. 
Regarding transport they charge 16000 per annum which is too high for 0-2 km range. Samkriti school charges 12000 per annum for more distance for transport. They also provide brk fast, lunch which comes to 60000 including Tuition, skating etc. for Grade1. 
I dont know since how long u have been associated with this school.But we r there since school inception and they are rude with us.
And if you need TC in mid year ur asked to pay fees for all the three terms which is not followed any school. Other schools will require you to pay only for that particular term fee. Check with other parents during PTMs. they will also provide same info.


divinepower 2015-07-13 20:10:55


@schoolnice May b i do not have long association with the u..this s secnd yr..but my exp is positive till nw...i have changed 2 schools for my child nt in hydbd ..believe me this school s 100 times better persnl they r giving imp to studies n sports ...i dnt knw why u feel they do not use the ground ....they r using it fr games ..i hav seen kids practising cricket too in playground...we were nt promised skating lowr grades..i m nt aware if higher classes hav it .. If u hav issues n other parents too have same issue ..y dont u parents form a group n meet concerned authority? I m sure they would listen if you go in a group...just a suggestion .. I hav chckd out sanskriti n other nearby schools too ...felt this school s comparitively better thn them but agree abt fee being high...anyway evryone has their own views .. May i knw which grade ur talking abt ? it would help other Arbor parents too ..

aaravrathore 2015-07-15 12:05:40


I got my son admitted into Arbor for nursery in the year 2012 when the school was set up. It's been three years and our journey with Arbor has been amazing. My son has now moved on to Grade 1 and I see both my son and the school grow in all aspects. Unfortunately I am getting transferred to Bangalore in few months. Unlike other schools, Arbor has its focus not only on academics but also on various activities. KOOH sports team is doing a wonderful job with all its ongoing activities.

The school is equipped with a huge landscape inclusive of tennis court, basket ball court and cricket academy. The school functions from 8:35 am to 3:40 PM which is adequate in order to schedule academics, sports, art & craft, dramatics, music, western & classical dance, literary events, labs, etc. I was also glad to know that this year they've tied up with trinity college of London for spoken English classes which is so beneficial to our children in enhancing their communication skills. I agree that the fee is a bit higher compared to other schools around but from my experience I feel the quality of education provided here is worth the pay.

In the entire three year span only once there has been a change in the management, it's been a year since the new principal has taken over and since then a lot of things have been streamlined [only for good]. Though PTMS are conducted very often incharges and teachers are very well approachable to the parents for any issues. I was astonished to see few comments stating that the school should look into the status and background of the parents. As an educational institution the school doesn't look into the status or the background of the parents. It only believes in providing quality education to every possible child without any discrimination. We as parents should abide by the rules of the school rather breaking it. My journey with Arbor could not resist me from writing about the school before I leave this place.



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