good schools in madhapur and kondapur areas.

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sailu1 2013-06-04 18:41:12


 Hello everybody, i am new to this site and hyd....came to know about this wesite from google while i was browsing for best cbse and icse schools in hyd.The members are doing a great job by helping many of the parents.

My son is going to shift  from vizag to hyd for his 1st std.Our house is in Kothaguda(near Kondapur).It would be great if you suggest me some good icse and cbse schools around this area(madhapur or kondapur) which are good especially at academics and communication skills.

Thanks in advance,


 Former member 2013-06-04 21:07:29


Hi saili1,

My wife visited below schools as part of school search for my PP2 (UKG) and 5th grader.these are all in the vicinity of kondapur, madhapur and Gachibowli.

- Manattan (for which no seats available)

- Chirec (Admissions closed while ago)

- Phoneix Greens : Seats available as of last week. Initially we decided to join here. But due to proximity, ruled out.

- Meridian - Heared school is good, but too commercial. this what even I noticed when i called them and my wife also during her visit. they will increase fee yearly like anything.

- Global Edge ( Not Good, because it's not having play ground and teachers didn't look so experienced.)

- Sanskriti (Not OK this is almost like traditional schools which is resulting in non-hygenic environment)

- Maharshi (Mixed opinions like not that Hygene,etc.,, but ruled. because, they said they have admissions but 5th grader has to take test. they said in language as well. we told them we are moving from abroad, and she can't read and write telugu. they say, we don't care all that, but she need to pass the test. gone crazy and ruledout.)

- ARBOR International (This is a new school. My wife visited and found infrastructure is good, school staff is good. Couldn't find any info /reviews on this school except their website when googled. Later i enquired through other channels and found school is good and parents are happy. they follow XSEED as teaching methodology till 5th grade. google for more info on XSEED).

Finally we joined my kids into Arbor International school, Kondapur. Though the school is new, but it has good academic planning, good play ground and infrastructure but NOT AC class rooms. we are ok even if non AC class room. they have option of selecting 1 indoor and 1 outdoor game where a coach will provide training.

hope this helps.



sailu1 2013-06-05 13:09:37


 Hi Mihima,

Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs.....

We are looking for 2014 admission,heard that admission process starts from nov/ enquiring about the schools as i am new to hyd.........

Do you have any idea on DPS,Future kids and Chirec regarding the academics and admission process for 1st Std?

Heard, its very difficult to get into DPS and Chirec..........

Thank you.



 Former member 2013-06-05 20:40:16


Hi sailu1,

Yea I too heared the same about DPS and Chirec. I didn't even enquired with these schools, as my family moved to India in May 1st week, so obviously there is no chance for DPS and Chirec because the admission process got over way early for these schools. Not sure about Future kids.

As ur case is for 2014, u can plan way early by calling these schools and get details on when they start issuing applications and what is the admission process, etc., so that u will not miss any deadlines.

Best Regards.


nitinblue 2013-06-06 08:56:25


Hi Guys, i am on the same boat, may be even worse, because I am moving to Hyderabad by July end. This will obviously be too late for my 4 year old daughter (april 2009 born) to get admission in any good school. I am not familiar with hyderabad.

From what i have heard, DPS Gachibowli shounds like a good option that i will try for 2014 and in the meanwhile i will get her admission in any school in Madhapur.

My office will be in Raheja IT park. Can someone please advise what should be my approach to find an apartment and a good school such that my commute is not more than 30 minutes ?


PGchand 2013-06-06 17:37:07


 those who are planning for 2014-14 can apply for Chirec and DPS and try their luck

You can also enquire with Jain Heritage School which is reasonably good but play ground is bit 500m Away to school  .

To find an apartment You can approach Sulekha /Sunday dc paper, Not to go via broker ,direct owner ads will be advertised .can prefer lingampally/chandanagar (if you are cost sensitive) other wise in Kondapur (Botanical road) could be other option


Shras 2013-06-12 15:14:09


 Hey can u please tell me about the NIRAJ INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL



ahkumar 2013-11-14 13:13:59


Hi Mihima,

As few months passed after joining your kids in ARBOR, could you please share your experience so far with the School.

thanks in advance.

Nats3000 2013-11-14 14:32:16


Hi, you may try Little Einsteins Preschool at Kondapur. A happy and caring second home to guide and nurture your child’s development. The outdoor environment is a central part of their philosophy (think gardening!) and educational visits are seen as a vital part of their overall development. The curriculum includes art, music awareness, reading and writing skills, as well as the fun stuff like water and sand play, field trips out and story time.


himanigoyal 2013-11-29 12:09:34


Hi nats3000 You suggested little little Einsteins preschool. I am also looking school for nursery have your personal experience with this school or someone gave u the feedback..? Plz help Himani

Harshu1 2013-11-29 12:40:41


Hi all,

Any first hand reviews on ARBOR International school


justakid 2013-12-29 20:22:02



  One of my daughter goes to Arbor and another daughter goes to near by Ivy League(so called) school.
We moved from USA to India. I am quite happy with Arbor International school.

1. Student to teacher ratio is less in Arbor

2. Infrastructure is good  (school buildings, tennis courts etc ....)

3. Due to low student to teacher ratio Teachers pay attention to each and every student

4. Home work is good. Students are taught concepts.

5. Activities are good (e.g.: On independence day students were shown spinning wheel and operate spinning wheel)

6. Teachers follow XSEED methodology ( you can search for this on internet)

7. You get better response to your questions/concerns from Arbor principal

8. Since it is new school staff have lot of enthu

With confidence I can say we are quite happy with Arbor. Even better than near by Ivy League school.
In some classes number of students are low.

shanmuka 2014-03-29 13:45:05


Hi, does any one update on Shemrock Play school, Kondapur.
This is new branch starting in Kondapur. Any idea about Shemrock Play Schools ?

- Thanks.

Chinkull 2014-12-13 20:43:44


What is the meaning of following sentence?  - Sanskriti (Not OK this is almost like traditional schools which is resulting in non-hygenic environment). Can the writer or anyone else elaborate the sentence, if they support this word?



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