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RahulDesh133 2013-05-30 21:42:32


 Dear Frnds,

I have recently moved to Hyderabad, I have a 3.5 years old daughter and looking for a school for her. I inquired at DPS, DAV, Chirec but admissions for all the schools have been closed. Based on my limited knowledge about city and School, I have figured out that both Phoenix and Pearson School have vacancies, please suggest which is a better bet in all aspects. Thanks.



Mihima 2013-05-30 22:08:50


Hi Rahul,

My family also moved to Hyderabad last month and searched for schools for my kids who are in 5th grade and PP2(UKG).

My wife visited Phoneix Greens, Sanskrithi, Meridian, Maharshi vidya mandir, Global edge and Arbor International.

we short listed Phoneix and Arbor based on the infrastructure, teaching methodologies and reviews here and there.

Finally we joined in Arbor international as it is convenient to our location. It's in Masidbanda, Kondapur. Phoneix is almost 9 kms so we avoided as I found Arbor is fine based on interaction with school authorities and also found feedback from some parents who are happy. Both schools as more or less same extra curriculur and sports activities.


Hope this helps,






RahulDesh133 2013-05-31 06:45:57


 Thanks Mihima,

Can you please throw some light on fee structure of Arbor International? Also do you have any idea about perason school? have you heard of them before? Thanks.




Mihima 2013-05-31 08:10:05


Hi Rahul,

this is for PP2 (UKG) - 5 years old kid.

Admission Fee - 20K (If u have 2 kids, no admission fee for 2nd kid)

Annual/Tution Fee (3 terms) - 65K (25K + 20K + 20K)

Books, Stationary, Misc - 5K

and for sports and extra curriculur fee - Rs 4050 (per term 1350.) This is not for field trips,. This is towards coach fee for a selected sport. u need to select 1 indoor and 1 outdoor game.

As ur kid is 3.5 years old, some of the above may not be applicable like sports fee or may be less.

I don't think there is caution deposit or registation fee. i will check with my wife.

This is new school started last year. but they have good vision it seems and they are following XSEED curriculum. heared this XSEED is good, but not much info.







kavinew 2017-11-28 22:53:01


Hi minima I'm looking for Arbor international school for my kids... I think your kid is studying in Arbor.... Can you post latest reviews about this school?

udaym 2017-11-28 23:20:13




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