Sanskiriti School VS Orchids International School Vs Manthan International School Vs Phonix Greens Vs Meridian School Vs Nasr Girls School

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padma2012 2013-05-30 19:42:25


 Hi Mickey and all,

Could you pls let me know the best school among  below schools. Borad (CBSE/ICSE) and distance does not matter . looking for class 1.

Sanskiriti  School ,   Orchids International School ,  Manthan International School , Phonix Greens , Meridian School ,   Nasr Girls School.

Could you pls rate the following schools and also ppros and cons of these schools.




Mihima 2013-05-30 22:28:53


Hi Padma,

My wife visited few of the schools u listed Sanskrithi, Phoneix, Meridian and Manthan.

Manthan admissions are closed.

Sanskrithi we didn't like much and also some reviews are not good.

Meridian is good, but it's too commercial and heared fee will be hiked every year like anything. but fee is being increased even in other schools. some how, we didn't opted for Meridian.

So after some research we decided Phoneix. almost decided to join. then we came across Arbor Inernational School in Kondapur which we liked and joined after couple of visits and interactions with teachers and principal.

Hope this helps,






padma2012 2013-05-31 19:43:10


 Thanks Mihima.


padma2012 2013-05-31 19:44:30



Could you pls help me .



mickey 2013-06-01 15:14:19


 Hi Padma,

I agree with Mihima about Meridian and Sanskriti. 
Among the schools which you have listed above, Nasr- Girls is the best followed by Orchids , Manthan/ Meridian and Pheonix. 
However, the ranking would differ from person to person... Nasr-Girls is 46 yrs old and very well established with reasonable fee structure too when compared to other Intl/Global schools. If your daughter gets a seat  in Nasr- Girls (Khairatabad),  do join your her and its better to shift near to the school if you are staying at Hi-Tech city.

You could use the above search engine to look for detailed reviews about these schools. If unable to find, pl lemme know. 



padma2012 2013-06-01 22:04:29


 Thank you so much mickey.

One last question. 

I have seen few threads in parent tree. and came to know that  NASR school is following traditional approach in teaching.

where as other schools like orchid, phonix greens etc are following  modern teaching methods like visual aids etc.

how far these modern teaching methods are useful. 

how the nasr school children will compete with children who are studying in  the above schools?. do you think  the nasr school childeren will lag off anything ?

Pls let me know.



Priyaraj2005 2013-06-21 12:26:29


Hi Padma,

That is a question that probably cannot be answered completely ... It is a kind of ongoing debate as to which is best - traditional teachind or modern methods ... The best I can say is ... it is always nice to have a mix of both in the right proportions .. to use the new technologies in teaching and at the same time without missing out on the older teaching method benefits. When we are always eager to update our technology be it mobiles, washing machine, ACs, TVs etc ... why not the education too? 

When it comes to moden methods, yes there is an advantage of following them if they are done in the right way. It reduces stress on the children, gives them more practical exposure rather than imagining things, exposed to various things right from the childhood so that they are better ready to face the real world, more enthusiastic to go to school etc ... the list goes on .. But again, not all schools that claim to use such modern methds are fulfilling their promises to the right extent. So it all depends on how they are done and so I cannot say that its like Nasr school kids would lag behind in something and the other school kids will be in a better position. As always, its the parents involvement in the kids studies that will help them ultimately rather than just leaving everythng to the school and the teachers.



justmo 2013-10-30 11:04:35


We relocated to Hyderabad about 2 years ago (in the middle of the session). We were looking for admission to Std. 2 & 7 for our kids respectively.
While we wanted a school using modern methods of schooling, we are a little wary of the new-age schools that promise a "return to roots".

We had done a fair bit of research on the internet, and by speaking to a number of our Hyd-based friends. We visited almost 10 schools.
Of these, by far the worst experience was at Chirec, where we were told to stay out. And not given the courtesy of even a preliminary meeting with the excuse that admissions were closed.
A number of others were reasonably good. Of these, the best seemed to be Meridian, but we felt it was not fully developed in terms of infra & curriculum. Additionally, they seemed (just a little) too commercial.

Then we walked into Manthan, and felt we were home. The atmosphere was warm, the kids were smiling, the school management was focused on kids & their welfare.
2 years on, the decision still seems like the right one, considering the fact that our kids still love waking up in the morning to go to school, and are doing much better at studies (& at extra-curricular activities) than they ever were.


furby 2014-03-14 22:06:37


Orchids didn't have swimming pool. They offer swimming classes for about 3 months . They take the kids in a bus to a swimming pool which is in a different location.
They have a small play ground.


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