Any feedback on ARBOR International School, Kondapur

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Mihima 2013-05-24 21:55:40


Hi All,

This is my first post and First of all I would like express my sincere thanks to the founders of this website and people who are contributing (Specially Mickey) for it's success and positive impact.

Below is my question:

I am looking for decent school/s for my daughter (5th grader) and Son (Pre K probably he just turned 5).

We are going to live in Kondapur near Aparna Heights and preferring if something available near by with an affordable fee.

 Below are the schools in mind and visited few:
- Manattan (for which no seats available)

- Phoneix Greens

- Meridian (This is intially not in my choice because of high fee, but one of my friend told it's decent one.)

- Global Edge ( Not OK)

- Sanskriti (Not OK)

- Maharshi (Mixed opinions like not that Hygene,etc.,)

- ARBOR International (I couldn't find any info /reviews on this school except their website when googled).

Can any one Please provide prons and cons of each school.

Especially Did any one came across ARBOR International school. This school seems new and has good play ground and infrastructure but NOT AC class rooms.

Any feed back on this school interms of education, student care, extra curricular activities like sports, etc.,

I intially leaned towards Meridian or Phoneix, but now ARBOR also came into picture.

Appreciate your valuable response so that I can decide soon.


justakid 2013-07-01 00:33:44




1. I was told Academic and extra curricular activities 60% to 40%

2. Teachers are trained in XSEED metodology

3. More about xSEEd memethodology

4. arbor started last year, teachers seem to have lot of enthu

5. Being a startup, they will be some teething troubles 

6. Infrastructure seems to be good

7. Student to teacher ratio is less which is good


8. Class rooms do not have AC, in summer months it could be a problem


sandyu 2013-08-29 16:26:35


Dear Parents,

Whoever has joined to ARBOR International school, please let me know thier honest feeback about the school and acadameics.




Cherry157 2013-09-10 17:39:20



Also looking forward to hear more about this school, any feedback from Parents who's kids are in this school


KP1978 2013-11-21 11:33:28


Hi Parenets,

Whoever has joined to ARBOR International school, please let me know their honest feedback about the school and academics.

Please provide the feedback.


justakid 2013-12-29 20:14:00



  One of my daughter goes to Arbor and another daughter goes to near by Ivy League(so called) school.
We moved from USA to India. I am quite happy with Arbor International school.

1. Student to teacher ratio is less in Arbor

2. Infrastructure is good  (school buildings, tennis courts etc ....)

3. Due to low student to teacher ratio Teachers pay attention to each and every student

4. School work is good

5. Activities are good (e.g.: On independence day students were shown spinning wheel and operate spinning wheel)

6. Teachers follow XSEED methodology ( you can search for this on internet)

With confidence I can say we are quite happy with Arbor


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