Oi Play School best in ambience at ALWAL

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pmeghna1234 2013-04-29 18:18:49


 I recently enquired about all playschools near by Alwal area.I stay at Temple alwal.


Kidzee near rythu bazar

Euro kids at Nartaki



Oi Play School near Laksmi kala Madir

Time kids 

out of all these i was happy with the natural atmosphere at Oi Play School.It is in residential area with very large open space and spaciou classes with attached toilets which i dint see in any of the other schools.

Most schools are lacking open space these days ,the child should be let free to enjoy his childhood like we used to in our days.

Oi is from the same house of Oakridge International and i must say that it is maintaining that standard.

porus 2013-06-05 19:15:37


 Yeah. Agreed. After going through various schools, I joined my kid in oi play school, Alwal today.

Good location/facilities/ambience.


Div7D 2015-07-01 12:21:45


I had a very bad experience at OI Playschool Alwal. I had admitted my son into PP1 this year. The centre head Ms. Malathi behaves like she is the warden of a girls hostel, and not the centre head of a play school. Initially I thought it was discipline, but right on the second day she complained that we had to avail transportation (which was incidently run by her brother) because we picked up the child ten minutes late on the first day. I tried to explain that she should give time for us to mutually get adjusted to each other. But she started screaming and was very rude. She threatened that she’d give us time till Saturday, and if we did not “mend our ways†we should take our money back.

She even went ahead and spoke very badly about my mother (who comes and picks my child up). I fail to understand how she can talk all this and judge people within 2 days of the school. Being patient is NOT one of the strengths, which is very much needed for her job.

Ms Malathi should understand that this is a playschool, and should aim at creating a fun and happy atmosphere; not a sad and morose place where teachers are not even allowed to talk to parents. She probably wants absolute control. I gave her a piece of my mind, and gently told her that she should probably be polite to parents. She flew off the handle and said that it was her school, and she knew how to handle it, and she “cannot run the school as per my timingsâ€.

I had enquired with other parents too, they say that the lady is unfriendly generally.

That afternoon when my mother went to pick my son up, she was waiting and pacing at the gate all set to pick a quarrel. I fail to understand that with this attitude how can one run a playschool?

After this experience I was totally taken aback and was worried that she might let it affect my child. So I went and asked her to process for the refund.

i went and looked around at three pre-schools in the same area.

SUNSHINE - very good campus (the largest among all schools in the area) but I didn't consider it because of too many students in the class (they already had 38 students)

TIME KIDS - campus at par with OI, activities better, and teachers are very friendly and at home.

Butterflies - campus at par with other schools, activities and teachers good.

Treehouse - approachable, friendly atmosphere - But far off for me

Bachpan - campus is on the first floor, so a no for me.

Before joining your child please have a thorough look at everything, just dont go on the brand name and join your child.


bindusreesree 2015-07-17 18:57:17


Hi I joined my kid when Oi started at Alwal, my child is in PP2 now,i am very much satisfied with the school and the curriculum which makes my child develop overall. Madam has supported us in all ways ,she is very down to earth person and teachers are excellent who take care of all the children. The maids are integral part of the school,they feed the children n make them so comfortable that my child wants to go to school on holidays also.
The way they conduct parent orientation,grandparents day, Farm party ,Little stars day are awesome and it gives me immense pleasure to watch my child over the facebook actively participating in all the activities.
He talks in good english and now started conversing in hindi too.If i compare my kid with other children ,my kid is best in all aspects.
Thank you so mch Oi Playschool Alwal Team in shaping my child's future. Madam special thanks to you. We will miss you after he passes out from PP2 but as always will give you good references of all my friends kids. All the Best for future and best wishes from my Family.

gayatrim 2015-07-23 22:50:19


I have  recently joined my kid in the school and i must say it is an amazing experience both for my kid as well ,they have an induction program where i was also allowed in the class for one week till my child settles down,the way they treat the kids is an awesome experience .The school principal really takes care of my child so well now that my child wants only madam not me,such is the affection they show towards kids. It is all learning by play way method and syllabus is available with the parents also. I am happy with the school and would recommend to all loving moms .


Pammi123 2015-07-30 18:31:09


I do have very bad experience with Oi Playschool (Gajularamaram) last year I have joined in Nursery, they don’t have much strength but still we believed Oi Playschool Brand and joined and paid fee after that I have observed that they don’t have proper teachers and other staff, no teaching at least no proper care. as a parent we just expected caring and friendly atmosphere, my child also did not adjusted there. After one month we did not send my child to school. few days later we got the information that Oi playschool is not maintaining minimum standard and the Management is not supporting to branches  they are focusing only on few branches ( Jubilee Hills, Banjarala Hills, Manikonda…) to pull the admissions to Oakridge main schools, they are fully money minded, they are least bother about Childs education and career…

I suggest, request, guide and help you all don’t waste your time and money with Oi playschool.


pavanre 2015-12-08 22:31:04


I am quite happy with the facilities provided at OI Playschool alwal,the care they shower the kids makes me feel safe even I am at work or abroad.I could see my liitle ones activities day by day over the facebook,the syllabus is available online so it makes easy for me n my wife to follow and carry on easily.Thank u Oi alwal for mentoring my daughter in this competitive world.Thanks to the management.


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