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vijayaboppana 2010-01-11 22:50:20



This is Vijaya. I m new to parentree. i m looking for admission for my daughter into 2nd class.

can anybody suggest good schools in Hyderabad.

i have enquired D.A.V.- Kukatpally , SALTE - Ameerpet

BVB - Jubli hills , Jubli Public School.

It would be very helpfull for me if  anybody know abount these schools and other information like Fees and admission process.

Thank you,


 Former member 2010-01-12 15:38:24


hi vijaya,

this is sunitha.  Hurry up. Admissions are already started.

In which locality do you want school?

In some schools admissions are already closed like SilverOks.

I heard that BVB and DAV are good schools but it will be difficult to get admissions because they take only limited strength.

Admission process is , we need to consult them and fill a form. Then they will conduct a test for our kid. if she would be qualified then she will get admission.




vijayaboppana 2010-01-12 18:54:49


Hi Sunitha,

Thank You for giving the information. Actually my daughter is studying in DAV - Vijayawada. Now we r shifting to Hyd. I have no idea abt Hyd Schools.

That's y i m prefering DAV. can u pls tell me Which DAV branch is good. i need to chk with them whether they will give preference to DAV students.

Areas we r looking into Kukatpally , S.R.Nagar , Ameerpet , And even Secundrabad is ok. It will be very helpful for me if u give me some list of schools in these areas. 




surimurthy 2010-01-13 06:27:09


If U decide to stay in Kukatpally, visit this school KENNEDY SPARKS - the play school at Mythri Nagar, Behind Metro, Kukatpally.


vijayaboppana 2010-01-14 21:00:25


Hi ,

thank you for suggesting that school. but i need admission into 2nd class for my daughter. i heard about DAV , meridian and sangamitra schools in kukatpally area.

Can u please tell me how those schools and wht abt admissions.





surimurthy 2010-01-14 21:40:15


I have no idea about the schools mentioned by you. Kennedy Sparks-the play school runs classes from PP to 3rd classes and the 3rd class students are promoted to their own associate school Kennedy High-the magnet school which is CBSE and runs classes 4th to 10th.


kannat 2010-01-18 10:09:34



Do you have any information on St Andrews School(CBSE Stream),Secunderabad>How is the school and the fee structure?

Any feedbacks on the above school will be welcome...


Thanks and Regards,



sd_may76 2010-01-21 12:17:10


Hi Vijaya

you could try for meridien, BVB and DPS. theese are good schools . currently meridien calss II admissions are on. BVB and DPS are yet to come with the forms for class II. even i am an outstaion parent and looking for class II admission.only challenge for these schools for you could be that they are around banjara/jublee hilss and might be far from secunderabad. you can try for DPS secunderabad/ St Anns which are good schools i think



mickey 2010-01-23 19:18:38


Hi Kuleens,

St Andrews is a good school. My cousin has completed her schooling from St. Andrews  long back and is well settled after doing MBA from a reputed institution.

Children are quite smart.




mickey 2010-01-23 19:23:21


Hi Kuleena,

Sorry to have spelled your name wrong in my reply. You can try St. Anns too  in Secunderabad but it follows ICSE.





vijayaboppana 2010-01-29 21:31:41





we have tried to take admission in DAV Kukatpally, but they r giving only for Miyapur Branch.

R u trying for BVB - Jublihills?  Can you please let me know the list of schools you are opting for?  We are also looking for 2nd class admission.




vijayaboppana 2010-04-26 19:22:39


Hi Mickey,

we tried dav in kuaktpally.But they r giving admissions in their new branch at Miyapur.

That branch construction is not yet completed and i dont know how it will be as its a new branch. Can u please suggest any other school. How about meridian. Can we get admission now as its already late. If u have any idea Pls suggest some schools.






mickey 2010-04-26 21:06:37


Hi Vijaya,

Meridian Kukatpally is quite new and has started last year. It follows the same methodology of Meridian Banjara Hills. The main attraction of Kukatpally branch of Meridian is the Principal who has 26 years of experience and has come from HPS. So the school definitely will strive hard to prove itself. I spoke to my cousin who teaches in Meridian Banjara Hills. She says the school is good. The fee in Kukatpally will be around 75K. It is less compared to Meridian Banjara Hills. The school is planning to renovate the campus and make it State of Art. I think u can rely on its promises if u consider the Principal's background. Better get convinced after paying a visit to this school and take a decision accordingly

Some14U , a parentree member has given the fee details of this school in the following link on 16th April 2010

One of her friends has admitted her kid and is quite satisfied.

You can also look at Vikas-The concept school (Fee is mentioned in its website. It is very economical)

You can also try Kennedy High Global School at Bachupally , The Creek .

The admission test in DPS was over on 4th April. You can however contact them in the month of MAY to know the vacancies and subsequent admission test.


You can also consider Sentia if you are not okay with Meridian. It’s fee is almost the same as that of Meridian. All these are CBSE schools. 

There are chances in Vikas, Kennedy high global in Bachupally and not the one in Kukatpally, The Creek, Meridian and Sentia.

Kennedy School at Kukatpally has all negative reviews from the parents as well as children.

Hope this helps.





vijayaboppana 2010-04-26 23:36:12


Hi Mickey,

Thank U for u r information. I m interested in meridian. but is it possible to get admission now.already it might be over. Anyways i will try tomorrow.We r upset that till now we didn't get the admission. Actually we came from chennai. After confirmation of school we have to search for a house near by.

Thank you mickey , one more thing if u know can u tell me the chairmen's name or any other person who can recomend for admission.




mickey 2010-04-29 22:00:58


Hi Vijaya,

Admission in Kukatpally, Meridian is not a problem at all.  You can easily get it as it is a new school. I called up last week for an NRI kid's admission and they answered in positive stating that the parents can approach them in May.

I don't know anybody personally except for my cousin at Meridian,Banjara Hills.

I don't think you need any recommendation as stated by my cousin. In case u feel the necessity after meeting the Management at Kukatpally, let me  know.






MrsKumar 2010-05-04 11:54:09


Hi all,

My son is in Indus World sainikpuri,he is in the IV standard now,we are not happy there as the school has not delivered on its promise,we are looking to shift him to another school in and around Secunderabad,we are keen on a CBSE/IB scholl,which is the best option we have....some of the important features we are looking for are:

1.Good campus and infrastructure with focus on extra curricular activities.

2.An environment of learning with focus on debates/discussions and good communication skills.

3.Option of IB

4.all round development of the child.

Specificall looking for feedback on schools like DRS International.




mickey 2010-05-04 16:22:55


Hi Mrs.Kumar,

Three kids from our apartment study in DRS International. They are in grade 6, 8 and 10 and enjoy going to their school. Even parents seem to be quite satisfied.

You can have all the features which you are looking for. Only one kid complains about the food often. You can have a look at this school. You will have to spend 1 lakh or so during admission.

However the kids use a foul language which really is not required. One can't blame the school always. As parents, we need to groom our children and  instill good values in them.

You can also have a look at Manthan International and Sadhu Vaswani International (SVIS) at Kompally. SVIS is quite economical and GSarvan, a parentree member has admitted his children in this school.  Fee is 52K for grade 1 to 5 excluding mess which is Rs2500 per term(optional). It's a pretty new school which has started in 2008.






SureshP 2010-05-06 19:33:30


Hi Mickey,

I have seen your reviews about various schools, thanks for your information. Can you please let me know How about the DAV Public School, Kukutpally.




Phanisree 2010-05-06 21:11:04


 Hi Vijay,


Ya it is possible to get admission into Meridian now. I checked this recently.

I visited the school and it is pretty good. In case you are looking for help .... you can take my name - Phanisree from Prodigy preschool and they would recognisze

Good luck..



mickey 2010-05-06 22:23:35


Hi Suresh,

I have got positive reviews about DAV from my friends staying at Kukatpally.

You will have to check out soon for the vacancies and it's entrance test too. In which class are u looking for ?




vijayaboppana 2010-05-06 22:58:18


Hi Suresh,

DAV Kukatpally is a good school. We have tried for my daughters admission into 2nd class. They have conducted exam in March. But they have started a new branch in

Miyapur. They are asking to join in Miyapur Branch for all new joinees. Already admissions are over. But u can try once u will get admission as its a new branch.





vijayaboppana 2010-05-06 23:42:58


Hi all,

We r searching for a house near jubli hills. I m looking thru .

Can anybody suggest is there any other way to search a house. I dont want to give to brokers. We stayed in chennai and shifted to hyd now. There we took house thru . I dont know this will work in hyd or not. 

Help me on this.




SureshP 2010-05-07 13:53:06



Thanks Mickey and Vijaya for your response.

I am looking for LKG admission. Miyapur branch also ok for me, as am staying at KPHB. Let me try my best.


Regarding house, sulekha is the best option for ads posted by owner, other option is in weekend you need to go and see Tolet boards. Don't prefer approaching brokers (any how that you are avoiding already).




Phanisree 2010-05-07 14:16:20


Hi Suresh....

Are you looking for a preschool in KPHB colony? I own and run a school in KPHB 5th phase.  For more information check or call on 9490192406.






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