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concernedpapent 2013-04-03 16:55:44


A concerned parent:-

                   Meridian Kukatpally is a horible school. The school is not good in managing, academics, extra-curricular activities, sports or anything for that matter. My child is in grade 8 and i am very concerned about his academics. Especially in Mathematics, he had scored the least grade. the teacher has no concern for these students. She is so rude and not at all approachable. In two years my child is going to write  board and if this is the kind of academics, then the school is not doing justice to the parents paying the fee.It is not that my child is Dumb because the other subject grades are pretty well.

Even the english teacher, she is also extremely rude. Mychild has not at all improved in english. She hardly interacts with students. How will they learn to speak if they dont interact. the teachertals to parents looking at what they wear and their background. She is very impolite and unexperienced.

Its been a very bad experience for my child. And the management never bothers to look into these matters. They just want the fee and then they never implement what they say during admission.



shizuka 2013-05-09 19:47:38


A contended parent:

Well, to my surprise, We found the management  & the teachers to be humble, understanding & dedicated.The teachers are approachable at any hour of the day, which is not seen in any academic instituitions across the city. This makes me opt for the school without any doubt.

The core-subject teachers are down-to-earth and subject oriented. Not only the concepts explained by the Mathematics teacher are very clear and in-depth, but also related to day-to-day life situations. We realised this when, un-intensionally, we compared our child with one of our neighbours kid, who is a highest-scorer of his class. That day we, as parents felt very proud of our child. When  i come to pick up my child around 3, many a times I have witnessed my child clarifying his doubts even after schoool hours, i appreciate the dedication & humblenesss  of the teacher for giving her personal attention even after school hours. 

My experince with the class-teachers also have been amazing. They keep updating us with the latest happenings/ events/ activities / parent-meetings/ field trips etc. of the school, either though the school-diary/ phone-call/ sms/ e-mail. Even the slow-learners are well taken care of by the teachers and encouraged. My interaction with the principal has been very warm. She is one such person i love to meet very often when i come to school. She is very much solution minded and yields results to our issues.

With so many advantages for my child I actually love sending my child to this student-centric school. The list is endless, I can simply go on......




simren 2013-05-10 13:40:34


 Thanks for the information!! We can never know the truth unless one has enrolled their wards to such schools..



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