Shifting from BVBPS, Jubilee Hills. Please suggest!

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SDRao 2013-03-22 23:42:43



We had enrolled our son in LKG Class last year (2012).

Initially, we were very excited about getting admission into this school going by the reputation, but only to be so dissappointed.

There are 4 sections in LKG each taking 40+ students, and I did not find any actual teaching happening in the true sense.Teacher would distribute homeworks every day. If the child had difficulty in writing an alphabet or doing classwork, they would merely send back the empty sheets saying please teach them. I feel surprised as in the last one year, the teacher did not put in any effort to guide the student on how to write. When we contacted them they were reasons told - " we cannot teach 40 students, most of the kids already write as they went to playschools, no time,  and all". I am so disappointed and angry that there has been no overall development in my son  and he hated every minute of the 1 year spent. My son never attended any play school before this and it was even more difficult.

Now we are seriously planning to move to another school for UKG, or I wouldnt mind enrolling him in LKG again for a good start.

Please suggest good pre-primary schools with CBSE in this area. 

I emphasise on pre-primary as I know some good CBSE schools where Pre-primary teaching is weak.


sunshine179 2013-03-23 21:21:40


Hello Mr.Rao,

Even I am facing the same situation and even my son had never been to any preschool before joining him in LKG.

I take the ownership of joining my son in class of 40 thinking that he will be able to perform in a competition sprit in everything he do, but seems like my decision is in haste and feel that he is taking a lot of pressure to understand things,

Poor kid now saying everyday that he does not want to go school because he admits he does not understand what teacher teaches in the class and thats why he says he unable to wirte anything which is written on the board.

I am in person taking extracare now sitting with him to give that personal attention on what he needs to learn and offlate found that he really needs lot of attention as he still did not have proper grip on the pencil throughtout the year..

whom should I blame, the teacher , or the mother, or the those parents who manipulate dates and admit into schools years later than actual age, or those playschools which were never there in those time when our parents (like us)directly admited us in LKG.

The answer is no one, its nobodies mistake,teacher cannot teach 40 students, a mother due to her love cannot force poor kid to perofrm, all those parents who wanted there kids to be in the best schools cannot be balmed either , if we have to blame anyone is the time we are in , we surveyed the schools, choose the list of good schools,applied , and got addmission.. all that homework was good , all that support system ,feedback, everything went on well.but where did it went wrong.....

The answer to this question can be best given by the poor kid , but I know we have not yet taught him to analyze things and figure out where it went wrong...

I do feel pain and my heart cies looking at my wife crying in the nights thinking about the decisions and the development of the kid. he is brilliant in learning ,recongnising,oral, the problem is wirting..  cos he cannot understand letters , he cannot form words... and in class of 40, 17 kids perform good what is happening to remaining 23 kids ..

even when we were kids the class strength was 40 , but still we managed to perform in the later years of education, but what about these kids who are running in superfast phase of time?

I sometimes think , what big difference its gonna make if a child perform or not , as I see so many examples of leader , entrepuerners , coming out of blue with zero education and leading the world. and all those who study studiously ending up with a mere job,or a designation feeling proud that no one would have achieved so much and carrying the lingo,style factors of achieveing there own small world.

My Advice to you Mr.Rao, try till UKG in the same school, if the problem still persist , put him in a decent school in first class or if you want and think you need your kid to restart ,never mind choose a right school and begin than.

Disclaimer: does not intend to hurt anyone feelings.I apologies for hurting anyone unintentionally.






SDRao 2013-03-24 02:29:41


 I understand and agree with you. When it comes to studies during our time, I can very honestly say that the teachers now lack the commitment or drive as compared to the yesteryear teachers, which is the major setback. There was something called patience while handling kids especially 3-4 year olds. LKG/ pre-primary portion remains more or less the same over the years.

I agree that it was our responsibility of picking this school, but believe me being an ex-student of the same school I never thought it was going to be this bad. I can clearly say that the pre-primary teaching staff in this school is hopeless.

Let me point out a few issues similar to those experienced by you:

Since the beginning of the classes, we were closely monitoring the progress of the child and enquiring with the class teacher. She would never use the diary or communicate to us unless we approached her for any updates. Initially, when my son was unable to use the pencil, notes would come back empty with a ‘Please Learn’ comment.

We taught him his motor skills and he picked up within 2 months and when he started writing, she would not agree that he could write. When asked, my son would say that the teacher screamed so much in class that he would not understand most of the times or react instantly. It turned out to be a nightmare and he got so scared of the teacher that he kept crying most of the times.

Once when I was undergoing a medical condition, me and my husband met her and requested the teacher if she could help the child in class (which she was supposed to be doing in the first place anyway), she hesitantly agreed, and next day she beat him up and called a counselor to test him. All this happened in one day. She did not have the patience to help him for long. The very evening she called my husband and said - ' I cannot handle such students'. What is the purpose if she wanted to retain only picture perfect students in the class? My son cried incessantly, waking up in the nights recollecting the incident. Who is responsible for the psychological trauma / bodily harm that the kid had gone through? It reached a point where the very mention of ‘school’ was scary for him and he was unable to utter or write some of the alphabets/ numbers which he knew before properly.

The teacher on several occasions mentioned proudly that several students were able to write their names and were well prepared before they joined the school. Then what is the role of the teacher in helping students like my son who are raw. Is she a teacher in the real sense or a mere coordinator/ a class manager?

We are now spending most of the non-school time trying to tutor him, as it is the attention span at this age is less. The school started phonics in January and is now doing 3 letter words. They do 1 alphabet every week. What is surprising is I have checked with several other schools and no school goes at this pace. 3 letter words for each vowel they take at least 2-3 weeks. Even the next door JHPS seems to be better in this case.

What me and my husband fear is that if he continues with UKG( and remember the class teacher remains the same), then I already know the situation, and if he is unable to catch up to 4-5 letter words and sentences, then he will have to repeat the same class. And it is not worth repeating in this school in any case. And if not also, can I say that his basics were strong or he is prepared for the next class.


sunshine179 2013-03-24 09:06:54


Poor Thing, its the first time I am hearing that schools like this do not follow a basic principle of not harming kids and no physical abuse & mental trauma , Sheer Shame, seems like am also in the same direction following you.

I am doing my research , and I like a school called Blue blocks , I don't know if they will admit the kid in the school , as he is 3yrs and 10 months now. got addmission intially but rejected it cos of BVB ,now I still think its a good pre-school.

Please do reccomend if you come across any.

I understand your mental trauma , as we are facing the same situation.Only differernce is my kid seems to be a teachers pet and so we don't get to hear anything much more than he being good in the class. Teacher only insist us to support him whatever he does ,she admits he is weak in wirting , and also tried helping him up holding him back during his Play Pan, that did not really help though.

We have been recieving the same comments in the books, but I have to wirte a big note to the teacher not to do that in the same book ,and explained her what we are doing to support him to learn.that is when the comments in the books stoped,and we personally met the teacher everyday and spend some time to understand what the kid as done in the school.intially teacher was very reluctant to let us know, but now she keeps informing some activity he does , but I don;t know if I should beleive it.

Anyways it the kids future which is at stake and no parent would like to take risk, please have pateints and am sure we could find a better school.






mickey 2013-03-24 22:37:35



This is so very bad and shocking too. Haven't you brought it to the notice of Principal?
No child should undergo this kind of trauma and be reprimanded at such a tender age.
Generally in a class strength of 40+, there are supposed to be 2 teachers.

SDRao, Pl don't worry about your child's writing skills. He will develop it slowly. 

If you aren't satisfied, pl change his school and try pre-schools such as Time Kids / Kidzee/ Bachpan / OI/ Strawberry fields/ Kangaroo kids or Manthan .... 


shreym 2013-03-27 09:58:32


Hi Mickey,

I'd like to add the pre-school:  Globetoters to your list.

My son is about to finish his K1 there. He loves to goto school and doesn't want to miss a single day. (We had to convince him to skip school for two days last month when we were going to home town). 

There are two teachers (One senior and one associate) for about 14 kids. He just likes his teachers. Sometimes when he misses bus, I goto school to drop, he runs to his teachers.

Weekly feedback is ok and parent-teaching metings very good. The teachers spend time and listens/provide feedback to us patiently.

No home work at all. Everything is done in school only. The teachers just ask us to read stories to kids. Thats it.

One thing we liked in perticular is, my son picked up speaking in english very quicly. Right now he is very fluent enough for his age. We never taught him or speak in english at home. When we joined there, he couldnt speak in english and the teacher was kind enough with interact with him in Telugu and let him speak in telugu with teacher initially and gradually moved him to englsh, which I think suited very well.

There were some points I didn't like, like they increased fee/transport etc, but never informed, the only time we came to know about it when we went to school to pay fee for K2. They just sent an email saying that 'you need to pay fee by so and so date' etc. Thats it. Atleast they could have called each parent and informed about the new fee structure if they didnt want to sent the fee details in writing. 

For some reason I dont know, they never give the fee structure in writing/onpaper. They just ask us to write oursef on paper if we want the structure. They say it's their policy or so.  Is this the same with every school? 

I'd recommend anybody to visit the school and talk to the teachers once if you are looking for a change. Definitely you'll like the school. Though we have only visted 4/5 schools before joining him here, we liked this school very much.

Pls send me a pm, if anybody needs any further info.



mickey 2013-03-27 10:36:13



 Thnx Shreym.... Yes, it is quite good. 3 kids from our Aprt are going to the same school and i found lot of improvement.  


SDRao 2013-03-27 16:31:22


Hi Shreym, unable to pm you. Can you please msg me the same.



SDRao 2013-03-27 16:42:56


 Thanks for the info, me and my husband are currently reviewing a few schools.

Only issue we have is, since the kid is already in a study mode, we are hestitating to go for some of the playschools where no homeworks are given or where academics is taken a little slow. We are researching on that. But again, going my the bitter experience we had, we would like to start afresh and and mainly would like my son to like the school and not feel terrorised. He needs to feel good about the school and fget the past experiences where the teacher would hit him and all.

Thanks for the valuable inputs Shreym.

About a few other traditional CBSE schools - From what I gathered, Meridian is doing better. I checked their syllabus. They do phonics and 3 or 4 letter words only in UKG. But I still have not spoken to anyone at school yet.

Chirecm I have mixed reviews. I know 2 preprimary kids who are having to take tuitions to cope up with the LKG portion, though I have also heard that they dont give homeworks much.

DPS is similar to Bhavans is what I found. Either the mothers need to be housewives to handle the pressure or take the kids to tutitions or the kid needs to be in a fast mode. Absolutely no dependence on the school or teachers. Parents need to do most of the teaching.


SDRao 2013-03-27 17:16:09


 Hi Mickey,


Do you know the cut-off age limit for joining in LKG in both Meridian and Chirec schools.




sunshine179 2013-04-01 12:25:33


Thanks Shreym,aprreciate your support guys.

I have couple of question to ask you,

1) How is the kid performing at home ? in terms of concentration,independency in doing activites like eating, home work activites if any. etc

2) What is the new fee structure of  K1?

3) Do they have a bus transport?

any more info if you can throw more light on teaching methodlogy ,highlights of the school would surely help us..



shreym 2013-04-01 14:02:42


1) How is the kid performing at home ? in terms of concentration,independency in doing activites like eating, home work activites if any. etc

In general he is ok, except he is nauthty by nature. He is able to read stories. Lot of improvement in looking at things.. i mean he understands the importance of preserving the nature, importance of trees.., importance of eating healthy food etc. In school he eats well by himself. At home, his mother needs to spend lot of time telling stories to make him eat.

2) What is the new fee structure of  K1?

I dont remember exact amounts, but I think it is aroung 70/80k per annum ( regular fee+ other activites etc) + transport

SDRao may be able to give a right figure as she recently visited the school.                                                                                                                                                              

3) Do they have a bus transport?


any more info if you can throw more light on teaching methodlogy ,highlights of the school would surely help us..

We are very happy with the school. It suited well for my kid. He enjoys going to this school.                                  

No Home work at all.  Everything is done in school itself. Teachers very friendly with kids.  The teach phonic sounds instead of traditional methoid. So, my kid picked up reading very well. Now he is about to finish K1 and he hilself can read and understand simple stories. They have themes every fortnightly.. like Mother nature/Wheels/Vegetables/Recycling/Plants etc, which is very good on the kids as per our exp. 

They provide breakfast in the school. I think it is good as per my kid. He never compained about food.   

   If you have any other specific questions, pm me, can give my or my wife's number.





hunnybunny 2013-04-01 14:22:44


 Hello SDRao,

What did the Principal of BVB say, it is very bad to hear that your child has undergone such a truama.

May be you can request the pricipal to change the section, as in long run may be it is difficult to get seat in reputed schools.



sunshine179 2013-04-01 19:36:29



Dear Hunnybunny,

We choose reputed or good schools because we find a reason that the school tends to run well, takecare of the students well,good pass percentage ,value for money. But during the research we do not tend to understand or get feedback of certain things like what exactly happens in the class etc.

We believe our strong instict and take a decision upon the facts and figures available at that point of time, but we might sometimes not foresee the future of the kid,or guage the quality of time the school spends on actual learning. The point is we put all effort to know the best schools in the city and try real hard to get thru addmissions, and after all went on well we see that the child has actually not learned much,and he is not able to cope up with the curriculum.Than the actual problem starts.

I want to give a small advice to all the parents who are reading this post

"It is not the Best/Good/Great/Reputed School which matters ,what matters is the learning pedagogy."

What is the point if the child do not perform , or learn,despite if we put in these schools ... trust me I have bouncers going off my head , when I think what my son had been doing all this year in the class when sent to school,I even wonder what he would have been gone thru or must have faced, these little kids do not express there feeling completly , its does not mean that we were not keeping a track of this daily activites , but just for a second be in shoes in the class, teacher tries to inculcate some information,and the poor kids does not get it , how must he would have felt inside when other few children in a class of 40  are able to understand.

I remember those days when the kid says he does not want to go to school ,we tend to pacify him, but sometimes its really difficult to understand what he must be going thru,which makes him say that.

Seriously  despite of through research we fail sometimes not because of our fault , or child fault, the fault lies on the other side, and we miss seeing the other side properly .



sunshine179 2013-04-01 19:51:12


Dear Shreym

1)What food they give obviously it would be for breakfast or a small early lunch meal.but what exactly they give, can we avoid that and send a box instead. which there be a fee waiver if we do that?.

2) How to understand that the kid is eating properly in school when he play around or fuzzy about the food at home?.

3) is not giving homework to home helps the child ? and if yes in what way?

Sorry if am bothering ,but am unable to get some answers, there must be reason , why the school is following these practices.

Please do help me in understanding...

Thanks and Regards


hunnybunny 2013-04-01 21:52:41


Hello Sunshine,

Agreed with your advice but in my point of view we should teach children to come successfully from the problem but not to run away. Every child has talent and it is blossomed at different ages for different children.

And also it is only 1 or 2 children for parents with whom they spend more than 18 hours, and we expect miracles to happen from the teacher who spends 3-4 hours with 40 children. I think the more extra care we show to the child the more we are hiding the actual world from your child.

It is nothing wrong for the child to be slow than the benchmark, everyone need not be same. May be you should spend more quality time with your kid


shreym 2013-04-01 22:40:45


 One thing I have observed is, these big schools like BVB, JHPS, Obulreddy are good for higher education, but some how the kindergarden is not that good.

I think if we want good start, better join them in one of the pre schools ( Mickey alreay mentions some alreay in the above posts, Kangaroos, GT, Strawberry fields, euro kids, time kids ) or a school where there is a better pre school ecucation (like Chirec, manthan etc...) and later move them to primary school.

But a problem here is, it is difficult to get a seat in those 'big' schools after kg levels.


Sunshine: (response to your post below)

Breakfast..  around 10am, sandwich, dosa,lemon rice, noodles etc.The pre-school is just 9 to 12.  so, thats sufficient. About fee waiver I am not sure. Pls check with the school.

But I dont think they will do that.  We checked with the care taker and teacher, they say he eats well. All of the students eat together as a group and the way my son talks about it i think as a group they enjoy eating together and the care takers also see that they eat properly. Also, we didnt worry more than that because, he drinks milk well beforegoing to school and eats lunch immediatly after coming back.


Home work: Always a topic of big debate.

We personally dont believe in home work till atleast our kid is of 4/5th standard. Its of no use.All that he has to do is play well and learn while playing.  We are ok as long as he is learning practical things in life.                                                            

Let him enjoy childhood.   He is just in K1 now. Not 10+2. :-) Surpisingly many times he shows in interest in maths (counting, small additions etc) and science and  he himself asks us to teach him. I am sure if he had the same as 'todo' work, he would have hated them by now.                                                                   

Everybody has their own openion on this. The head of the school was also mentioning that many parents were asking (rather demanding) for home work.           

We can ourselves give them some home work thats fun... like counting the toys etc or explaining them things in nature like sun, moon, seasons, space... not forcibly but whenever there is a situation.  


..My two cents..   Arguments are most welcome!




sunshine179 2013-04-01 23:06:22


Hey Hunnybunny

umm seems like , I must have not put my thoughts correctly , anyways I strongly believe no parent would teach any kid to run away from a problem , infact I wonder if  kids even understand what actually a problem is....Who is to know what a probelm is ofcourse the parents and they need to not only evaluate the strengths of the kid but also understand the hurdles at this intial tender ages  .So I agree to the point that every child is different and have different talents and its our resposiblity to recognise that Good talent and encourage.

Secondly , Speaking about miracles, I would have wish  the best if miracles happens , but we understand ,we did not choose school for some miracles to happen ,niether am against the 40:1 ratio , and I know a teacher spending 4 hours cannot justify the learing of the kid , but a teacher who spends 20 hours a week (Which is  30 mins /week/kid or aprox 6 mins per day)must be able to justify what is happening with the kid instead of sending pages of homework ,even before the kid has got proper pencil grip and  My son is 3yrs 11 months now and strugles in wirting , he is direct LKG canidate no preschool and he do not run away from anything instead he fight for what he wants,he lives in actual world and can make good freinds at his age  and be a teachers Fav. sametime.( class teacher has admited in front of many parents that he is her fav.student).we dont teach a kid to be a teacher fav or whom to make freinds niether in my point of view any one should do that , its the real,sesible living in actual world he learned to make friends and be good to others.despite all this

I want add some words of SDRao here "Once when I was undergoing a medical condition, me and my husband met her and requested the teacher if she could help the child in class (which she was supposed to be doing in the first place anyway), she hesitantly agreed, and next day she beat him up and called a counselor to test him. All this happened in one day. She did not have the patience to help him for long. The very evening she called my husband and said - ' I cannot handle such students'. What is the purpose if she wanted to retain only picture perfect students in the class? My son cried incessantly, waking up in the nights recollecting the incident. Who is responsible for the psychological trauma / bodily harm that the kid had gone through? It reached a point where the very mention of ‘school’ was scary for him and he was unable to utter or write some of the alphabets/ numbers which he knew before properly.

The teacher on several occasions mentioned proudly that several students were able to write their names and were well prepared before they joined the school. Then what is the role of the teacher in helping students like my son who are raw. Is she a teacher in the real sense or a mere coordinator/ a class manager?" coversation with SDRao.

I wonder even one goes to principal and puts this issue, the prinicipal would not have taken any stand in favour of parent. ------> need to be justifed by Rao garu.

Finally , I am again a strong believer that there is nothing called right or wrong , its a person's perception of evaluating and deciding a situation. I am not worried if my kid is slow in education ,cos he is fast at making good impact  on others and they become friends . I worried on the impact of the reactions that happens in that 4 hours time, when an elderly person cannot even give 5 mins time to the kid and despite upon request they behave like they cannot handle.What Kind of future challenges the kids in that class might face .Don't I have to think about it...?

Lastly if  it does not offend you , I would not have spend so much of time here, if I cannot spend quality time with my Kid.We are a joint family and he gets all the quality time from everyone in the house,but at the same time I respect your advice and will try to give more quality time than before.





sunshine179 2013-04-01 23:22:42


Dear Shreym,

Thank you for such a crisp and clear outsight , you seems like a real happy parent and I buy your word , without delay I will take an aprropriate step, and to add I really like your thinking on the howework part.yes let them enjoy there childhood ,,super...

I have only asked about fee waiver , cos we are sending a box now and the kid enjoys and  finish,his fav food, heard some schools don't make it mandatory to have paid snacks in the school.but seems like this mandatory in GT(Globetotters).

I think there will be more better schools by the time these kids grow up , so we don't have to worry about these so called big schools, My son is in BVB now, not happy with the progress of the school overall.




SDRao 2013-04-04 08:07:38


 I agree with Shreym. Most of the big schools dont seem to have a good pre-primary wing. What we have learnt is to let the child attend a good pre-school (suitable to the child's needs, timings, facilities, etc.) and then look at moving to other schools for 1st standard or beyond that.

What I feel bad is 95% of all schools in Hyderabad (traditional as well as modern)  have cut off age limit of 3.5 yrs in May/June for k1/ LKG enrollment. Infact some ICSE schools have 4.0 as the cut-off. (Some schools that I spoke to said they could relax by a month difference but not more than that). I am surprised that BVB is the only school taking at 3.0 yrs. I can clearly see what is happening here. There are 2-3 other students who are in the similar age bracket as my son (May 2009 born) who have issues too. But what surprises me is that the teacher once said - 'your child is too young for LKG, repeting would be a better option'. If that was the case then why are they going by the criteria.

We have no problem is starting from LKG/ K1 again, I feel bad that my son had to spend the last 1 year in horror, otherwise which would have been a good jolly nursery class for him in a good pre-school. We as parents did not ponder much on the lower age limit during enrollment. We thought the school will do the needful and take over since they know they had kids joining as early as 3.0 in LKG. But it didnt turn out they way we had expected. Infact we had 2 schools to chose from when we first joined - BVB and Futurekids and we went with this one.

Again, as Mickey suggested, we are looking at different playschools and will be making a decision soon. I wanted to share this information about this pre-school called Apple B very close to Jubilee Hills Checkpost. Yesterday we visited the school and liked it. Met most of my requirements. It was established 3 yrs back and their student teacher ratio is 7:1.  The director handling this playschool is a senior retired principle of  a reputed school in Hyderabad.  Parents have to send the snack. But what I liked is their teaching techniques, the way the child is taught the basics and their activities. I was satisfied with the teachers approach. If someone is interested, can check this one out.

Dear HunnyBunny,

I know its difficult to get admission to reputed schools, but again it boils down to - are we really satisfied by the school. Infact, now I have no trust that even the senior classes there are doing a good job or that my son is going to loose out by not studying there. Ther are definitely better schools.As sunshine said, The school doesnt matter. 

We thought about changing the section, but there were issues, there are 4 teachers and already there are complaints on another one too. So that leaves me with 2.  And I am not very happy with the other two, from what I learnt that it could make any difference.And now anyway we are moving on.

My husband never was happy with the school somehow from day 1.Infact I was more for it - alma mater.


SDRao 2013-04-14 07:40:57


 Hi All,

We have finally enrolled my son in Globe Toters.

He is currently attending the summer camp, we thought this will help him get well acquainted with the school before he starts in June.

He is liking the school and seems excited. The teachers are friendly.

I personally met the Center Head during admission and discussed the curriculum, etc.

Coming to Bhavans, as they say, the foundation needs to be strong to withstand future pressures.....hence we have moved on and we are glad with the decision.




sunshine179 2013-04-15 21:16:41


Congrats and hope this will be turn out to be a good decision.

I am so upset with the teacher infact I want to raise a motion against the BVB J.Hills School, sheer  non sense, My kid is just 3.11 months now , and he is forced to write four letter words and numbers in words,today I saw his class notes and they was thirteen,fourteen,fifteen,sixteen.

What kind of a school is this , How can they just keep giving homework , even before kid undestanding about  it.

I am sometimes amazed at unstanding the refelection of  remaining parents of the class, why are they not raising up , are there kids can understand what is happening in the class, are these kids able to coupe up with Home work. Why do parent have to force a kid to do homework, It is taking almost 3 hours of pateints of me and the poor kid.(does this really need) , but what is the final result the child cannot understand and no matter he has to finish the home work.

Gentle Reminder : My kid did not went to a pre-school neither he know any ABCD or  123 before he joined the school , as I wanted him to enjoy his first 3 years of childhood happily, and than came admission at age 3 for L.K.G at BVB.

May be I am not an expert in teaching kids, niether,I agree that I don't have patients, My patients is abandance when it is coming to the kid, I try to understand him on what goes behind his head when he says no to a work to be done thing,

I humble request some child mangement experts to save my child from this trauma ,as I cannot afford to change his school now.


SDRao 2013-04-15 23:11:21



I think i mentioned my son was in the same situation - 3 year old at time of admission, no preschool knowledge, etc.

Infact last week I met the principal, infact it was very awkward for me to face her as she is a good family friend and knows us very well. Even I could not afford to loose the admission as my family was divided over the decision, but we decided to go with this. I was expecting some kind of assurance before i made up my mind of changing the school. But after speaking to her, I thought it wouldnt help. She said she would speak to the class teacher and find out (told her about the beating episode), and she said if required the student can repeat UKG. I dont mind my son repeating UKG but the teaching (if there was any teaching or hanholding in the first place) worst. what will he gain? the class teacher is already asking us to takem to tutions regularly and asking for assurance. It is so ridiculous that for LKG we have to take them to special tuitions and that too straining the child and make him learn things beyond there age. i know my son will only suffer in that school even if he has to repeat UKG any number of times. zero support from school and also his personality will be drastically affected, which already has been done.

I wrote a very detailed letter to the principal and would like to submit to her before we formally leave the school. Even I would like any other parents to please raise these issues with the principal or bring it to her notice, my letter emphasised on the teacher's attitude also. 

I suggest you speak to pre-primary experts before you take a decision. I spoke to about 3-4 and various pre-primary school principles also to find out how the child will be effected in later stages. One of the experts was infact shocked when I took my son's books and showed her. She was surprised by the teacher's comments at the way things were taught. I learnt a lot after interacting with these experts. 


simren 2013-04-16 11:31:37



How is Bhavans for higher classes.just moved to Hyd and we were told a lot about this school ?

How about Chirec , Meridian (kukatpally) ? Suggestions would be of grt help.Thanks


SDRao 2013-04-16 11:41:28


 I am not really sure about higher classes, but I did speak to a few parents of kids belonging to 1st-3rd classes. The situation seems more or less similar. Infact one parent recently lodged a complaint against the kind of activities/ projects being given for some senior classes and all.

I have heard good reviews about Chirec for higher classes.

Meridian , I know the preprimary is best amongst the three, but never enquired about the higher classes.



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