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Virasi 2013-03-19 11:14:53


We have moved back to India after living abroad for several years. After an intensive school search we have selected Manthan Intl school for our 6 year old child. The head of the school has answered all our queries very patiently. My child is  attending the school for about 6 months now. What I have realised is that they are having a major problem with the management team. some of the partners have moved out. The head of the institution and his wife behave very high handedly with parents and are not open for any suggestions from parents. The school lunch is pathetic, they do not serve any child friendly meals. The menu is the same for adults and kids which is not fair. We are talking about pre primary and primary students here. The school lacks terribly in curriculum and transport as well. I do not reccomend this school for anyone.

sAkella 2013-03-20 12:30:42


Hmm, never heard a Negative tone against Manthan. Looks like things are changing and thanks for updating us..

Looking forward to other parents if they have same feelings..





Herbie 2013-03-26 14:58:48


 Very aptly written by virasi. The head of the institution and his wife outwardly behave as though they are very open to suggestions and down to earth. The truth is that Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy is very high headed and not at all open to suggestion/complaints. Initially they did have a good team of teachers, but now it is a different case. Some of the teachers are impolite and even punish the children, though they dont beat. Some of them are even off their head and scream at children. Calling up the school to complain about teachers behaviours goes to deaf years. They dont accept the incident that has happened, and say it is not possible, and stand strong on the point that their teachers are hand picked and well trained. But it is not the case. 

Apart from that, the school has lured parents for admissions in the beginning stating that a new campus was in the making at medchal highway. Admissions started pouring in from Secunderabad too. Now since the past two years they are advertising for a new campus in Tellapur and attracting new admissions in that area. Till date there is no news of the new campus, infact even the foundation is not laid.  When asked, they give a date of six months ahead giving 100% assurance. When the time lapses, they give a fresh date.

Dont be attracted by the down to earth talking that they do. They are not worth the money!


clgnath 2013-03-26 18:30:03


 thanks for updating


divyajain 2013-03-26 22:37:43


 hi all

I had put my son in Manthan and later on shifted him to Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Vidyashram Jubilee hills. Initially , i thought the school was thorough but realised later that the pace of learning is very slow. Teachers don't seem to have a a good level of competence , thanks to their model wherein they dont necesarily hire qualified teachers but merely interested ones and rely on internal training. Since internal trainers are  changing so is the focus on training.


 Former member 2013-03-27 07:18:42


 I am so glad so many parents share the same feelings about the school as i do. My 6 yr old always throws tanturms to go to school. He says his teacher is scolding him even if its not his fault. 

I totally agree with every single aspect of the discussion. The most pathetic school experience for my child and us. 

God bless the parent who started this discussion tree.



Harsha75 2013-03-27 09:31:24


I dont agree with you guys, There are 300 plus students in Manthan & I know  Manthan since its inception, it was just less then 50 students  when they started.,Coming to curriculam they are awsome!!, I am seeing my kid and I have seen other kids who are doing great.

 if you feel that your kid needs pressure and become a IITian tmmw well thats true this is not the right shcool.

Manthan concept is simple Slow and study with perfection.

If Manthan wanted to go commerically thier student stregnth would have been 1000 ++ But thier concept is simple, limited students with great Focus.

Yes coming to the new campus, They have committed 2014,  I am sure the work is going on. if not I will check with them too.

Dear parents, We all do the best for our kids,Teachers in Manthan are not rude as you think.  

Let me share  a fact ,  6 months back I recieved an email from my son's teacher  That his concentration is lacking and always making noise in class room.

They adviced us some areas of what as a parent we have to do..Which we did. Today he is back in track.

Well He is just a kid..You do expect kid doing this..We dont want kid to be too mature at the age for 4-5-6-7 years

Well Sorry if you feel this as a debate or something ..This is my experience with Manthan.

Any parent ..with issues pls call me for clarfication at 810-501-8801 only between 4pm to 6 pm..

Thanx Harsha -



GRhome 2013-03-27 13:11:51


 We have two kids in Manthan. We returned from US 2 years back. We are very pleased with the school. One of them is in the 4th grade and the second one is in the 2nd grade. As you can probably imagine, both of them have adjusted differently. My older one does not like the food - but then he stubbornly refuses to eat any Indian food. My second one loves the food and raves about the sambar. My older one refused to acknowledge the existence of other languages besides English - The special attention paid by his Hindi teacher(s) has enabled him to read and write Hindi. My younger one can even sing Hindi songs.

I am also very impressed with the social awareness imparted in the school. My kids are more aware of the environment and the social needs of the society at large. They both now donate their old toys and clothes to an orphanage or kids at traffic lights. I am very proud of them. 

Like any other large sample size - statistically not evey one can be happy. It is simply impossible to please every one. I can only speak for my experience and we continue to recommend Manthan very strongly. We are very happy with the experience so far.

The only issue I have with Manthan is the Capris for boys. Well it is a personal choice, I just do not think boys should wear capris (its a US Vs. Europe thing). Luckily Kids do grow tall fast and the Capris do become shorts as the year progresses.

Please feel free to send us a note if you have any questions and we would be more than happy to provide answers.

They do have orientation sessions for parents in a collective environment in the beginning of the year. We are more than free to express our opinions.

Our email address is



trees 2013-03-27 13:46:08



We moved back to India from Singapore and have nothing but praise for Manthan and the team there. one of those rare schools truly interested in the children's learning and growth rather than just focused on curriculum or the parents' wallets. We have been parents at the school for two years. Our email is

This is NOT a post from the Management team. We've written a detailed review of the school on this site under the Reviews section. Please check that out if you are keen on exploring schooling at Hyderabad. Honestly you would be doing your children a disservice by not checking out Manthan.

Read our review under the name trees at

Not the largest in terms of size of facilities but on size of conviction they beat everybody hands down.

Committed leadership, great filters when selecting teachers, a focused content team, a caring approach, a 'non-school' feel that takes away fear from the children of schooling and a transparent and open approach - all things we value and admire at Manthan.

We just wish more schools were like them.

Teresa and Leo Fernandez






mili1 2013-03-27 22:14:47


Hi ,

I am surprised to see so much negative comment about Manthan.My son studied in Manthan in 2011-2012 in Sr. Kg.We came to U.S. in last June so he couldn't able to continue there.We were very satisfied with their curriculum,staffs,teaching methodologies and their commitment.Moreover we find Mr.Ramakrishna Reddy a very humble person and always open to any suggestion.Their syllabus is slow but steady and children learn basics without any pressure.It's almost 9 months but still my child misses Manthan and his teachers.I find their food is very nutritous and my son loved to have lunch in his school.

We will be going back in  2 years and would love to join my son in Manthan.




seematul 2013-03-27 23:56:35


Dear Parents & Friends,

This post for some reason seems  like a war of words and prejudice. Agreed that Manthan or its management is going through a churn and some parents / kids have had some genuine concerns and would have complained about them. However, let us look at the whole dynamics objectively and comparatively as to some of the other schools in the vicinity. All schools will have some problems or other but think how many schools are their wherein you can meet the principal / promoters with such an ease and vent your anger publically. Try doing this with some of the large brands and you will agree that it’s a different world altogether wherein parents are interviewed for hours, kids have to pass written exams, face rejections and then cough up high capitation fee to get the wards admitted. If you complaint publically, you will receive an immediate citation and possible warning on termination of your ward.

We returned to India in Sep 2010 seeking mid-year admission for my son in 4th grade and my daughter in KG. While I got busy with work from day one, my wife travelled in autos and taxis making trips to all possible big schools in near vicinity only to face rejection (seats are genuinely limited) and we were disappointed. It is then we started to explore other options and we visited several schools, including Manthan. It was relatively 1/20 or 1/30 the size of some other schools, few grades had single section with 1 or 2 students in each class and I met an outgoing principal (served earlier as principal of a large school) who warned us against getting our ward in this school. Irrespective there were several positive  and I got personally attracted and got my wife to visit and witness for self. The school was well planned and very clean, classes were well equipped and invested into, cafeteria was neat and workable and they had a small but practical play area. We were in L&T Serene County at Madhapur and at that time there were only 2-3 kids going to Manthan, we spoke to them, got positive feedback. I got a friend of our (who was promoter of another school in Jubilee Hills, where my son earlier studied) and she was truly delighted having looked at curriculum, library and teaching aids. I then had a chance to speak with Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy and was impressed with his understanding of the educational system in the country and where we were going good and where all we need to do better. We finally got our kids admitted and were nothing but full of praise. We also had some similar complaints now and then but objectively having looked at it realized that these were minor things in light of larger interest of the kids. When we returned back to US in Sep 2011, there were 15+ students from our residential community going to Manthan by that time. Our daughter loved her school and specifically her teachers so much that she cried for several days and wanted us to take along Manthan with her (wherever we went).

Our son loved every bit of it, picked up spoken and written Hindi in less than a year (had an excellent teacher name Vani or named similar) and aced in most of the tests. Post school hours, he was busy with home-work for almost all the subjects but we never found him kind of pressurized or anything. Mathematics and specifically science was being taught in truly international mode (lots of practical experiments and outdoor visits). Our daughter just loved every bit of her face time with teachers, playtime, arts, music, reading, writing, dance and many other activities. Both the kids loved the food, which was tasty and nutritious. Have seen some parents complaint about kids meals – think what we had as kids – everything that mom cooked. We don’t need special meals for kids – we need balance and nutrition and think not all schools actually have a facility wherein freshly cooked, warm food is served for breakfast, lunch and then some snacks. All the text books and material, stationery and aids were provided by school and we had no additional expenses other than the agreed fee (which definitely got increased within a year).

Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy is a visionary and Shalini is truly gifted (just spend some time to understand how and what effort she has placed along with her team to get the curriculum defined, text books printed, bounded and made available for distribution at start of the academic year). They seem truly committed to this charter and look at educational holistically wherein they along with parents have invested time and energy in some of the government run and special need schools – just find out about those from parents and teachers. Focus on the thought and commitment of the school administration and teachers and not on the attitude of individuals which can get hazy because of our EGOS on both sides. Let us not be in a rat race to get our kids in BIG BRANDS and see how we can act differently and as parents participate in growth of a school which we and our kids will be proud of now and in future.

Though we have moved out of the country and our kids are no more in Manthan, we have nothing but good words for success and growth of this incredible institution. We are confident that under increased ownership and control of Mr. Reddy, this institution will grow and prosper rapidly. Last but not the least, this is not a post from school management and we are not paid to write this. If you are an anticipating parent or a prospective teacher and wish to seek a non-prejudiced and balanced score-card on school and its promoters, please write to us or call us (we are in PST hours).

Seema & Atul Gupta

happyhappy13 2013-03-28 13:14:36



Dear All,


I would like you all to consider this as just another data point while you form an opinion about Manthan International School. This is not intended as a refutation, challenge, or an argument for or against the positive, or negative, observations others have posted here.


As the parent of a child who has been studying in this school since its inception, my husband and I've been only impressed and pleased so far with the school's management, the curriculum they follow, the cultural activities they do, the social awareness aspects the school children are exposed to, and the guest speakers they invite to the school.  We like the teaching methodology.  My son has been learning and retaining everything he is supposed to for his grade level, which tells me that the quality of the teachers and the teaching style is at least at, or exceeds, our expectations. I can honestly say that my son wouldn't have gotten some of the wonderful opportunities Manthan has given him, had he continued his schooling in his previous school.  I am also a parent who has been through fairly good middle and high schools with my older child, and I use this experience while monitoring/comparing Manthan.


I would also like to mention here that we had given at least three suggestions which the management has actually implemented successfully. 


Again, for us, it has only been a wonderful experience from the day of orientation till now.  I think these websites provide an excellent mechanism of exchanging honest observations, concerns, and perceptions people have regarding their children's schools. Parents, feel free to email me if you need any more feedback on Manthan.


happyhappy13 2013-03-28 13:15:59


 Forgot to include my email ID.  Here it is:


Jyot29 2014-02-13 18:10:58


Very much agree with Herbie and Virasie, Glad to see that society has some responsible people to bring out the facts in front of everyone. In today's world when  adulteration has become inevitable than how can a school that too so new,  be flawless. I have seen the school and management very closely. Had terrible time. Management has some taglines distributed across quoting, "she is our best teacher", "no other parent has a complain" and many more. Staff, was at some time, when it was only a few, of some standard, now its bizarre. I have acquaintances, with long list of unattended complaints and unresolved forever. 

Minute details (could be individual experience but the sad part is it happened)
teachers scare children, during high fever child goes unattended, doesn't report to school for the couple of days and no inquiry from school, on one of the parent volunteering session found the assistant teacher yelling at kids on top of her voice (grade 2 I think), the teacher appreciated one child and snubbed the other to be not comparatively efficient. in the auditorium during on of the annual day program, a little active kid from maybe grade 2 punished for not quietly sitting back in his place(he was asked to climb up to the last chairs on the top around 20 rows above and sit there. I was petrified to witness feeling scared if the child dozes off or eventually topples down. There are strategies that teacher is trained with for such situations to be able to keep the kids involved. No sign of such efficience, only "keep quiet" , "no bathroom", "sit in your place" and all in warning tone. There is difference in firm tone and scolding one. 
soaps not available in bathrooms, a kid was spotted crying on the pot unattended, same caretaker who is incharge of the bathroom serves food in the classroom to the pre primary kids, chapatis are handled in hand by the same ayyamas, snacks are no were close to enough, kids do not get second serving of snacks, insistence on eating rice, 
First people towards the city were attracted by saying that the campus was coming somewhere in the city, than people towards gachibowli and beyond were attracted  promising Tellapur, which is thankfully in some process.  

Having said all of it I would say that to an extent the management is noble headed but completely inexperienced in their ways. Things are falling apart due to lack of experienced guidance. Once a philosophy changes the next day for convenience. Due to this the trust fading. 

Putting your child in one school is a big decision, and specially when you have more than one child. Once in the school, in our busy lives its difficult to keep changing and at times people adjust and settle down thinking things would improve. Some do change and others wait or maybe adjust. I know many of this kind at Manthan. Schools should understand that parents proactively desire to have a great hassle free time with the school so will not complain without reason so instead of the viewpoint if the management addresses it, particularly in the case of a new school like Manthan, it would be beneficial both to parents and the school.   

sar1113 2014-02-14 14:27:33


i appreciate your feedback and assume all that you have mentioned are your experiences.
have you decided to pull out your kid from the school? If so which school did you freeze on?


dindin 2014-02-14 17:09:29


I am considering Manthan International for my son who will be going to 6th Std during 2014-15. I'd like to have inputs from parents of children from middle and high school as to how the school is for these kids. I did see a lot of reviews but they are all for the smaller classes. Do any parents have any considerations / reservations regarding to higher classes. Please share your views so that I am better informed. Thank you in advance ! Regards.

trees 2014-02-14 18:55:53


Feel obliged to get back into the conversation because of the contrasting experience we have had at Manthan - coming up to 3 years this July. I just got back from a meeting with the School Head at Manthan - our meeting was delayed , he called me up to let me know he might be delayed. When I got there, he immediately met with me as soon as his previous meeting finished, apologizing for the few minutes I had to wait. When I made some suggestions during our meeting he enthusiastically agreed to give it a try. That sums up the kind of people who run Manthan - humble, open and with the concern of the children top most in their minds. I find this a stark contrast to the often distant and purely commercial behaviour that some school Principals display.

While Jyot29 may be recounting something personally experienced - my suggestion would be to please discuss it with the school management - they are open and willing to listen.I can recount several examples of suggestions implemented and feedback taken in the right spirit. Also, while there would doubtless be the odd incident - I think as parents, what we should ask is whether that is the exception or the rule. I would give Manthan big marks for the balanced approach they have - openness to parents, a clear effort to remove fear of school from the children, constantly working with their teachers to improve, no constant hassling of parents on 'extra' charges for every small thing and the conviction of the founders that we find reassuring.

To better value Manthan, I'd suggest having a chat with parents from other schools - that would help give the right perspective, we'd be better able to appreciate what we as parents have at Manthan, that is often missing at most other schools.

DVR 2014-09-05 13:01:54


I have 3 kids, and they all go to the new (Tellapur) campus. This is their 3rd year at Manthan. Given that Tellapur campus is a new campus, it is a bit rough around the edges for sure.

Having returned from SF Bay area, schooling was a major concern for me but Manthan has proved to be a good school. Occasional issues that my kids brought up were taken up with the Principal. There were times when the Principal agreed on the need for remedial action, and at other times he didn't see the need. But in each case, he came across as someone who had the maturity to evaluate the situation dispassionately and do what he felt was the right thing to do.

Over past couple of years, Manthan has succeeded in providing a healthy environment for my kids. I'm especially happy with the way they handled my son (4th grader now), who never handled sitting in a confined place (such as a classroom) for any length of time very well. He was put under evaluation/observation for couple of months, and we had a series of discussions with the Teachers on how best to handle him and what the school can do from their side, and what we can do from our end. He showed good improvement and now is no longer a concern for us or his teachers.

Some of the homework for kids involves researching material outside of their class/text books, and there is enough focus on independent learning and critical thinking. Manthan is a fairly well rounded school.

A few folks expressed concerns regarding food and hygiene in this thread. Here are my impressions. My kids weren't used to Indian style cooking when they joined Manthan and the school food helped us transition them to Indian food (both at school and at home). You may or may not like the school menu (since food preference is a very personal thing), so YMMV. My kids complain to me if they don't like something and they have had a few complaints in a few areas over last couple of years, but hygiene wasn't one of them.

Manthan may not be the right school for parents who are looking for a school that trains kids for competitive exams from a very young age. Chaitanya/Narayana style schools may be better for such purpose. But if you are looking for a school that puts a premium on well rounded development that stresses not just academics but written/verbal communication, presentation skills, arts/crafts/sports etc, then Manthan is worth taking a look.

vascos 2014-12-09 21:58:14


Hi all,

Have a question about Manthan. It's nice to hear of all the good reviews, and the fact that the school is very student-centric. Had one question though - how "intellectually stimulating" is the education system at Manthan? Not sure that I know other schools that are good at this, but I just want to know that apart from all the good features (being accommodative, having syllabi that promote education through fun, professionalism in interactions with parents, etc), is the school looking at good academics too? While I understand that we don't want the school to pressurize kids to go for IITs, will the system support students that are interested in going in this direction? I understand the school is in its early years to answer this question completely - but interactions with the management may have helped get some perspective on this perhaps. Would greatly appreciate anyone that can share some thoughts on this.

Thank you very much in advance.


Smartrio 2014-12-11 13:22:34


Disadvantages of manthan :1.There has been construction activity and some of the facilities are gradually being completed.It was been conveyed that the work will be done only in holidays but it still goes while children are in their classes.
2.What I have realised is that they are having a major problem with the management team. The school is not open for any suggestions from parents.WE did talk about the print on few workbooks which school provides, but no further action was taken ad the feedback has gone to deaf ears.
3.Also school majorily lags in discipline, anyone can come and go at anytime, also uniform is not compulsory, after mid term also kids havent received their uniforms.
4.The school lacks terribly in curriculum.They do follow CIE syallbus.They don't participate in olympiad exams or any  competitive exams like other schools which helps children boost their confidence. 
5.The school really lacks in extra curricular activities(sports actually is in background for school) ,though the school has big playground,kids go on ground n collect shell while PE sir is sitting under the tree and resting.
6. They do have art room , craft room but my child has not even come up with any single art or craftwork in last 6 months.
7.The school lunch is pathetic, they do not serve any child friendly meals.. We are talking about pre primary and primary students here.Three times in a week idli is served for breakfast and also quantity is limited.
8.School declares holiday anytime sending a mail on previous day ,not considering working parents.
9. They do have renweb but day to day activity,menu etc  are not even updated on portal.
10.Teachers don't seem to have a a good level of competence and are very poor in communication and have horrible english.


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