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msu 2013-03-09 23:21:04



We are planning to shift to hyderabad from the next academic year, 2013-2014.My son will be going to 8th std.Currently he is with the ICSE curriculum.We will be residing in the Hitec city area , we understand that most of the schools follow CBSE curriculum in that area. Could someone suggest good schools both of ICSE and CBSE curriculum. I am interested in schools that have good teachers and good teaching and also extra curricular activities. I have been reading all the reviews and its so confusing. From the reviews i gather that CHIREC is gud, but it seems to be v expensive also, went thro Gitanjali , and reviws say gud but infrastructure is not gud, approach road is not gud. how is kennedy global school CBSE,? also heard that meridian madhopur bldg is not at all gud. I am really confused, Could anyone please throw some light ??I am hoping to look fwd to replies 

 Former member 2013-03-11 16:32:43


 Kalpa, Sloka, NASR can be considered for ICSE curriculum. For CBSE you have lots of options like Oakridge, Chirec, MVM, Rainbow, Meridian and many more. Just go through the threads in the forum and you'll gather most of the information required.


msu 2013-03-16 22:10:01


Thanku for the information, How is Chirec (cbse)?heard its expensive, but then is it worth the fees that they charge? How is Gitanjali Senior school(icse)?Pls let me inputs abour these schools.


 Former member 2013-03-17 00:09:22


Hello SPOI,

We are hunting school for our 2.5 yr old daughter. We have visited many schools over past week, schools that only serve pre-primary to schools that serve beyond pre-primary.

I have heard from many schools that XSEED curriculum is doing a lot of good to pre-primary children.

Please let me know your personal opinion about XSEED curriculum if any of your kids are attending XSEED affilated schools.


 Former member 2013-03-17 10:28:03


 Hi Banerjee

I dont have much idea on how XSEED Curriculum is doing. But ARBOR International School which is in Kondapur follows this.

Also Check with Glendale Academy.

Hi msu

Chirec has good reviews however every school have its cons too. And when it comes to the fees yes Oakridge - Gachibowli, Sreenidhi, Chirec on higher end than many international schools around.

Also read many positive responses for Gitanjali. I would suggest you to visit the school and get an overview before deciding on school for your children.


msu 2013-03-17 19:43:14


thanku SPOI, I visited both chirec and gitanjali, chirec infrastructure seems to be good, Gitanjali 's building , classrooms are not at all good, however people have good opinion about it, And came to know that teaching is gud .Does anyone has personal experience with these schools,?wud really apprecite feedback from parents of these two schools and also from Chaitanya , Kennedy global school and HPS. I have also filled forms in these schools. 


 Former member 2013-03-17 23:37:05


 Hi msu,

Chaitanya has traditional education system. If its within your budget chirec would be best out of all the options. As I have told you Oakridge has high fees for its Gachibowli campus. Else at Bachupally the fee structure is quite similar many international schools. Though not with higher classes.... Oakridge has been my personal choice.

And I'll definitely try getting feedback from the parents whose kids are in the above mentioned schools.


msu 2013-03-18 17:55:45


Thanku SPOI, cud u let me know between Chirec and Gitanjali, which is better.?My son is currently studying in icse curriculum, i do not mind changing to cbse if chirec is really good, how is their teaching? I am not for tutions and coaching classes as a child never develops a habit of self study, .I came to know today that Teaching in Gitanjali is good. Would like to know feedback, inputs  ASAP



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