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Hello Everyone,

We have got admission in Eurokids and Chirec for LKG for my son. We really want BVB or Jubilee hills public school. Do you think we can try to take admission in SKG in these schools? Does donation an option in BVB and JHPS? We are in two minds about Eurokids and Chirec, Chirec is expensive and if we pay non refundable fees then we will not try for other schools. Do you think for now we can reject Chirec and if we dont get admit in SKG in BVB or JHPS we can retry Chirec? Will Chirec reject our application if we reapply after rejecting one time?

I hope you understand our issue. I hope someone can help us.


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I am now trying for SKG admission and seats are much lesser in number than for LKG.

To what i heard about BVB donations dont work but not sure abt JHPS. Eurokids the only drawback is the kids dont even have a small playground there i think. It is more like a residential building.

Getting in Chirec is tough for the only reason that it has been marketed like a brand, nothing more than that and parents are ready to pay any amount to get in there.

You can reasearch more on JHPS, Obul reddy if jubliee hills suits you as a location. I had a few items as selection criteria and then i was comparing schools based on that like class ratio, food, playground, transport, kids from different backrounds etc.





Jincymom 2013-01-29 10:27:53


But I feel the quality of training given in Eurokids is better


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 thanks a lot Sanam for your response. if u dont mind can u tell me which school u decided and y? we r in US and will be relocating in May. therefore we hv no idea about schools or the city. we r totally new to the place. We are for now thinking of eurokids amd will probably try for other schools when we come there. chirec is very expensive as we have a two kids. we r just hoping that we get into good public school over expensive schools..

thanks a lot,



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We have choosen Meridian Madhapur and the new academic year begins in April-13.

Hopefully the school will be just the right place based on the criteria that i wanted.





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