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vizagdesi 2013-01-24 22:16:06


 I will be moving to Hyderabad for in May 2013 and need your help in identifying a good school for our kids. Son will be going into 7th std and daughter will be going to 5th std

Looking for a school that focuses more on leadership/outgoing skills than just academics. My feeling is that academics can be taught at home with a good tutor but life skills such as communication, presentation, team work etc need to be emphasized through the school. 

Can you please suggest any good schools that provide this kind of environment while still teaching CBSE/ICSE syllabus. I am afraid that Cambridge syllabus will limit student's ability to integrate into Indian education after 10th or 12th class.

thank you for all your help. 

vizagdesi 2013-01-24 22:26:57


 Mickey, can you please help me?

Typical academics only schools such as Bhashyam, KKR Goutam, Chaitanya Techno are ruled out because I think they just focus on academics. I think FIITJEE World School also fits into the same category.

IB/Cambridge schools are ruled out because of potential incompatiability with Indian mainstream after 10th/12th.

And it looks like very few people on this board are in my situation. Most people seem to be parents looking for admission for elementary education.

I am not from Hyd and the kids are at an age where I cannot make the wrong choice. You are the most knowledgeable person on this board and hence really hope to get your advise.

I am planning to visit Hyd next week to go around , see these schools and check the admission process. Does these schools allow walk-in parents and give a tour or do I need to make an appointment first? I am totally lost on where to start and really hoping that you reply to this discussion. Thank you



Argees 2013-01-25 13:40:23




I woluld recommend two schools based on your requirements:

1. Future Kid's

2. Meridian Banjara


If you need more info please send a mail to my inbox and I will try to help you with any other queries you have about these schools.

good luck!!!




mickey 2013-01-25 19:42:41


 Hi vizagdesi, I don't think you will be able to go around the school during working hrs, but a few schools do permit.  Try DPS, Chirec , meridian, Orchids Intl, MVM , Kennedy High , DAV n Vikas ...all these are in n arnd HiTech city...

You could hv a look at Future Kids too as suggested by Argees. Its an ICSE school.Most of the schools will hv admissions for higher grades after feb or Mar depending on vacancy. You could also call up BVB and JHPS in Jubilee Hills. 

Its better to call up once before visiting the school as you are coming for very short duration.




vizagdesi 2013-01-26 03:57:33


 Argees and Mickey, thank you for the information. Chirec doesn't have openings for CBSE (they have openings for CIE) and not sure if DPS, MVM, DAV pushes the kid to be more outgoing with class presentations, leadership activities etc.

Glendale's web site promises all that I am looking for but not sure of its reputation in Hyd. The location seems remote but if it really is only a 20-25 minute bus ride from Gachibowli/Hi-Tech city, AND if it has good reputation to deliver what it promises, do you think it is a good school to consider? Thanks again for all your help.



mickey 2013-01-26 07:52:59


I don't   know much abt higher grades in Glendale but i did receive mails from Glendale parents who wanted to seek a change in higher grades due to transport n other such issues. I think for the fee it charges, u could opt for Oakridge too. 

The school would fulfill all your requirements ofcourse with a bigger price tag!

You could try BVB , JHPS , P OBulReddy in Banajara Hills. All these schools concentrate on overall development of the child. The only problem is availability of seats which u need to follow up.

Niraj Intl in Kompally  and indus World school in Yapral is  good too  concentrating on various activities but these schools are quite far from HITech city.





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