Didn't send to preschool.

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sweetz 2013-01-17 18:20:41


  I reside near to Malkajgiri area n  have a son of 3.10yrs old. He started speaking in his 3rd year . Due to the negative feedbacks from people abt playschool ayyas, i didnt send him to playschool and directly joined him in LKG in Bhavan's school at sainikpuri when he was 3.3yrs old. Now my son is abt to end his LKG ,but he doesnt recognize any alphabet,he just sings d ABCD song,n this happened due to loss of practice.he is confused abt ABCD.

what shd i do,now. my son dont know even ABCD .

Did i really did a mistake by not joining in pre school.

How shd i make him learn ABCD.

Is there any way to rectify my mistake of not joining him in preschool.

vandanav 2013-01-17 18:39:19



Dont panic dear...even my daughter didnt go to any play school...directly put her in nursery wen she was three...Now she is in LKG...and knows quite a lot.

Thats a misconception that if ur child doesnt go to play or pre-school he will lag behind ...Each kids grasping power is different.. Did u talk to his teachers about his performance?? Wot do they say??

Normally in such cases the teacher and the school advises to repeat the class rather than burdening him yet with loads of concepts...wen his/her foundation is still weak. Think over .....if i was in ur place....id make my child repeat the class...but not burden her with loads of new concepts....of a higher class.




priya44 2013-01-18 15:34:42


 Hi Sweetz,

Spend lot of your quality time with your kid, make him learn playfully there are wooden planks available in the market  of alphabets with knobs ask him to arrange them while arranging you can tell him the alphabets, many videos are available in youtube sit and sing with him. Encourage him all the time. I faced the same issue with these activities I have found a lot of improvement in the my son.






 Former member 2013-01-18 15:43:19


Hi Sweetz,

Many alphabet charts are available, please hang those thing in home...and in addition to Priyanka's idea, alphabets with magnets are available, buy and stick it ur fridge or steel almeara..




Navs123 2013-01-19 12:03:24


 Hi sweetz,

i have a daughter going to LKG.she has been to playgroup and nursery too,but still she has a problem in identifying alphabets and numbers initally but now she is picking up .It is very common in all the kids.so dont worry.Hanging charts is one very good thing which has helped my child also.keep asking your child to identify the alphabets in newspapers, etc.it will really help.dont worry.





rikhi 2013-01-23 16:54:58


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