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indian21 2013-01-08 19:37:01


 Hi All & Mickey

I would like to know your opinion or views on montessorri education from class I onwards ie rather than switching to traditional schools in class I itself ,let the child continue in montessorri till class II/III/ IV then switch to traditional ICSE/CBSE in class IV/V.

This applies tp  kids who did their nursery,lkg,ukg in montessorri.

Will the child be more fundamentally strong in the core subjects,

Will switching to traditional in class IV/V be a problem for the child.

Unlike in US/Europe here in India we do not have montessorri education till grade 10.We have only till Grade IV here then children would need to switch to traditional.

Are there any parents in this forum who have there children in montessorri in Class I/II/III/IV.Would like to know about their experience.

Parents what would be your pros and cons on this.

Mickey you are very active in this forum do let me know  your take on this.

Thanks in advance.








mickey 2013-01-08 19:46:10


 Hi Indian21,

I am really not sure how the transition would be after class 4 or 5 to regular schools.

My friend , found it difficult in class 1 itself for her kid when she shifted him to a regular school......

Well, I did speak to one my friends who is running a  well known Montessori  and she says that kids can cope up very well, if taught in correct manner. It depends a lot on the teachers. 

May be the Montessori teachers could throw more light on this.





indian21 2013-01-09 10:18:25


 Hi Mickey

Thanks Mickey for the reply,but why are'nt there montessori schools till Grade 10 here in India.

What are the reasons,is it lack of directive from the Govt. or the CBSE/ICSE policy is geared more towards traditional education.





behappy 2013-01-09 11:38:41



There is montessori pre-primary till class VI....but u know we Indian parents........mostly like them to fall in mainstream at Class 1 and before that we pamper and hamper them....the way we feel...montessori method...playwaymethod...waldorf concept...and what not.....

Well jokes apart.......I ahppen to visit Blue Blocks ...and it is a very dedicated montessori school...do attend its Parenting session ...even if u are not seeking admission there(like me!!!)...the good thing is....as last 2-3 months of KG 2...they literally try to make child familiar with the conventional style of teaching...they write on boards and make the children copy....in text books...etc so that the transition is easy for both the kids and the parents....



arsi 2013-01-09 16:18:25


 hi all,

my child is in M1/KG1/PP1.......watever u want to pronounce. bt  acc. to montessorie way he is in 2nd year of preprimary in blue block . its is really nice and proper montessorie house. my son is doing great.  i think in present time he is far better in academic than normal traditional school. ya montessorie is a different concept . before joinning i think u sud understand properly the montessorie concept. u can google it or otherwise attend the parentnning session of blueblock. in hyderabad acc to my info there r few motessorie school, who r functionning montessorie way till 3 or 6 , u have to check wid them. one is pragnya montessorie and medha montessorie.


behappy 2013-01-09 18:03:44


Hi arsi,

I too like blue blocks a lot...but arent the classrooms too congested....so many kids in one room...during pareting they showed us a video....but the noises from behind...o mine it felt like we will have a headache.....so wanted to know more from u...as I am yet to decide......


behappy 2013-01-09 18:04:58


But ya pavan goyal of Blue Blocks is awesome....pls reply sincerely ..isnt the child overburdened just bcos he can do many things....??

have u interacted of passed out parents...as how well they coped in class 1 in traditional school??


indian21 2013-01-10 08:51:30


 Hi BeHappy & Arsi

Thanks for the info.

Agree orientation is needed for transition from whichever class it is.

Kids can always cope well but there might be initial hiccups.

@Behappy Montessorri is good that's what  I feel ,child once put in montessorri ideally needs to complete from pre-nursery to UKG.




Samy23 2013-02-18 17:33:25



      My personal experience with the system is very good till now as my son is in the system past 2 years and now this is his last year into primary. But at this stage i can find minor difficulties with him as i can see, he is not at all intrested to write anything and so his writing skills are very bad which keeps worrying me all day long. Increased strength in the school makes his teacher to give less attention for each child... and Montessori system being a very free environment children, when they dont get attention.. they move around and waste time in playing with other kids and talking. When we go and ask, management says," everything will be fine in a few days, patience is all you need". We are tired of listening to these repeated words. 

Coming to transition from Montessori to a regular traditional school... Yes it will be difficult as the child is never forced to read or write.. and so when this starts in traditional school.. child may take some time to adjust.. but i srongly feel that changing at the last year of primary is far better than putting the child into 1st class in a traditional school directly( If you have plans to change ur kid in first class to a traditional school) , as school expects a lot of writing from a first class child which a montessori child can never do. 


As a mother I am very much worried and also confused right now for the transition part as, we are afraid the child may not get adjusted. Any other parents who are here, who already changed their kids from a montessori school to regular school? Pls suggest !!




aju123 2014-01-23 13:33:03


Hi Behappy,

did yiu put your child in blueblocks...can you share your feedback please?


kala1 2015-03-31 14:00:47


Hi All ,
My Post is a kind of extension to the original question with which this thread was started by Indian21.
Based on the way my schooling went on (not practical oriented / not concept oriented),I always wished to provide  more concept based/practical based education to next generations. By the virtue of being in rat race, although I ended up in a MNC , I don’t want to pass on the same method of going with rat race to my child.
I believe that Montessori education system is good and follows holistic approach with realistic/practical exposure. All the inputs/discussions in these forums are extremely helpful.
However, like many others ,  I also have few(many) queries about how children cope up in Montessori system of education . 
Request inputs from the experienced parents here based on your experience/ research. It will help me a lot in deciding the school/next step for my 2.5 year old kid.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1)Now that we have more than 1 Montessori schools functioning in Hyd which are offering education till Grade 10, What are the pros and cons of continuing a child in Montessori system after 6-7 years (In other words- what are the pros and cons if a child continues in Monti system From Grade1  to Grade 10 ) ?
2)How are the children evaluated in higher classes in Monti system? How can we track their progress or what they are learning?
3) I understand that , although they are Montessori schools they slowly shift child into ICSE / CBSE by higher classes .Does this mean that from VI Grade onwards, child will experience almost similar pattern of education/teaching as in traditional ICSE/CBSE schools?ORWill they only follow the standard syllabus but teaching methodology varies ? 
4)How well do an older child in Montessori study / understand or perform in core subjects like Physics and Mathematics? (As per my understanding,  being practical in subjects like Social,Biology etc is different than bringing practical aspect into subjects like Maths and Physics).
5)As we also talked about how children are evaluated without tests/exams, in this context there are other schools also like chinmaya , vidyaranya , chaitanya vidyalaya which follow stress free education.How are the children evaluated there when compared to the Montessori schools  like Pragnya, Shriram etc ?
6) Although better when compared to the international schools, I see that the fee structures are on the higher side (>80k)for the two Monti schools in discussion (Pragnya , Shriram) .After paying the admission fee of 40 k(which is not so less) , if we have the urge to change the school in next 1-2 years , it may not be a pocket friendly option.
7)Much prevailed notion about Montessori methodology is it best suits only till pre school (till 6 years of age). I would like to take advise/ experiences from the parents of kids who are with montessori system and are currently in higher classes .
8) According to standard norms,need to take admission in most of the traditional schools during nursery/LKG itself, I think an option of going for Montessori system only for preschool and then opting a traditional school later on is NOT a wise thing to do considering the transition pressure child may go through (and the admission pressure/difficulties parents need to go through) . 
Please share your thoughts/ ideas.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Your earliest responses will be of great help for me in taking next step as this is the time of admission for Nursery for my 2.5 year old.


8885 2015-03-31 15:53:29


Hi Kala...,
Me too in same dilemma as you......am also looking for a gud preschl for nursery for my 2.5 yr old son...

kala1 2015-03-31 16:15:53


Hi 8885, 

Yeah, I am  also looking for answers to the above questions to get my head clear about how Montessori methodology  is being carried forward in Hyd schools and if I can vouch for it till Grade 10. 

Can we connect to discuss further on this so that we can take a decision soon ?  
(Pebblecreek might be a good option for you as you are also preferring Montessori methodology  if you are placed towards that side of the city where pebble creek is accessible) 



SaDeep 2015-04-14 19:41:24


Hi Samy23,
Has there been any improvement in the interests of your child in writing skills? Also how did you handle the transition from Montessori to Conventional school? 
As per my chat with various Montessori teachers and principals they endorse that at the end of the 1st stage where the age of the child is 6 yrs, they are ready for any traditional school atleast in terms of reading and writing..  Anyway I think the impact that the teacher makes on the child by way of introduction and guiding, will play an important part.. 
Would be great if you could share your experiences post your last post, since it would help many like me in here..
Thank You.



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