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hublisunil 2013-01-05 13:46:20



I want to join my kid in Global Indian International School - Patancheru. Please let me know the reviews for this school.



Ali2013 2013-01-08 18:17:33


 Even I am intersted in GIIS patancheru, I could not get any reviews.

Please advise if anyone has first hand information about the school


Ved711 2013-01-10 09:50:44


 Dear GIIS(Patancheru) Parents,

Please let us know your feedback on this school.

(In som other thread, feedback on GIIS(Uppal) is negative )



Ali2013 2013-01-10 11:43:23


Hi Ved

Where do you stay and for which class admission ?...

i could not find any feedback over the net.I am planning for a school visit this weekend. It would be better if we meet some parents of kids studying in the school.



Rajeshwar 2013-04-29 22:05:37


Hi Parents,

Please check the following link:

Me and my friends have joined our kids on Nursery, K1, K2, 1st, 4th & 6th classes respectively in GIIS. The school is very good and the campus meets all the requirements. Efficient faculty and nice play ground and the school concentrates on academic as well as sports and cultural growth.




shekar1 2014-04-06 22:29:39


Hello Parents,

I see few of the parents looking for genuine review about this school at patancheru

I have also read review from Rajeshwar and went ahead with the admission thinking about its global presence and would like now help other parents with below feedback

I advise not to waste money in GIIS Patancheru school my kids are into this school and not satisfied.


I cannot see the reality of the claims this school makes, maybe it’s due to the local administration.
Response to parents -Very poor once you admit your kids you are left to wind.
Teaching techniques - not etall effective as i see no difference with other schools and then no point in claiming international school.
Activities - activities like piano, guitar etc. which you are asked to select starting of the year is a waste of money and time since the class will never be regular and your kid will never learn anything out of it and I see these class are only for name sake.
Communication of kids - I really surprised to see the school administration not having any structured class or activities to improve the communication of kids like GD,Storytelling ,public speaking and general knowledge sessions which are very important in this competitive world.
They hardly have 15-20 Kids per class and unable to focus on kid’s improvement, I see the exams are for name sake any kid gets good marks, they make sure you are satisfied by making a simple question paper and making them read before exam.

I could see the promptness in minting the school fee.

Truly I lost my mind wondering which school is really worth full for the money a parent pays.

Yours faithfully,



Mangu05 2014-12-03 13:12:12


Hi Rajeshwar,

Can you please share your contact details, as I am looking for my son. Now he is studding U.K.G(Smart Kids), we are looking for 1st class in GIIS, Patancheru Brach. We are staying in Beeramguda.




77990 80777


vejendlakiran 2015-01-31 21:03:42


Hi All,

I have two kids studying in this school. The school used to be very good till last year when it was small and when they had good faculty and also faculty:student  ratio maintained, now there are many students and they are not able to pay attention to any kid on studies or activities but they have very good concentration on fee collection. Especially the attitude of principal is so arrogant and he can not digest if we ask any thing, no patience at all. He feels himself as god and parent should do whatever he says. If student is learning and shining he says that GIIS team trained, but student did any mistake, school (teacher and principal) crafts well prepared blame on parents.

If parents can train their kid why we really need schools. why we need to pay huge money and keep our kid with such a stupid institution and spoils kid life. I realized this after I attended two Parent -teacher meeting and I stopped sending my kids and joined them in other school. Be cautious about the schools and see teacher student ratio, especially attitude of faculty? we are sending kids to school to learn good things, when teacher / faculty them selves doesnot follow ethics and attitude, how can we expect our kids to learn from themselves.




nam2010 2015-02-20 09:43:12


Hello Kiran,
May i know to which school you have moved your kids?
I am new to Hyd and looking for school which are not very strict with age criteria.
thanks in advance


Rajeshwar 2015-03-19 22:08:39


Hello Kiran garu,
Its been two years me and my friends and few other people from Parentree has joined in GIIS Sir. We all meet at times outside or when we go for PTM in the school and also discuss the growth and habits of our children. If there is anything good or bad we discuss with the teachers as well and recommended few things as well. 
The school people has updated us with the new sections coming up and the number of children in each class and the student teacher ration as well. It was reasonable : 16-20 kids per class. Well, my kid was in a school in nursery where there were 35. 

One frank thing to say Kiran Sir, I and my colleagues never faced any strictness on the fee payment. Am true on this.
I also had direct discussions on few issues I had with the principal, and that person was so perfect in resolving in a day.
I have met a parent whose kid used to be very dull and rural background, he was performing in the science fair in the next year.

Kiran garu, with such type of comments on any schools, the existing parents of the students get panicked sir. Hope you understand.
If you have any grievance we can meet during the PTM, you can speak to the other parents of your kids class to get a clarity.
If there is a problem for one kid, there will be problem for the rest of the kids as well and we should not ignore this. 
And by the way please let us also know about the new school where you have joined your kids. Hope they are outperforming now.

Best Regards,


avijaya 2015-05-06 15:01:35


hello rajeswar garu ,can u please help me with best boarding schools in hyderabad.i have few in mind please give me review about these schools .abhyasa international school,ivy league,lead india,suchitra academy,.
apart from these please give me list of other schools which had good academics/extra-curricular/hostel/
iam searching for boarding for class 4 in hyderabad.
your suggestion is valuable in selecting the school

thank you

 Former member 2015-10-09 13:50:28


My son is studying in K2 in the GIIS branch Madinaguda . But this school is not longer GIIS. This year 2015-16 its changed to Prachin Global School and their syllabus is also new. I am not sure about the Patancheru campus though but its wise to check before enrolling.

I found difference in the syllabus and way of teaching after this change and now its same as any normal school in hyderabad.
So better think twice.


Rajeshwar 2015-10-09 16:39:03


Yeah couple of my friends too observed that change.
The school runs on the name of Prachin Foundation (registered in Bank). Patancheru campus has the name GIIS but both Madinaguda and Beeramguda branches have the name Prachin Foundation.
I too was disappointed with this. I could not ask for reason as my kid is still in GIIS.
I guess this might me to skip Income Tax (its an assumption though), but am going to take this query to the Director in my next meeting at the school.


sagar36 2015-10-26 15:28:10


Infact, GIIS management has not informed parents about change of name (from GIIS to Prachin Global School), whenever you asked question about change of name, they don't give clear and transparent answer. I believe these guys have lost franchise of GIIS.

mks1 2015-11-19 00:24:13


Thought of sharing my exp, as it may help some other kid is in GIIS madinaguda branch since last 3 yrs..I'm extremely satisfied with the school & had referred 4 kids from my apartment.Thanks to Giis...i was not wrong, I've never heard anything wrong from my referred friends as well in stead they are happy. It all started when I left my kid on 1st day at GIIS 3 yr back. Got a call after 2 hrs that she is crying & they cannt control..I reached there asap & convinced her,then the staff asked me how they should convince for similar situation.. After that in last 3 yrs my kid was never interested to skip her school...she ll fight with her mother to be with her fav teachers even in fever,cold....this was from personal experience.. Don't want to write more but would like to thank to all staffs,Nanis @ Madinaguda GIIS for their efforts,special care...Hope they ll maintain this.

mks1 2015-11-19 00:39:53


Forgot to mention on earlier discussion.Yes, you all are right, madinaguda branch changed to Prachin Global.Even I was surprised for that moment since we were not informed in advance but I did not see any changes in kids management so I had no issues.

Deepakyd 2015-11-20 17:14:55



It seems they have opted out or lost the franchise and  using website name while all other branches are using .org domain instead of .com .
moreover link shows only one GIIS school in hyderabad. it is in uppal not pathancheru.
apart from that picture gets more clear when  all GIIS schools are part of foundation named global School foundation while GIIS pthancheru is under different foundation named 
Global Indian Foundation


Thoompunkal02 2016-02-04 10:53:13


Hello Rajeshwar,  

My name is Sony Mathew and I stay at BHEL MIG township, my son will be 5 years this May, he is currently studying in PP2 at Kidzee in MIG colony, we are looking to join him in a good CBSE school for the first standard and as part my research I have read quiet a few of your posts on Parentree. 

I see fro your previous posts that your kid is studying in GIIS Patancheru, could you please let me know the ratio of teacher to student in the school, also could you provide the approximate break up of the Fee, what are the school timings, what activities are included in the curriculum apart from regular studies etc. 


Thoompunkal02 2016-02-04 11:08:52



Thanks for this information, 

Looking at the GIIS website, I don't see Patancheru listed as one of the campuses in Hyderabad and only the Uppal campus is mentioned from Hyd. Which leads me to believe that the Patancheru campus is no more affiliated to the actual GIIS, and that explains the name change.

Probably best to have a parent from the school confirm, I important question to ask the school is why Patancheru is not listed on there GIIS main website.


prathyuu 2016-10-12 19:59:38


hi rajeswar,
we are planning to look for admissions in prachin global, madinaguda. i am reading mixed reviews about this in parentree. please suggest me with good school near beeramguda. if possible please share the fee detaits.

vasd 2017-03-02 06:49:56


I am planning to move from US to hyderabad so can someone please help providing if this school follows internation curriculum and also if it is part of GIIS and fee 


Deepakyd 2017-03-02 12:29:04


No this is no more part of GIIS. In hyderabad Uppal is only school. This school is now PGS (Prachin Global School) . Which has junior classes at Madinaguda and Beerumguda.  I am aware about Madinaguda branch only which is upto K2 (PP2). It is good.

Rohitsl 2017-11-13 20:34:10


Hi Rajeshwar,

I am also looking for my daughter's admission in Prachin Global School, Madinaguda for Class 1 for 2018-19 session.

Kindly provide the feedback on overall curriculum and environment of Madinaguda branch.  Does the school looks into overall development of the child and encourages the child to participate.

Please share your opinion on the same.  Also, if you can suggest some good schools in Madinaguda and Chandanagar area.

Let me know, if it is fine to call you on your number as mentioned by you.



Cha11a 2018-01-22 11:58:06


Hi All,

I am from Beeramguda. Few of my friends children are joined Prachin beeramguda branch and their communication skill are far better than other school childrens.
Thinking to join my kids in Prachin school. Visited the school and ambiance is neat and fine.



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