Interview questions in Gitanjali Devshala for Nursery

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munii 2012-12-27 16:23:33


Hi all, Can anyone guide me with the interview questions being asked in gitanjali devshala for nursery. parents interview is scheduled on jan 6th

Cherri 2012-12-27 19:11:55


 they generally ask parents education back ground, jobs, working hours.

if both parents are working, they may ask, who will take care of your kid , and how the home work will be done etc

they may ask what are expectations from the school, as you want to join your kid in their school.

how much time you can spend with your kid (when both are working)

where do you live , distance from the school etc

they may ask your kid about her name, identify basic colors( 1 or 2), fruits/animals/vehicles ( 1 or 2), 1 or 2 small rhymes. 

if she is going to any play school, they may ask wt name that play school etc.

its more parent oriented interviews.

hope it will help you.


sayeekiran 2013-01-16 17:14:57



My daugher was seeking Nursery admission for Achedemic year 2013-14. My kid goes to a pre school. So the questions started off with what she has learnt in the  pre school so far. Further, they were trying to know from the parent what the child knows and the questions were framed based on the feedback given by parents.

Questions were asked to the child viz shapes, colours, vehicles,alphabet recognition,animals etc.

I remember the principle even asked the child to recite a sloka as we communicated that the child knew a lot of slokas.

The parents were asked about their qualifications and how they spend time with the child etc. They also asked us how do we deal with the child's tantrums specially when she is taken to a public place.

They have asked us our opinion on the recent Delhi incedent which shook the entire nation.

Glad to inform you that we were able to secure a seat in Gitanjali Devashala.





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