[LKG Admissions 2013] JHPS Vs Obul Reddy Vs Atmakuri Vs DPS

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shaastra 2012-12-26 15:23:17


Please help me out choose one of them. My son had hard luck with BVB JH. So that is out of equation.

Today we had interaction at JHPS. My kid performed well and overall it went well (No questions about the donation we quoted from the panel). Not sure till Jan 5th, when they declare the list. We stay @Manikonda and this school is about 5 KM from our place.

Lucky draw scheduled on 28th at Obul Reddy. This school is about 8 KM.

BVB Atmakuri draw scheduled on 30th. Distance is 7.5 KM.

DPS is the closest (2 KMs) and they are not even talking about LKG admissions yet.

- How may days would I get to pay fees for Obul Reddy and Atmakuri if my sons turns lucky there?

I seriously yearn for a single window admissions process for kids :)




Bid80 2012-12-26 15:49:01


Hi Shaastra,

What has been asked in the interview ?  Is there any lower limit for the donation?


Tesha 2012-12-26 16:09:04


 I have interaction on Sat for my kid. What type of interaction we can expect them? any question on donations over and above the mentioned in notice board?


shaastra 2012-12-26 16:39:47


They ask kids some basic questions. Every kid should be able to answer them. So dont worry about that. They do ask donation over and above what they have displayed on the notice board. I am not sure what the minimums and the maximums are. So I dont even know what I have quoted is less or more cos' they did not even talk about what I had quoted in the interview. All in all, I have my fingers crossed and waiting for Jan 5th. For me distance wise, JHPS is the best option.


Bid80 2012-12-26 16:42:45


Hi Shaastra,

I have not seen the notice board. Can you quote the amount in notice board. Also some sample questions they are asking kids would be helpful.


theprince 2012-12-26 19:19:46


 this is unethical, same thing happened last year. I got to know just before the interview day, I did not even attended the interview.  I just don't like this practice. 

No one cares, whether your child answered questions or not. If you quote good number (1 - 1.5L + , this is last year number)  above the adminssion fee, you would definitely get the seat. So, if you are interested, just quote 6 digit number, thats it. 


shaastra 2012-12-26 20:01:32



Well that is not quite true. I have read in forums here that they gave admissions to parents quoting as low as 40K. I know of someone who did not get an admission even after they quoted 1 lakh last year.

There are innumerable unethical things going on in the so called good schools these days. How about not giving receipts to donations paid? How about not disclosing what process you adopt to fill up 120+ seats where you only put up 60 seats for general lottery? How about considering recommendations for those who could not secure seat in the lottery (I dont know anyone of any influential status to approach such schools, how sad!!) ? Some are open about it and some are not. In fact, the very act of interviewing kids (in the name of interaction) is not legal (Being ethical is relative based on your set of ethics). JHPS says because it gives admissions to people who cannot afford donations as well, they would have to compensate that from people who can afford them. My opinion is that their infrastructure is worth investing for. People's opinions vary on whether it is a good school or not (in academics and other areas) but again it depends on a host of factors.


Regarding questions in the interview, they asked him his name, asked him to identify a few colors, asked him rhymes he knew, they asked him a rhyme of their choice which my kid did not know, they asked him to identify animals from a book, cat, dog etc. They also asked him to place beans of differing sizes to two different cups - My kid faltered a bit here because he was eager to eat the chocolate he got from her before that question. I guess the main thing they would see is how he is responding to the questions, whether he is active or not etc.

I dont remember the exact admission fee is about 35K or so.





schoolhunter1 2012-12-26 20:55:42



Can anyone share what are the positive points about JHPS? I have read that communication skills of students is not up to the mark- that could also depend on class teacher in lower classes of course. In addition, seems like terchers change a lot- but guess that is true for most of the schools these days- except for probably BVB JH, Obul Reddy etc, among traditional schools. Any inputs from parents that have kids studing in JHPS would really help. Thanks.


Bid80 2012-12-26 21:23:57


Hi Shaastra,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Your kid will definately be selected.My Best Wishes!



shaastra 2012-12-28 11:22:27


Latest day school Rankings for Hyderabad. Not sure how reliable this list is.




seckhar 2012-12-28 15:27:00


 Hi Shaastra,

Could you pls let me know what they are asking for parents :) .. Hard luck for both BVB & ObulReddy.. T'moro is my kids interaction at JHPS.




shaastra 2012-12-28 15:48:01


Hard luck for my kid today in Obul Reddy as well :(  Good in some sense since I have one less option to worry about.

Hi seckhar,

In my case, they did not even look at my face, not even once. They only spoke to the kid's mother who happens to be a pre-primary teacher in a playschool near our place. They were talking to her about her qualifications, her education and why we did not prefer to continue our kid in the same school.




ruba 2012-12-28 16:05:39


Dear shaastra,


can you help me to get BVB atmakuri lkg application,

i could nt find it in website,,u told luck draw on 30th,,if possible help me




shaastra 2012-12-28 16:51:06


Hi Ruba,

Sorry, but BVB Atmakuri application registration process is closed. Please visit their school at Road No. 45 to see if you can get hold of one application form.



Potu 2012-12-28 17:31:58


Hi all,

Just to add for the JPHS donations note, if anyone wants to test there character... then just quote a less donation in the form which they will give and then see the body language of the commitee members..u will be embrassed with the behaviuor of the comitte members..they willn't ask u any questions at all..........and simply will say that in your route the buses are fill and we will inform u..for someone who quotes high donation they ask qtns like, how u come to know about this scholl..bla bla bla....this is there character ...hope it helps



Emro 2012-12-28 22:12:51


 Hello guys! 

I have two kids studying in class X and VIII at JHPS. JHPS had helped them improve a lot since they joined in the school. I do admit the admission fees is very high, but trust me, they don't use the money to improve their bank balance. They spend every penny on the betterment of the school. I, personally, have seen a lot of change in the school's infrastructure and methodoligies in teaching for past 5 years. I now feel really glad to have joined my kids there. 

If you compare it to the other schools with a similar fee structure,

JHPS is better at SO MANY aspects than any of them. 

1. They focus on the all round development of the kid.
2. The teachers try to get to know each and every student better personally to help them out in the best way possible.

3. They give equal oppurtunities to all the students.

4. They have excellent ground with a good no. of PT teachers, they have a basketball and a tennis court as well. They are also planning on building an indoor badminton court in the coming years. They have extra sports coaching after school hours.

5. They provide stress free education to students. Practical way of explaining the lessons is followed there. They have iboards, personal computer, projector and lockers for students in every class. 

6. They have three computer labs.

7. They have an art studio, music studio, dance studio, well euipped science lab, math lab, social lab, language lab. 

8. They have an exchange teacher from the UK who teaches Communication Skills to students of all the classes. 

9. They further have NIE workshops every month for students from class VI-X (So, there's no way you should think they don't focus on the communication skills of the students).

10. Tey have Extra Curricular Activities, where about a 15 options are given to students every year to choose one activity. They have two ECA periods every week where they work on the option chosen.

11. They have a very well equipped Library that invited the students to explore the world of books. I have seen it, and OMG, I fell in love with it instantly. I wish I had a library like that in my school when I was a kid. 

12. They have a canteen where hygiene food is avaialble and a stationary shop in the school. 

13. There are remedial classes for students who are slow at grasping and the teachers are very enthusiastic to help the students out at any time. 

14. They have good transportation facilities. 

15. Discipline is given utmost importance in the school.

16. Kids from almost all economies of the society come there, because of the feasible fee structure, that allows the kids to socialize and adjust to all kinds of people. 

17. They celebrate all kinda of festivals and give importance to all religions and communities. They don't partialize students and also see that students grow with an idea of "one world, one family".

18. Student councellor is available at school who listens to all the problems that students take to her and gives them valuable suggestions. She also gives career counselling. 

19. Kids love going to school. The school gives them the warm feeling which they miss during holidays. 

20. The student teacher ratio is about 30:1, but they don't let any student go out of their notice. 

21. They have frequent inter house and inter school competitions. 

22. The school has a journalism team too. They have two in-house magazines, namely- Ascent (Annual magazine) and Hillside News (2 issues every year). So, you can see many young journalists in the school who put in lots of efforts and take pride in the work they do. 

They have nurtered the leadership qualities in my daughter, she holds a very good position in the student council now, I'm so proud of her. My kids have learnt moral values, and of course, it isn't only inculcated by the school, parents have to play a vital role too, but I mean to say they have done their best. 

YOu can ask me if you have any other queries. Hope the review helped! :)

mshyderabad 2012-12-28 22:42:35


Hi Emro:

If possible, can you suggest approx. what amount as donation guarantees admission in JHPS in LKG? Any direction would be highly helpful!






shaastra 2012-12-28 23:50:53


Thanks Emro. That was the first full-blown positive review I read about JHPS. I agree they are doing best to improve their infrastructure (evident partly in their ranking by Education world) but it seems the interviewing board does not seem to be making many friends :)


ruba 2012-12-29 09:54:41


thanks dear shaastra


ruba 2012-12-29 10:01:15


dear shaastra,

kindly let me know about ur interaction with JPHS




Emro 2012-12-29 12:51:04


Your welcome Shaastra. I wouldn't deny what you said. They are kind of rigid with the admissions. We got through easily because of recommendations. 

Anyways, good luck in choosing the school!


Potu 2012-12-29 18:16:09


Hi all,

Emro had given a promo of JHPS.... for a minute i thought i got repsonse from the comitte member :-)...but if all the info which is given is correct then it is very informative, thansk for that.......my response was completly related to the admission process ..and i'm not really sure about the school education and activities......

I request other members to not to come to conclusion on the jhps school on my response...as that feedback is just about the admission process,and i'm dam sure that nobody can deny it...

Ruba..about interaction with JHPS ...they will ask name of your kid, school name if studying... identying colors ...and identify animals and birds etc...


All the best




shaastra 2012-12-30 08:26:52


>> Anyways, good luck in choosing the school!

Thats funny! Its the other way around. I need luck in being chosen :)


seckhar 2012-12-30 09:44:49


 Y'day my kid had an interaction with JHPS... as usual same Qs.

Waiting for 5th Jan... :) 


shaastra 2012-12-30 11:28:39


Any news about BVB Atmakuri draw? How many students made the cut?


seckhar 2012-12-30 11:53:43


 I havn't applied for BVB AR.. 


shaastra 2012-12-30 13:58:07


Just came back from BVB AR. They have put up a list of 75 selected students. 45 general and 30 siblings. No luck for my son here too.

So only JHPS and DPS left for me. Let me see how it goes.


seckhar 2012-12-30 14:18:20



Oh.. Nops.. Good Luck for JHPS... We need to wait till 5th Jan 

Do you have the DPS Fee strucuture and Admission schedule





AnithaReddy 2012-12-30 14:24:27


Hi All,

My daughter selected in lucky draw in BVB Atmakuri. Please suggest me BVB Atmakuri and JHPS which one is good.





shaastra 2012-12-30 14:51:28


One of my friend's son studies in DPS. As far as I remember, he paid 75K admission fee + 45K tuition + about 25k transport. Not sure if they have revised the fees this time round. Not sure about admission schedule.


Congratulations. Its tough to decide between BVBA and JHPS. Value for money, distance, future promise, brand name etc. determine which one you can choose. I would have personally preferred JHPS because it is closer to my home and BVB ARR is newly established.



shaastra 2012-12-30 14:56:27


I am not hopeful about JHPS as well. From what I have heard from atleast a couple of my friends who spoke to the panel this time, they were talking about increasing the donation they quoted (their initial quote was more or less same as mine) and that only then, their wards would figure in the SECOND list :)

For me, they did not even speak about the donation I quoted. So, my only hope is DPS now! And then on to the international schools. :)



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