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Nagamani 2012-12-26 13:32:10


I'm seeking admission to class-1 for my son..Looking for reviews on Niraj International School.

Dear fellow Members, if you happen to visit the school "or" if your kids are studying in this school..please pour in your feedback..


Thanks in advance


Nagamani 2012-12-27 14:45:08


Looking for reviews/experience with Niraj International School..





bearcat 2013-01-22 07:42:30


Hi Nagamani,

I am also looking for the same, did you receive any email response by chance? Please do post here if you have additional information.


Thank you


padmajasingh 2013-01-22 10:26:34


Recently one of my neighbour has joined her 2 boys one in 1st and other in 5 class. she said kids really enjoy going to the school and they have lot of extra curricular activities


bearcat 2013-01-22 11:48:44


Hello padmajasingh,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. May I ask which area you live? The school said it would take an hour and 15 minutes from where we stay (Marredpally) to get to school in the school bus. We feel that is a really long time. Want to see if there are any parents sending their kids to Niraj Intl. from this locality and what they think.

Thank you once again.


bearcat 2013-01-22 11:50:29


Btw we loved the school (infrastructure, acitivities, teaching methodology etc. ) but really worried about the distance.


padmajasingh 2013-01-22 14:20:13


I live in Begumpet the bus comes to pick up arnd 7am ofcz its a lot of travel from your house it may take little less time i guess.


bearcat 2013-01-22 15:07:16


Thank you once again for a quick reply. Yes the bus would come here around 7:15am itseems.


theprince 2013-01-22 15:45:05


 What is the fee structure for class 1 ? 


s1828 2013-01-22 17:35:38


Hi  friends ,

We visited Neeraj international school ,Sadhu Vaswani international school & DRS international schools when we visited India in Dec 2012.. School is very good in terms of infra structure,cleanliness etc.,strength is very less total strength of the school is not more than 150-200 donot remember the exact no. Methods they followed seems to be  good as explained by Mr Demanth .As we visited the school during Christmas holidays we didnot see the actual running of the school & could not also meet the principal & teachers.  It is still 8th class .Its not in residential area ...u can get any place to live near to the school so transportation is must...My kids liked the school.Following is the fee structure...

School application fee :1500

Admission fee              :15000

Caution deposit            :5000

Annual fee                   :5000

tution fee for I to V       :24035

Meals                           :5500  compulsory

Transportation             :7000

Hope this helps




bearcat 2013-01-22 18:09:40


The above fee structure has been revised for the coming academic year. We know this because we visited the school twice and got the old fee and the current fee as well. Currently the one time fee is coming to 37k (refundable + non-refundable) and the term fee is around 40k (including food and transport) excluding uniform, books and shoes.  

We too visited Niraj Intl, DRS and SVIS and have zeroed it to Niraj. SVIS is not comparable to Niraj or DRS.


Sara12 2013-01-22 20:25:06


 Hi Bearcat

what is the feedback on SVIS...postive or different?


s1828 2013-01-23 00:20:58


Hi bearcat,

Is communication is through mail as i stay in UK ....they send me the above fee structure by mail and also when we visit personally to Neeraj last the fee details given r as i mentioned i donot know about increased fee structure... u got the latest figures can u tell what is the fee for class 4 & 7 for next yr it less than DRS or equal to really liked the school ....infra structure & cleanliness is on par with schools they r studying here in UK....

Pl post any info regarding Neeraj which will help us to make a decision....did u meet the teachers ....r they friendly ...what about descipline & other activities in the school...did u visit the school during school hrs...we didnt we know nothing except school infrastructure & cleanliness....

 I didnot find much difference between DRS & SVIS specially cleanliness... 

After talking to our neighbour who worked in DRS we r left out with Neeraj & SVIS


bearcat 2013-01-23 11:21:42


Hi s1828,

 Niraj Intl. School Fee for 2013-2014:

One Time Fee

Application Fee 1500

Admission Fee 25k

Caution Fee (Refundable) 5k

Annual Fee 7k

Term Fee (Grade 1-V) 3 terms per year

Tuition Fee 25,900 (27,100 for grade 7)

Meals 6500

Transport 8000

The fee must have been revised recently.


We did visit the school during school hours and since the strength was less the atmosphere was not too noisy or anything. The teacher talked very well and so did the Principal. Everyone was approachable and friendly. Yesterday I also spoke with one of the parents at Niraj who are sending both their kids (grade 4 & 5) and they are very satisfied and happy with the school and so are the kids. They said there is no mucking up required and parents need to pay close attention to what kids are doing (Which again they said is common no matter which school the kid is in). The bus is AC and very comfortable. All this info is something that I gathered from talking to the parents and visiting the school. I would get a 100% picture only when I start sending my kids to this school. The sylabus is IB (PYP) upto grade 5 and then cbse. They are also planning to have igcse for 9th and 10th soon.

School hunt has been hectic for us. We visited atleast 7-8 campuses after shortlisting from a dozen or so schools. No school came close to Niraj in infrastructure.

Hi Sara12,

Somehow we were not impressed by SVIS. It could be because we were comparing it with Niraj. But even then the school was a bit chaotic and the resources were not very appealing. There was a hugh hall (not a did look like a hall) where there were 4-5 carrom boards, table tennis, chess all together. The skating rink was long but narrow and had dim lighting (some schools didn't even have this ofcourse). We stood outside the classrooms for a few min when we were leaving and could hear the teacher shouting! The approach to the school is also convoluted. The map says the school is beside cineplanet but it is a good 1.5 Kms after that.

All said however they do have a huge playground which is used for cricket, soccer and tennis. The fee is much less for the facilities they offer but we were not sure how much personal attention the kids might get and the quality of education that is going to be imparted. I think the low fee is attracting a lot of kids to this school. It is a relatively new school but the strength is already very high. They have about 2-3 sections in each class already.

Good luck!



Sara12 2013-01-24 16:37:15


Thanks Bearcat for a detailed feedback.

Good day.



54321 2013-03-05 17:11:47


Hello Bearcat,

                    I am also planning to move to Hyd (Sainikpuri) during Aug2013 from U.K.

I am also bit worried about school and its making me totally confused. Just wanted to ask you did you took admission in Niraj and how kids are feeling? I am also thinking of Niraj, Chrec and T.I.M.E . Can you please share your experience about schools?




bearcat 2013-03-08 13:03:00


We did take admission for my kid for the coming academic year 13-14. So I cannot yet comment on how my kid likes the school. From what I hear Chirec is a very good school and one of the best in Hyderabad. Because of the distance from where we live we did not even consider Chirec. But getting admission into Chirec I heard is not easy and for you it is too late to get admission for the coming academic year. You can try for next year (14-15) when you come in August.


monicasharma 2013-05-13 14:31:30


'have you considered Suchitra Academy? It is much closer and larger campus. Principal was ex-Principal of Chirec.'


Shras 2013-06-12 15:21:59


 Hello everyone could u please tell me the Exact fee structure of Niraj INTERNATIonal


For Grade-X,  Please Reply Fast


0311parent 2013-12-15 00:44:38


We have visited niraj international school today and below is the feedback:

we're very impressed with the school infrastructure and staff approach towards parents and kids.
Their teaching methodology is also's more of activity and theme based learning...
classrooms are spacious and maintained neatly, 
have lot of options for outdoor and indoor games..
.it seems students to teacher ratio is 10:1...
they don't have multiple sections for each class...only one section per class and max strength per class is not more than 30...

the only negative abt the school is's too far from city...

We would highly appreciate any further feedback from parents whose kids are already studying in this school....

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amrz2013 2013-12-23 18:51:46


We also visited Niraj Intl School and quite impressed with the Infrastructure, approach towards Parents and Kids. Very neat and hiegenic. We did enquired with few parents and kids, they definitely recommend this school gladly. The only draw back is the distance as we stay in Jeedimetla and the distance is something bothering me to make the decision. Can any one please suggest which one will be better among Suchitra Academy and Niraj as I need to make the decision final at the earliest. My kid is in Grade IV and we are planning to shift to Grade V. I find Niraj the best among Oakridge, Pearson and SVIS till now.

Appreciate if someone can respond at the earliest. 

ramreddy 2014-01-27 08:03:24


Can anyone tell us about the fee structure for class 1 and class 4 in Niraj international school?  Also what is the opinion or feedback on it?

bearcat 2014-01-27 12:16:31


Dear ramreddy,

Please see my reply above for the fee structure of NIS. I posted it 1 year ago and you can expect an increase of 10% on the overall fee for the coming academic year. In general it is a very good school. Except for the distance and the time it takes to go to school and back everything else is satisfactory for us right now. 


bearcat 2014-01-27 12:36:04


My kid currently goes to NIS and on the whole we are satisfied with the school. It is currently taking 1.5 hours one way to school which is eating up 3 hours of time for my child just travelling. That is the only bothersome element of having my kid in the school. But we are hoping that as more students join the school there will be more buses plus more students concentrated in a single area that the travelling time will reduce. 

In general the school gives a positive vibe. You feel that kids are in good and safe hands and everyone from teachers, staff to the principal approaches you with a friendly smile. We like the curriculum which is IB until grade 5 and CBSE there after. Pretty soon they are also going to introduce IGCSE I think from grade 6. That is you would have an option of choosing CBSE or IGCSE from 6th onwards. 

There is no concept of ranking although they give marks for individual subjects. What we like best is that for each subject - be it math, art, music, science etc. the teacher gives good feedback on what the child's strength is as well as his/her weakness. That constructive criticism is helping in making the kid learn from his mistakes rather than just be satisfied with just good marks. They also have a lot of activities and field trips for each unit of inquiry. Parents are always welcome to give guest lectures. 

Coming to the food - breakfast, lunch and snack are included in the school meals. While breakfast and lunch are very good the snack is sometimes not so healthy. 

Swimming classes are conducted once a week and the pool is maintained very well. It is big and they have changing rooms adjacent to the pool. While my child has made good progress in the last year I feel that the learning is still slow because the swimming classes get cancelled often mainly because it is only once a week.

Hope this information helps anyone considering NIS for their child! Good luck.

Mutyala 2014-01-28 10:34:51


We visited NIS...I am impressed with teaching methodology,approach,hygiene, good activities.Fee comes aroung 1.65 lakh ( including food transport , uniform  etc..(admission 40 extra-one time)

Less strength so more personal attention.
Very much impressed with teachers and students
Good discipline
Emphasis on communication skills
Good swimming pool

Far from the city


dilyohan 2014-02-03 00:11:11


My child goes to Niraj international. I am very happy with the school except for the distance is 3 hrs of travel everyday n we stay in abids area.this in turn is putting too much stress on him n I am looking for options nearby. But I am not happy with any school in this area.
     Does anyone have any idea about good Cbse or icse school around abids?
 I am really confused as to what to do as the distance is taking a toll on my kids health. He will go to grade 1 now n reach home by 5pm.
 Admission got rejected in vidhyaranya n in chaitanya Vidhyalaya they have no vacancies.
 I need help regarding good school in this area. Please help


srid27 2016-11-29 05:04:53


Bearcat / Dilyohan , Are your kids still at NIS ? I do not see any latest reviews on this school so appreciate any new developments or improvements wrt new bus routes that made it more accessible

bearcat 2016-11-29 11:16:02


Hi srid27,

Both my kids are still in Niraj.....the IB PYP curriculum is excellent but the CBSE is like any other regular school. There are some negatives and positives but the positives outweight the negatives we feel compared to other similar schools. 

Visit the school to get a feel for the culture. The infrastructure is excellent, just that the school needs to make better use of them. 

Good luck with your school search!


srid27 2016-11-29 11:27:24


Thank you , I'm sending you a message

kiran7526 2016-11-29 14:48:10


please share the latest feedback on Neeraj internationala school, Medchal.


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