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vmadhav 2012-12-25 21:06:51



Would appreciate feedback on Manthan International School. Can Parents of kids in Manthan share their experiences.

schoolhunter1 2012-12-26 09:43:13


I have only read good reviews about Manthan on this site and from word of mouth (from colleagues or acquaintences of parents that have their kids there). 

I though know of a person (we used to work in the same organization earlier) who has moved his kid out of Manthan onto another school in the middle of LKG/UKG- because of something they did not like there- however, to be fair to Manthan, I do not know the precise reason since I am not in touch with that person and came to know of this through a common friend. If I get further details, will post.

 When I visited the school at Ayyappa Society, somehow I was taken a little aback at how smaller in size it was (the Madhapur campus- as far I know the Nallagandla campus is not going to be operarional this year). This infact was the second 'international' school I had visited after Chirec. I very much liked and was able to relate to the large campuses and the overall school- like feelings in BVB, Obul Reddy, JHPS, MVM and also Chirec etc., I was somehow surprised in seeing the smaller building that Manthan is housed in. Probably this aspect will get taken care of when they move to their new campus.


lavsk 2012-12-27 15:18:34



My kid studies in Manthan and we are very much satisfied with the school and the staff.Their teaching methodology is vey nice and is very appreciable.the only hindering factor is the madhapur campus but once their Nallagandla campus starts functioning, probably it wud be one of the best international schools in hyderabad.


schoolhunter1 2012-12-27 18:37:19


Can you please explain what would make it the best International school in Hyderabad?


Bujjigaadu 2012-12-29 21:15:03




justmo 2013-10-30 11:16:10


Manthan is fantastic! We chose it for both our kids 2 years ago, and have not regretted it since.
You should read the reviews of other parents regarding that as well.
The atmosphere is warm, the kids are always smiling, and the school management is focused on kids. Extra-curriculars are not just encouraged, they are compulsory for all kids. Within a relatively small campus, they still manage to expose the kids to poetry, theater, basketball, races, music & crafts.
The maximum no. of students in any class is 25, making the student-teacher ratio possibly 18:1. They use a host of innovative teaching methods, and the kids are encouraged to email the teachers even over weekends & holidays in case of problems with the homework.



ssarangi 2013-10-30 14:41:32


I have 2 boys in Manthan in 4th and 8th and they are happy with the school, so are we. Their curriculum is good with individual attention, the right balance between academics and co-curriculars. For the higher grade there is less competition as number of students are less, but the other positives balance it out. Would recommnd it.


themann9 2014-09-18 16:57:12


plz i want to know recent reviews about manthan tellapur

vascos 2014-12-09 22:03:07


Hi all,

Have a question about Manthan. It's nice to hear of all the good reviews, and the fact that the school is very student-centric. Had one question though - how "intellectually stimulating" is the education system at Manthan? Not sure that I know other schools that are good at this, but I just want to know that apart from all the good features (being accommodative, having syllabi that promote education through fun, professionalism in interactions with parents, etc), is the school looking at good academics too? While I understand that we don't want the school to pressurize kids to go for IITs, will the system support students that are interested in going in this direction? I understand the school is in its early years to answer this question completely - but interactions with the management may have helped get some perspective on this perhaps. Would greatly appreciate anyone that can share some thoughts on this.

Thank you very much in advance.

Smartrio 2014-12-11 13:14:13


I totally agree with above post.
Disadvantages of manthan :
1.There has been construction activity and some of the facilities are gradually being completed.It was been conveyed that the work will be done only in holidays but it still goes while children are in their classes.
2.What I have realised is that they are having a major problem with the management team. The school is not open for any suggestions from parents.WE did talk about the print on few workbooks which school provides, but no further action was taken ad the feedback has gone to deaf ears.
3.Also school majorily lags in discipline, anyone can come and go at anytime, also uniform is not compulsory, after mid term also kids havent received their uniforms.
4.The school lacks terribly in curriculum.They do follow CIE syallbus.They don't participate in olympiad exams or any  competitive exams like other schools which helps children boost their confidence. 
5.The school really lacks in extra curricular activities(sports actually is in background for school) ,though the school has big playground,kids go on ground n collect shell while PE sir is sitting under the tree and resting.
6. They do have art room , craft room but my child has not even come up with any single art or craftwork in last 6 months.
7.The school lunch is pathetic, they do not serve any child friendly meals.. We are talking about pre primary and primary students here.Three times in a week idli is served for breakfast and also quantity is limited.
8.School declares holiday anytime sending a mail on previous day ,not considering working parents.
9. They do have renweb but day to day activity,menu etc  are not even updated on portal.
10.Teachers don't seem to have a a good level of competence and are very poor in communication and have horrible english.


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