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nasrin 2016-01-06 08:59:50


hi TS
 my hubby's friend is in hyderabad for a long time...we had asked reviews from the other PG parents through him..almost everyone gave +ve feedback...i think i will go for PG...What are the CBSE schools u have in your options.


TS 2016-01-06 12:29:35


Hi Nasrin,

Even we are planning to go ahead with PG, as not much options for CBSE schools. We are in process of deciding school for younger one for nursery.Wht abt ur younger one,have u decided?

There are no pre schools in kokapet area,so have to look around gachibowli.


nasrin 2016-01-06 14:10:43


Yes much options and more positive reviews about PG expect the fee hike...good results in board exams makes me to zero down PG...Regarding son will be completing his nursery here..and going to LKg...planning to go to blossoms, stepping stone...dont have good impression about Blue blocks after talking to them...since PG is full day..Iam confused whether to go for PG or stepping stone/blossoms for my younger one..I heard good reviews about globe totters..have to check..planning to go in mid jan..will let u know

TS 2016-01-06 18:04:08


Even I am considering PG for nursery but want to look at other options also.We thought staying near to school would be better but there are no play schools in kokapet.
I don't want my little one to travel,I ll chk the schools u have mentioned.Of all globe totters looks promising.

siri86 2016-01-10 08:16:52


Which is better option meridian or phoniex school.Regarding phoniex everything was good other than distance.Meridian is just 3km from present place but it doesn't have spacious ground which I felt(Banjarahills branch).

nasrin 2016-01-24 16:41:14


hi everyone
went to PG and my dot cleared the entrance test and we were more inclined towards PG..I happened to meet a PG parent outside the school..her son is in 6th std. she told 1.the school is organised 2. The school dont have good experienced teachers for higher grades (90% of the studies should be done in home) and she also told she shifted his son from glendale..I was very worried ..then my hubby told that it might be fault on either will move ahead with PG...second day when we were going to the playschool for the admission of my son ..the head of the school seems to be very knowledgeable the flow ..we told her that we got admission for my dot in PG..she told not to proceed with PG and they dont have experience teachers and the concepts are not taught a educationalist she knows better about the schools...I am in a confusion whether to proceed with PG...options I am left with
Manthan -- very much mixed reviews..attacks the base of the studies like confusion in the syllabus and rude
Oakridge --money minded
future kids --ICSE and no seats
DPS __no seats and will let us know depending on the vacancy
Rockwell -- management changed in juliee hill and is not like before 
Rockwell gachigowli is new and i dont know if i admit my dot in will be wise decision..
All info are collected from PT..plz share your valuable inputs if i am wrong



SureshKanojia 2016-03-17 08:03:38


Hi, Did you decided on PG for your daughter's admission. I am also looking for this school for my son who going to be in 4th Standard. It would good if you can provide me their fee structure which will facilitate me to decide.

skkonda 2016-03-17 11:53:06


Dear Parents,
Whichever school you join/put your kid..At the end of the day lot of efforts are required from parents to re-visit  what kid has learned at the school and how he is able to digest the topics from different subjects.Also Parents have to maintain one book set to get prepared in advance to teach their children on day to day basis.On top of the regular subjects, Schools conduct so many other activities where school expects more work to be done by parents than school teacher ...So parents should be mentally prepared to take extra burden apart from the regular subjects.
After doing all this exercise...when you go to parents meeting you will be in utter shock to know the feedback about your kid. More than you complain about school ...they will start complain about your kid how he /she is not progressing in subjects and other extra activities in  the school (as if is not their responsibility at all and sole responsibility is of parents ).
Coming to sports and music...they teach very very basicd and if parents are enthusiastic and help their kids to learns sports or music outside the school. Eventually school will take that credit as if the school has sponsored for your kid.
To conclude..Parents should be more stronger in education and other activities and also SHOULD spend enough time to brought up their kids. If that is not the case...blaming schools will eventually leads to waste of time.
10% of kids who shine without anyone support are god gifted and i cannot comment on that.

 Former member 2016-03-17 17:18:25


I agree 100% with skkonda.

priya2712 2016-05-23 22:54:55


Hi frnds We r moving from Blr to Hyderabad by the month. My lo is 3.6 yrs now.. I have not taken admission in any schools yet. I had PG as one option but after hearing mixed reviews got confused. @Ts and nasrin Where have u admitted ur kids. Please share it would be helpful Also looking for societies nearby good schools.please share. Thx.

66666 2016-06-14 11:52:21


Hi friends. i am planning for admission of my daughter in Phoenix Greens LKG (PP1). Can anyone guide me on their fee for 2016-17? I also want info on their day care fee. Do they offer any discount if we join in mid session and not from start?

chsp 2016-11-01 16:11:34


@66666 any info on Phoenix Greens  please share ....

JyothiCh23 2016-11-08 14:57:46


I am looking for any best International School in Hyderabad for Grade VI 2016-17 year for my daughter.. near to Gachibowli/Kondapur area. Please suggest.

siri2016 2016-11-08 15:42:39


 please give the feed back about  the PG in kokapet . Its very urgent

chsp 2016-11-11 16:33:23


@nasrin Even I did interact with couple of parents whose kids are currently in higher classes of Phoenix greens. They were happy about the school, staff and gave positive feedback. Not sure about experience of teachers though.
I am not too concerned about experience of teachers as far as they teach concepts well, which is important. 

pranay1 2016-11-25 07:14:10


Hello All,
I am Pranay and looking for good school near gachibowli area for PP1 class. My Son would be 3.5 by June-2017. I visited Chirec, Rockwell, Phoenix Greens kokapet, Future kids, Prerana Waldorf, DPS, Manthan. Based on infrastructure/campus, fee, distance, I almost finalize Phoenix Greens.
Any parents their kids already studying in PG kokapet, please share some review.
Parents who are looking for admission in PG kokapet in 2017-18, please provide some feedback based on their research.

hydparent2016 2016-11-28 17:32:55


Hi Pranay, I'm mostly going for PG too. I liked the overall infrastructure. I spoke to a few friends whose kids are studying there. Academically it seems OK...can't compare to Bangalore schools though is what they said. Such high fees is still not justified, but that's the case with most schools here. If you decide to go for PG let me know & we can try for a group discount may be.


pranay1 2016-11-28 23:21:39


Hi Hydparent2016, Please mail me @

pinka11 2017-01-05 13:55:22


Hi Nasrin,
I just moved to Hyd from Blore and I am considering PG and  Manthan for my daughter for PP1. We stay in Hitec city. Which school did you put your child in? Are you happy with the school?
There are so many mixed reviews and I'm confused ..

chsp 2017-01-12 16:24:25


pinka11 Mixed reviews are always there for schools. Both PG and Manthan are excellent schools. It is good to check which school suits your convenience and your kid better.

pramit 2017-01-15 10:17:06


I got my daughter admitted in PG in PP-1 for the next academic year. In my mind, PG ticked all the boxes. My daughter presently goes to Esperanza. Their Gachibowli branch seems pretty comfy for the little ones. My main reasons were - 1. Good campus - open spaces, sports, infra for sports 2. 20-25 kids in each class 3. Classrooms are small and compact with all the latest audio visual aids 4. The school building has a lot of extra room - meaning in future they won't to have to cram classrooms with more kids 5. Transport 6. Reference from a colleague who's son studies in class 3 there There are always a level of unknown in any decision. Our daughter is very small now and in case we are not happy we have room to change the school without impacting her studies.

SMV2017 2017-02-26 00:30:33


Why not try Sriram school. Though it's new it would no doubt be far far better than any school mentioned above. PG if Ur child is intelligent go for it. You have to put in efforts to teach Ur child. Discipline is a major concern. Outside and inside scene is far opposite.

Diyack123 2017-07-12 16:12:35


Can anyone pls update the fees structure of pg for nursary . Need to take my daughter admission. She will be three next month. Thanks in advance

vamshikrishna 2017-08-09 17:29:04


Relocated to India recently and got my daughter admitted to Phoenix greens international school today (which was one of schools in our vicinity). Will write a detailed review after I see how my daughter settles down and copes up in this school. Overall, with my first few visits, I'm quite impressed with the staff and the school infrastructure. The staff were completely professional and very cordial (not seen such professionalism from at least non-teaching staff in many schools that I've visited). 
My daughter had to go through a written test for grade 2 - which I think was odd for such a small age group - however, she cleared it.

We had a quick tour of the campus during the school term, so got to see first hand and was pleasant experience.
The strength of any class was not more than 25 students approx.

But can comment in depth only after few months experience.


loveparenting 2017-10-07 21:14:16


Very frustrated with Phoenix Greens. School is inexperienced. No planning. Academics not any great. Extra curricular namesake. Teachers rude and insensitive.

ysmom 2017-10-10 13:17:34


Hello, Can someone mention student-teacher ratio in Phoenix greens school, grade 1 onwards. Thanks!

Vamshi93 2017-12-07 03:40:41


Hope your kid got settled down in school. We have shortlisted Phoenix Green as one of the option for my kid. Can you please let us know how your kid and you parents feel about the school ? My kid is attending school in USA and would be relocating to Hyderabad for next academic year. 

Sharing my observations from research and visits we have done to these schools. All the visits we made were during summer break so we didn't get to meet any teaching staff. 

1. Liked Sri Nidhi  campus and their administrative staff is very informative. IB Curriculum. Fee structure is high (around 3 lakh), it might be worth the fee but not opting for it since I am not looking to spend that much fee for elementary school education. 

2. Glendale campus is good not as big and spacious as Sri Nidhi. IB Curriculum. Fee structure is high. Admin staff were informative but its almost the same fee structure as Sri Nidhi.

3. Visited Gaudium Kollur campus. They said they have both IB and CBSE. Its still under construction but looked great. Fee structure is less (around 2 lakhs) compared to Sri Nidhi and Glendale. Its a new school, need to get input from parents whose kids study here. 

4. Future Kids: We have heard very good reviews about the school from parents whose kids school here. My elder one will be attending third grade and looks like there will be very few seats available and the chances of getting admission are very low. The school was closed for maintenance and construction work. I could not see the class rooms and other facilities but could get a peek inside a little bit. 

5. Rockwell International. I visited the school and the admin staff was informative and gave us a tour of the school. Fee is less compared to IB schools. The building is neat and clean. 

I have not visited Phoenix green and DPS but right now these two schools are on the top of my list because of the fee structure.

Location wise Phoenix green works out very well for me. That's why I am more interested in finding out more about this school. Any information you guys could provide is very helpful. 



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