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TS 2015-12-07 20:10:41


Hi Nasrin,
I have shortlisted
1.Manthan-but little doubtful abt the seats
2.PG-Will be chking soon
3.Chirec&DPS-Dont have seats as of now, need to chk in feb. As of now I am dropping them of the list
4.Future Kids-Will be chking

There bunch of new schools around gachibowli,but I am quite un sure abt the quality of education(no doubt infra is too good).
Let see how it goes.
When r u planning to shift to hyd.


nasrin 2015-12-08 11:23:12


Even we visited manthan and liked the campus..but they didnt show the notes where as in PG they told and ask my hubby to check with any notes and they gave the counselors no whom i can talk with...there are totally 950 students..My dot is in school where she is doing ICSE and after 8th its many parents of my dot school have told me about the IG ..I am want to avoid IG and even ICSE...Mathan and Rockwell are following IG till 9th..and CBSE  in 10th...DPS here is very congested and crowded and they asked us to fill the form seats..and PG is a CBSE school with good curriculum and extra curricular activities and I want to know about the teaching in higher dot studies well and she is very good in sports and drawing...taking all these into consideration ..i have zeroed to PG...I am not getting any feed back about the quality of education in higher std...I want to meet the parents of PG..have to do that when I am visiting next time..they are closing the admission in JaN END...
Parents of PG plz guide us with your info
Thanks in ADvance


TS 2015-12-08 13:52:31


Hi Nasrin,

Yes I agree with u, DPS is very conventional model in hyd.I like DPS in blore ,as my kid goes.Even I am looking only CBSE.

If u stay in and around madhapur there only 2 well established schools i.e manthan and PG (apart from chirec and DPS).

In manthan is seats are available for 5th grade?they asked has to chk after a month for 4th grade.

nasrin 2015-12-08 16:46:49


They have seats for LKG...and for other classes they will let us know in April..they asked us to send my daughter report card in the mail..since we are seeking admission for  two kids, they told preference will be given to us first...I wont want to consider manthan now..bcoz it is IG till 9th and CBSE in 10th...have u checked with any of the parents of PG in person...if so plz let me know the reviews..

TS 2015-12-09 11:46:59


Hi Nasrin,
It is only through PT I got the feedback abt PG but will be visting them after 20th dec.Will share my feedback with u.
Then will take decision but really worried how things will turn out as my kid is very attached to his present school.
Even we have to look out for good gated community some where near the schools.
Till we have not found good gated community with good facilities and no water problem.
Are you from blore or hyd?

nasrin 2015-12-09 15:01:28


Even Iam really worried about my kid..she is also very much attached to her school...I have told her already that we are shifting to hyderabad..and if u dont like it..we will return to bangalore..I called manthan today to cofirm whether they are following IG till higher grade..she told they are following IG till 8th and give the option after 8 to choose between cbse or IG ..
Regarding Gated community
L&T serene county
Lanco hill
Ramky towers
Apoorva sarovar

I heard its good..U can look into youtube for the apartment campuses..Plz try to take some parents reviews about PG while going and share it with me..Even we are planning to go hyderabad to finalise the school in dec lastweek


TS 2015-12-09 18:09:51


Thanks Nasrin! Sure will share it with u.All the best.

skarru 2015-12-13 20:46:13


Hi Nasrin,
Lunch has been made mandatory from this year, at least in kokapet campus,  as they have their own kitchen. 
They do not follow Montessori method of teaching.  I'm sure that they ll not encourage kids to mug up.

We can confidently go ahead with prep campus as their curriculum and staff is very good. 
Principal has not changed in the last two years. Current principal is very good.


nasrin 2015-12-14 11:14:48


HI Skarru
Thank you very much for your inputs...I am very much confident about PP! and PP2 ..My worry is all about the higher grade since my dot is doing 4th grade here and has to join in the 5th is the quality of education in higher standards...If u know the feedback ..plz let me know about it
Thanks in Advance


mommy2 2015-12-14 12:51:59


Hi....I would like to know from parents who visited the kokapet campus if the classrooms are air conditioned? Actually I am interested in the school but i am not keen on joining my kids in a school that has air conditioned classrooms. Can someone who visited the campus confirm if the school is air conditioned or not.Also would like to know how much the school is charging as admission fees and how much they cjarge for the transport?

mommy2 2015-12-14 12:57:55


Hi....I would like to know from parents who visited the kokapet campus if the classrooms are air conditioned? Actually I am interested in the school but i am not keen on joining my kids in a school that has air conditioned classrooms. Can someone who visited the campus confirm if the school is air conditioned or not.Also would like to know how much the school is charging as admission fees and how much they cjarge for the transport?

siri86 2015-12-14 13:00:52


I have visited the campus one month back.I didn't remember whether they r air conditioned r not but campus was quite good & neat.Regarding fee is quite high which I felt .its almost 2lac per yr for 1st class kid which includes food,transportation,uniform all except donation.

TS 2015-12-14 18:58:46


@skarru .Thanks for your feedback.Will be visting school soon. What are the timings for PP1 & PP2,Is it full day?

Do they have school on Saturdays?

nasrin 2015-12-14 20:32:16


@skarru..they have full day for PP1 and PP2..alternate saturdays are working in which they concentrate more on extra curricular and told food is made compulsory from this year..the Councillor told we can have a chat with the principal regarding this...Last year 10th grade result was very good..out of 15..8 got 9.5% and others got above 85%..everyyear 10% of fees hike is expected from the muccups and they can write it with their own ...Councillor of PG gave me all these info today...

Aru1234 2015-12-16 18:35:24


Hi All,
    I have been reading lot of feedbacks on school, so thought of penning down my own. This is my experience with Phoenix Green. I visited the school last week seeking admission of my kid into PPII. She currently goes to Esperanza. The counselor explained me about the curriculum and activities( Swimming & skating is not there). Took me on tour of PPII class. The kids looked happy and they answered very well( Cardinal number etc). The curriculum looks heavy and above what CBSE recommends. But its okie if the kid is able to grasp it. 
My kid is a very fast learner so thought she will have a good exposure. Then the fees structure was explained. Its around 1.8L including food and transport and daycare. Do donation this year since fees was increased heavy.  She asked me to pay 1500rs to book the seat and later on kid can be brought for interaction. She will be asked numbers till 100 orally(in PPI till 100 gosh). I left without paying anything promising that I will return soon for admission. Today I visited the school again along with my husband and kid. My kid was in a cranky mood and she wanted to play in the garden. The counselor I met last was not there but their principal Nancy was there. 
The teachers outside handed over two copies and asked my daughter to write capital A-Z and small letters a-z, numbers from 1 to 100. 
My kid was in no mood, but somehow she wrote from A-Z and 1 to 20. Now we were asked to meet Nancy. She didn't ask us to sit also and told kids in her school can write till 100 in PP1 itself in 2nd term, so she cannot admit my daughter since my kid cannot take the pressure . Thats it and we left. 
I don't know want to conclude of this interaction. Is this a way to extract more money since they have waved off donation.
When CBSE has switched to grading system to reduce pressure then why so much expectations from a 4 years old.
I cannot image the kind of pressure that will be on my kid if she goes to this school. 

rajnidear 2015-12-17 15:38:01


@aru1234 thnks fr posting this.....will nvr consider pg fr my son..

Aru1234 2015-12-18 09:55:10


In my previous post I forgot to mention  about toilets in phoenix greens playgroups campus. I purposefully took my child to toilets, just to check on the cleanliness, though it was clean but there was water on toilet seat on both the toilets and there was no toilet paper, I told the same to the cleaning lady. Nothing more to say, all those who are reading this post are intelligent enough to judge.

nasrin 2015-12-18 11:45:10


Thanks a lot aru for your honest u know good cbse schools in gachibowli area..Since iam looking for CBSE..i stuck with PG..manthan..will let me know in feb...what other schools u have into your consideration...Anyway. iam planning to enroll my son in Blossoms / stepping stones...

Aru1234 2015-12-19 20:38:09


Hi Nasrin, I visited Rockwell campus at kokapet today. I luved it. They have a mix of ncert nd Cambridge syllabus. its not very sressfull nd its more like activity based learning. Since i am a working mom all the facilities provided by them fits my budget nd requirement. U must give them a visit.

nasrin 2015-12-20 11:48:15


I had a visit anu...its IG upto 8th.. i am not looking for IG bcoz my dot will be going to 5th grade..campus is reviews about the teachers till..They showed much interest in taking the kids it is new campus...they want us visit the jubliee hills campus to know the curriculum better..

Aru1234 2015-12-21 13:34:40


Hi nasrin, they told its cbse & IG mixed and from 8th grade kids an opt for either. There are lot of good feedback about Jubilee hills branch except the infrastructure which is good at kakapet. You the check the school rating @ , you can check here ratings of others schools as well. Let me know if you find out anything else, since I am yet to pay the fees.

nasrin 2015-12-22 11:50:38


HI aru
My dot is doing her ICSE and in her school its IG after 8th...Its a very good school and it produces world and country toppers..When i researched about ISCE and IG...even the teachers working in the schools withdrew their kids and admitted them into CBSE...SO i started comparing lessons in both the boards..for eg..ICSE will have 30 lessons in history, geo, civics where as CBSE will have 7 lessons ...what i thought is 7 is more than enough ...anyway we are not using anything in our realtime. and same in other subjects (lots and lots to study which i feel its too much for kids and its not needed)..coming back to IG..IG is more difficult than ICSE..upto 4 or 5th IG is acceptable after 5th , i found CBSE is more structured and detailed...i dont know how come schools in hyderabad are allowing IG upto 8th and after they are switching to CBSE..when i enquired about this to one of my friend who is in the teaching field...she told..its all for money...they can collect more money from the NRI those who are from abroad and going to abroad feel good about the syllabus...and in IG ..most of the topics even the PHD teacher wont have clear knowledge about...bcoz everything is research based here..and in higher classes its hard to get a good and knowledgeable teacher..parents have to depend upon the tuition....this is only reason i am avoiding all the IG schools...Oakridge is good is IG till 4th after that its CBSE..but it really hifi and 2.5 L per annum...i am not convinced with that part...In case if i come to know any school i will let u know...


Aru1234 2015-12-22 12:16:44


Thanks Nasrin for detailed info. Which school ur kid is going too currently? I also got the same info tht ICSE is very gud till class 5 then its better to switch to CBSE. Did u try Glendale?

nasrin 2015-12-22 12:44:45


Hi Aru
 Its primus public school ( bangalore)..Glendale reviews are not good from u know any reviews about the school?


Aru1234 2015-12-22 13:07:46


Hi nasrin, Most of the schools around gachibowli are new mostly 5 to 10 yrs old, since the area is developing recently only. I am from hyderabad only nd been talking to lot of parently. Most of the schools r almost at the same level. Teachers nd principle r shifting from one school to other. So you need to have other parameters to judge the school. Glendale is gud provided you are concentrating more on extra curriculum activies besides the distance nd fees.

nasrin 2015-12-22 16:03:48


Thanks Aru..I will check with the school..have u taken the admission?

Aru1234 2015-12-26 16:58:48


Yes Nasrin, i paid the onetime fees. Rest have to pay towards May end.

Niti58 2015-12-27 10:48:31


Hey Nasrin,

Would also recommend Open Minds - A Birla School. Its 9km from the Financial District. Check it out, should be a good option. 

TS 2016-01-03 18:40:14


Hi Nasrin,

Have you finalized on the school for ur kids.We are still in the process of deciding,it is so difficult.

sigan 2016-01-05 12:09:50


Hi, Would like to know how is Phoenix Greens for higher classes? From their website,class 10 result seems good..


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