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DIKSHASEN 2012-12-21 17:16:35



I am planning to admit my kid @ phoenix greens Gachibowlli. Any parent, who has their kid already studying in this school, pls give me some feedback.

Also, it would be a great help, if you can give me feedback on Chirec and DPS.





mickey 2012-12-21 21:35:12


 Hi Diksha,

You could check out the below link for seeing PG's review.



confused1 2012-12-24 23:48:44


 i would also like to know on the same please??


DIKSHASEN 2012-12-26 15:47:20


Hey Confused1,

Did you happen to visit PG?  If yes, what is your first impression about this school?




confused1 2012-12-27 10:56:59


Dear Diksha,

I have not moved to hyderabad yet. I am planning to go and visit all the schools in the 2nd week of Jan.

I have seen the phoenix website. Have you seen any of these schools in person?? I will update as soon as I see the same.





behappy 2012-12-27 11:12:35


It seems the hunt is never gonna end......please let me know about Phenix Greens....the campus at Kokapet seems really impressive in their webdite!!!

U guys not thinking about JAIN HERITAGE??


confused1 2012-12-27 11:30:43


ohhh.. Don't introduce new dimensions. based on the research of the last two weeks, the following are the shortlists:

- Oakridge - sounds awesome. Fees very high. Need to decide, if its worth it.

- Sanskriti - Good website. BUT the counsellor has moved in her new job 2 months back. Some very shocking reviews on net.

- Future kids - Seems to be perfect. ICSE board and all. Decent campus but school is completely shut for the last one week. and some people are saying it not good enough anymore. Its kinda gone down from what it was? Need to check up in person.

- Phoenix greens - all seems good, close to gachibowli. Has the ex principal of oakridge, nancy mam. Its a new school, has corporate tie ups and is willing to spend time and effort for kids. Needs to be checked in person.

- DPS - Seems to be a normal, our age school. Come and get taught and leave. Everyone is an employee. I visited the campus, there is no 'heart' in the school (if u know what i mean)

- Glendale's - Amazing Campus. Good facilities . No clue about teachers, but 18 kms from gachibowli. surely NOT worth the travel.

I believe that the most important component for any school is breathing space for kids, physically and mentally and equally competent peers. Kids learn more from each other that teachers and hence I feel that all of of us who have similar criterion should put our kids in similar school and then may be we will be able to mould the school into things that we all believe in.

Respect for others, compassion in heart, an active questioning mind and a school ground where you can run till you can hear your heart beat in your ears, Classrooms with space and happy teachers who like their jobs.

I guess its too much to ask for.


DIKSHASEN 2012-12-27 14:10:50


Here are my opinions about the schools that I hunted

1. Oakridge - Very expensive and not very responsive. When I asked them for justifying the fees for Prep 1 - I got no response.

2. Phoenix greens - I happened to visit only prep campus. Loved the campus and teachers. This school sounds more promising for my little one. I could see a mix of both good education and extra caricular in this school. Nancy mam, bet me to take any book from the prep 1 class and asked me to check for good hand writing. I am really impressed with that confidence. They also seems to give importance to extra caricullar and promised for a stage event every 3 months. I am more close to admit my kid into PG.

3. Jain Heritage - I visited Jain heritage almost 6 months back and I did not like the teachers. They were name sake explining about their school and were really not loving their profession.

4. Manthan - They initially said they accept applications till last saturday, when I went, they said, you can apply but you will not get as the queue is long and it is purely management decision. I really dont understand what they mean here, WHY would someone apply (paying 500) when the process is not transparent. What do they mean by management decision???

5. CHIREC - Yet to face. I happen to hear from my friends that, they give importance to extra caricular over the actual caricullum. I am not sure, how this can fit Indian education system.

6. Meridian - They are ready to accept, if we can pay their 2L fees. Though I happened to speak to 2-3 teachers there, all seems to converse in Telugu and even before introducing the school, they showed me the fee structure, which I did not like.

7. DPS - Yet to face..

The above are solely my opinion after visiting the schools, it might vary from others opinion.

Others, please share your thoughts/ Feedback...


vaani02 2013-06-12 19:18:53



I totally agree with your perspective and found my own thoughts echoed . So which school did you finally decide?

And more importantly how are you liking it?


kiran4hari 2013-11-14 12:16:40


If any one of you joined your kid in PG last year, can you please provide some feedback. It will help us to take a decision to join our kid there.

PriyaKasina 2013-12-05 15:24:11


Hi Diksha,

Did you join  your kid in PG, kokapet?? how's going on now?? how about academics and activities.. we are also planning to join my son in PG for PP1.. pls share review..

rami11 2014-10-29 16:12:47


I am planning for my daughter for 4th class. Please let em the fee structure and the review on the kokapet branch


siri86 2015-10-07 10:47:33


Parents pls give me latest reviews whose kids are in phoniex school.

sabir 2015-10-28 16:06:54


How is PG Kokapet? Any good feedback?

RajendraB 2015-10-31 18:43:53



     My kid is studying in phoenix greens and until recently I was satisfied (not strongly satisfied) with affordable fee structure and quality of education. Quality of education is good though not great. Academic directors for Prep campus and primary schooling are good administrators but very poor listeners and giving feedback to them for improvisation in general is a waste of time.

Recently, they have announced fees for 1st class students for upcoming academic year i.e. 2016-2017 and  their "affordable" fee structure has gone for a toss. Here's a copy of my post from the other Group......

The fee structure was "affordable" (as marketed by the school) till PP2. The current tuition fee for PP2 students is in the range of 70-76k. But, in the upcoming academic year i.e. April 2016-2017 there's a massive increase in tuition fee for 1st class and the existing students i.e. those who are studying in PP2 currently need to shell out One lakh five Thousand (105k) as tuition fee. This is an increase of ~50% for someone who is going to transition from PP2 to 1st class. If a child is going to be a new joinee in 1st class next year, their parents need to pay ~115k per annum as tuition fee alone. 

Transport fee (optional) is based on distance and ranges from 8k-13k  per term (1 term = 4 months), so for 3 terms i.e. per annum, the transportation fee is between 24k-36K.

Food (optional) 18000 per annum.

So, from next year for 1st class students the fee structure is:

Tuition fee + Transportation fee range per annum  is: 129k -151k.

Tuition fee + Transportation + Food  fee range per annum is: 147k - 169k.

I doubt if we can call this fee structure affordable as marketed/advertised by school. So, parents beware from next academic year the fee structure is changing and it's becoming at par with schools like Chirec.


Concernedparent123 2015-11-02 17:26:18


My kid has been studying in Phoenix Greens school from PP1 and next year he would go to Grade 1 . We were ok with the school till recently. As per the mail I had  received from the management in January 2015, the Tuition Fee for existing parents for Grade 1 was Rs.84000 (Rs79000 if paid in single installment by Feb 2015). Now just a couple of weeks back , I happened to receive another mail from the management that the Tuition fees for existing parents for Grade 1 (AY2016-17) has been increased to Rs.1,05,000/- . This is such a drastic and shocking increase of almost 30% from the existing fee for Grade 1. This is without any fundamental improvement/change in the facilities or infrastructure or teaching . I clearly remember that when I had admitted my kid to PP1, the principal had said that the fee increase will never be more than 10% in a given year. But I see that they have already gone back on that word. I don't know what they are telling to new parents and how much they are charging for Grade 1 from new parents.
If any new parent has inquired, kindly provide the fee structure if you have got the info.

siri86 2015-11-02 17:59:21


Ya admissions had started for phoniex so today I went to school for admission.For first class total yearly fee was exactly 108000 exclude of transport ,food,uniform etc.Transport fee was max 33000 depends upon distance,food was 27000 which is must.actually I kept the school in my option only considering fee was much better than other schools but which raised so high

ydeepya 2015-11-03 16:12:13


Hi All,

Today I visited Phoenix greens. The tuition fee for PP1 is 1,15000 per annum excluding transportation and food.
10000 caution deposit . The counselor told me that this year we need not pay any admission fee which was 75K last year.



SenthilnathanVedi 2015-11-04 12:06:35


Yesterday (Nov-3,2015) i visited Phoenix greens, Gachibowli campus. For next academic year 2016-17, this is what they told about tution fees.  Nursery - Rs.1,05,000 per annum and PP1 - Rs.1,15,000 per annum. I liked the way MD Nancy Mam talked about teaching-learning methodology followed in the school and also detour of classes. She randomly picked the class notebooks of different children and showed me how the kids are doing. But i found the fees to be a bit on the higher side. 

ben11 2015-11-04 13:06:59


How much is the admission and tuition fee for 1st standard for new admission? 

Ansari309 2015-11-05 17:13:03


what is the fees structure for PP2 ( equivalent to UKG)? Is admission still open for this year?

mommy2 2015-11-06 12:57:00


Hi, Does anyone know when the admission process would begin in DPS? I tried calling the phone numbers provided in their website but none of them seem to work. Also does anyone know the fee structure of chirec? I am looking for admission in LKG and 1st for the next academic year...

skarru 2015-12-06 20:48:03



My kid is studying in Prep2 in gachibowli phoenix greens. Our experience with Phoenix green has been wonderful.

My Kid is v hyperactive and a li'l cranky. Before joining phoenix greens he went to esperanza where he never used to sit at one place So it took him a long time to get used to adjust to class room environment and focusing in the class. Teachers have been very co-operative through this time. Would like to make special mention of Kakoli and Divya. Their feedback and suggestions helped us in improving my kids academics and behavior as well. Nancy mam's suggestions and experience helped us a lot.


1. Good faculty with lot of patience

2. they have a very good curriculum and activities to improve kids overall development

3. Decent campus in gachibowli. The kokapet campus is huge with a very good play ground for tennis and football, auditorium, their own kitchen, separate rooms for arts and crafts

4. They have a counsellor who can guide us in dealing with kids, if required

5. Monthly PTM's and field trips. I'm very glad with the choice of their field trips. They teach the kids about the place before the field trips, so its easy for the kids to correlate.

We assume that the same continues and improves in the kokapet campus as well.


1. They have increased the fee structure by 25% for the first grade against approx.10% as promised during admission. If this continues,  fee will become unaffordable going forward. This is the major drawback of the school.

2. Management should be receptive towards parents concerns.

3. UOLO app that they introduced recently for communicating with parents is not so good. However, they are working on improving it and use diary as alternate means of communication.

My kid has improved a lot in this one and half year. He likes his teachers a lot and enjoys going to school.Not just my kid, but even we have improved as parents with their valuable suggestions.

Hope this feedback helps.



nasrin 2015-12-07 16:08:39


Hi skarru
thank you very much for an valuable info..We are planning to move to move from bangalore to hyderabad..Since my dot is 4th grader and studies very well..last week my hubby went to hyderabad to check for the school..he is very impressed with PG and your info really gives me confidence that i am selecting a good school for my dot..I have few questions 
1.Is the lunch compulsory there?
2. Are they following Montessori method of teaching(i have a son who is 4 yrs old)
3.How is the communication in school?
4.How is the school for the bigger children (whether the concepts are taught)
5. Do they allow creative writing or they should write whatever is given in the book?
 I have a son who is 4 on april..I wanted to admit him in PG..but the full time concept bothers me a lot..looking a playschool for is DPS and Chirec in gachibowli...Thanks  for the info.


TS 2015-12-07 17:32:37


@Sruthi,Thanks for your valuable feedback. We will be visting PG soon.How is the school principal and was there any change the principal since the schools inception.Off late I have noticed the principals keep changing quite often.

@ nasrin. Even I will be shifting to hyd from blore.Even my kid will going to 4 th grade.Which other schools have u shortlisted ?All the best!

nasrin 2015-12-07 19:35:02



I have shortlisted
1.Manthan (  its IG till 9th and cbse in 10)
2. Rockwell( Its also IG..its new campus in gachibowli.)
4. DPS
5. Phoenix greens
My hubby visited all the campus and liked PG a lot...I looking for CBSE dot is doing ICSE here and i want her to shift to CBSE...I am having Oakridge as a option..but its very hi fi..what i heard...PG is also costly..I have shortlisted this bcoz of the syllabus and the environronment...SO far no much -ve feedback about PG expect the rise in the fee structure...My dot is doing 4th here and will going to 5th...Sorry if was wrong in the previous post about the grade
  Parents of PG plz guide us
Thanks in Advance



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