SLOKA School with Waldorf Education System vs OTHER SCHOOLS

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jitha 2009-12-22 18:45:16


If any one of you aware of the Waldorf system; Please help me out to choose a best school for my baby.

As she is a very hyper active one, with very good grasping power; I am searching for a school which can mould her a complete personality & knowledgeble to compete with the people who are highly skilled.

She is of 3 yrs old.& want to join for LKG.

SLOKA is the best school ever I see, with diff kind of approach.

But these are not teaching alphabeticals till the age of 6; as others are learningin their 4th year.

& Till 7th standard they won't deal with Question & answer kind.

They will deal the exact CBSE syllaby in 9th & 10th.

Till upper classes they follow the CBSE but in their own kind of transformation.

The way of injecting the subject is very great &  superb but my worry is " is the child going to be lazy because of complete activity based learning & can they competee others if more stress on their head. Is this only for the business men or industrialists children who need to learn only the concepts & management courses in abroad & managing their companies" As these people don't need to compete with the reality field & no need to fight to sustail?

Please respond ASAP with the most valuable suggestions.

Thanks in advance.






monkeymaze 2009-12-22 19:57:01


Hi Jitha,

Prakriti in Indiranagar is a school based on the 'Waldorf Methodology'. Its run by Latha, an educationist who has over 20 years of international experience.  Her contact number is 9845030006. Go and take a look and speak to her. Highly recommend the place.


Monkey Maze.


jitha 2009-12-23 11:06:45



Really thanks for ur response,with the relavent useful information provided.

If you are aware of this system, could you please try to find some time to answer my doubts, like the children may not be able to take the stress when they get in to the real competetive world?

Ur immediate response will help me a lot to take the admission as all schools already started the process.

Thank you.





VijayaGowri 2009-12-24 02:34:47


Hi Jitha,

I am exactly in the same dilemma as you are. My son is 3 yrs old too. I dont want a conventional education system for him but Sloka in my opinion seemed to be not the right fit for him. He is very quick, loves to be sorrounded by story books and magazines and a great observer too. as he is a busy bee, I feel he may not enjoy the slow life at waldorf school or I fear he might not have enough stuff for him that he loves to do in a day by his choice. I am not closed for a waldorf school though, i have the options open. There is another waldorf school called Abhaya at Komapally if you would like to pay a visit. I found another interesting school called Blue Blocks at Gachibowli, you can check the site Please do let me know if you find any other schools with an alternative education system.






kavitha25 2009-12-24 11:02:24


Hi Jitha,

Does this Prakriti have only pre-school or higher classes also ?




jitha 2009-12-24 11:37:03


Hi Vijji,

Thanks for the note.I have few doubts,could u plz try to clarify me.

1.Is the Waldrof education system is typical & highstandard to the child or is this makes the child bit slow.If not our children going to be a complete personality.

2.Blue Blocks site is very impressive.But as per the quality pf that i felt that this may be a very costly one.If you have any further infirmation with you please let me know abt this school.

3.How can we compare both schools like with Waldrof education system & this Blue Blocks with  Montessori  Methodology.

Please clarify me, which would be very helpful to me.





sunithacapgemini 2009-12-24 14:13:45


Hi jitha,

i found the following information on google re garding the comparison between waldorf and montessori system of education. and Mr.Pavan Goyal who is the founder of Blue Blocks pre-school has conducted a parenting session at our office and it was an eye-opener on how we treat children. and i liked the multiple languages which they offer. i did not visit the school but my colleagues had visited the school and they liked it.

waldorf and montessori:

WALDORF: In the early years the activities are most often taught and carried out in groups with the teacher leading. When academic subjects are studied they are taught in a more traditional way, the teacher talking, the children at desks being taught in a group. Children are kept together with a group of children their own age with the teacher ideally moving up each year with the children and so getting to know and working with the same group of children for six years. Arts are ideally always a part of the academic studies.

MONTESSORI: Social development is more like that of real life because children are not kept in a group of same-age students, but are grouped in 3-6 year age span (3-6; 6-12, 12-15). The teacher gives lessons individually to one child at a time, and often lessons are given to one child by another child. The choice of what to study or work on at any one time is left to the child, with guidance whenever necessary by the teacher.

A high level of creativity is reached because the children's experience is based on rich experience in the real world and the exact use of materials. Children learn exact techniques for many of the materials, just as they would learn the exact use of a piano or a violin, each experience considered a “key” which opens a new door of understanding and experience. This use of materials has been taught to the adults, adapted whenever necessary, through the direct and continued observation of children all over the world over the last 100 years.

Also a high. academic level is the norm because of the depth of concentration the children reach while working and because children learn early to do research and to learn beyond the level of the teacher. The child's choice and concentration is respected and protected from interruption by others,


VijayaGowri 2009-12-24 15:41:23


Hi Jitha

In waldorf system the focus is on enabling children to learn rather then teaching them. It is said that a child's development including the formation of finest parts in the body is completed by the age of six and half years.  In waldorf school they give lot of importance to this and focus only on play and skills related to physical development at this age So the curriculum till grade one is only to play and play, they also work a lot with colours, play in the sand etc. Kids are not taught to read and write until 6 1/2 to 7 years of age, when they are ready for it. from grade 1 also they do not follow text books, home works or exams. They have a curriculum of their own which is available on Sloka's website. They have a class teacher who teaches children from nursery to class 7 (there are other teachers coming in for languages and art of course). Being with the same teacher for so many years helps the child to look up to her and the teacher knows the child in and out. She can assess the kid very well at every stage of development. Also the depth of any subject is really good in Waldorf system, they are in no hurry to juggle with all the subjects in the same year and have a very superficial view of things. One drawback I see with this is, there is lot of dependency on the teacher and another concern I have is the system is very slow (no doubt its very peaceful and child friendly). Another drawback for this system in India is the compulsion to throw them open to the main stream education after class 7 or 8 to enable them to take the CBSE or ICSE exams. Not every child would be in a position take that transition successfully at that time. In other countries, kids are in the same system till class 12 so they would go through the entire cycle from nursery to class 12 which completes their learning. But here unfortunately they are not able to go through the entire development. However these are my personal opinion, you might want to do more research about this for a better understanding.

In a Montessori they take care of the child’s development only until 6 years of age and after that you can get the child into any education system. Montessori system does not interfere with the child’s development; they provide them all that they need to explore like Montessori materials and create a learning environment where the child would learn naturally. There are many so called Montessori schools but they do not really follow the Montessori way, Blue blocks to me seems like a true Montessori school in every way. Their admission procedure, no transport policy, parents’ involvement etc.. are all very much in tune with the Montessori way. I would love to get an admission for my son here but the only problem is, one needs to drop and pick the child which is not possible when you are working or stay far from the school. For people staying near by I really think this school is a good option. I do not have much idea about the fees but it should not be as high as the international schools though.

That’s a long replyJ. I wish I find a suitable school for my son, its really giving me sleepless nights.

Good Luck




jitha 2009-12-28 15:06:53


Many Thanks for your detailed & valuable information.

Sunitha are you working for Manikonda Branch? Ur interest to help us is appreciable.   Vijji; Ur research is very nice & the way u r thinking is correct to face the real time needs and problems.   In my opinion; changing the school with in 2 to 3 years would be a lot of burden to parents to pay the admission fees again & again.   I impressed a lot wid Blue Blocks; but if we opt this....working parents will not be able to maintain the pick & drops.   That to be that’s up to preprimary only.   So myself it’s not a suitable one.   Again the Sloka also, 1. Located in chilkooru Road, far away from city.   2.When student get in to the main stream; they are facing problem to write the exams as they are not very familiar with the Question & answer system, though they very good concept.   3.Is the same applicable ; if they need to face stress ,competitive exams ? I am more concerned abt this.If the student is very intelligent & not able to express or not able to grab the situation there is no use of knowledge.   4. Sloka not offering extra activities like swimming, skating, music, yoga, karate also.If we want go for any of these out side the school that would be very expensive.   So any one of u can guide me with a new school.  

VijayaGowri 2010-01-11 12:24:02


Hi Jitha

Have you enquired about any other school. Do let us know if you find a good school.




jitha 2010-01-11 12:39:59


Hi Vijji,

Yes I enquired,

I found, Vidyaranya-Lakdikapool as the best school & Chinmaya-begumpet,Geethaanjali-Begumpet these 2 are also very good schools.

Nasr boys - gachibowli very good one.

I am looking for Silver Oaks-Bachupalli.A i am staying at miyapur nearer to me & An intrnational kind of education with reasonable fee & they have the approvals of IB, From parents also i got the feed back.

Hurry up...already most of the schools done with the admissions for LKG.

All the best

Thank u.








kala 2010-01-13 15:32:06


Hi Jitha,

I have joined  my  two kids(nursery and PP1) in sloka .

We did lot of research on this school  .I wanted to bring some points .

The education is not slow .They beleive in introducing the concepts at right age for kids.For eg. they believe that early writing puts pressure on there wrist and hence brain.

We went into there class rooms and  observed how the teacher is teaching them.

Its so beautiful that kids need not study anything .They will automatically remember everything becoz every concept is introduced with pictures and nature.

We went to the christmas mela organized by the  school.

I was really amazed by looking at kids innovation ,ideas which current generation kids are lacking .

I dont want to join in a school where my kids will becum book worms .Here kids will  see and feel how the trees grow,How the butterfly is born  etc.very very near to nature .

They will be taught farming,painting ,knitting,gymnasium and dance ,music ,yoga etc.we Spoke to all these teachers .

May be they dont teach modern games like skating etc .I would say its gurukul kind of system where children will learn most of the things from nature

Regarding questions and answers ,i dont think it will be a problem because by the time kid will be in 7th class his analytical  skills will be so good that it will not be a problem for him at all.

Best part of the school is My kid will decide his own future .He will know by himself where he is good,what he likes etc.

He will be very clear in life regarding what he want to become , which most of us does not know .

Regarding transition  from waldrof to CBSc also we spoke to many parents teachers .They say it will not be a problem as the kid will be completely on those lines at that time.






LavanyaP 2010-01-20 13:40:46


hi kala

whr do u stay? i stay at mehidipatnam and am concerned about the distance to Sloka school frm here.

also what is their fee structure and any idea if the nursery admissions are on? for the 2010 academic year?



nimskp 2010-03-25 14:57:22


 hi lavanya,

iam a new member to this site .i went to sloka today for my son.their concept is very good.fee structure is 35k to 45k and it is the same from kg to 10th class.they have admission fee of 60k.

their kg school is  in jublee hills and 1st to 10th is in chilukoor road.they have tranport facility and u can talk to them regarding that.



pavanisrinivas 2010-03-25 17:18:09


 Hi nimskp

how is the kg school at jb hills? how did u like it? since u have visited the school, u might be having the admissions co-ordinator details and contact no. If u could give the details, i will talk to them and then visit the school.

which place do u stay and what is the age of ur son?


Etlam 2011-03-13 19:39:52




can any one help in providing the details of CBSE schools in and around Gachibowli. Heard of Sloka, campus school in HCU and others. as we are moving to Gachibowli looking for school in this location.......


Thanking you in advance



kala 2011-03-14 10:37:50


Hi etlam,

Yes sloka is near jb hills 25 min from gachibowli .from 1st to 10 its at aziznagar may be 20 min from gachibowli .

prerana(near gachibolwi) is also based on waldrof education but its not as effective as sloka.

Then if u want posh and coorporate kind of schools near gachibowli then dps,furture kids,chirec are there.

i have heard sanskriti is also good but they will bombard the kids of small age with more knowledge becoz they feel kids can grasp and hence kids will loose there innocense .

phoenix greens is also coming up with good picture but i think there is no playground .

i personally feel u can visti all the above schools or atleast talk to them so that u can get better  idea.

But i am a big big fan of sloka .So if u want ur kid to be near to nature,innocent ,good at heart ,live the life to its fullest  ,creative and all other human qualities join them in sloka.

But if  only marks are most important thing to you then u can look at other schools








vikkipal 2011-03-19 19:25:07


We recently visited prerana and sloka (both campuses). Sloka is definitely more attractive in terms of their interaction with parents and kids. We can feel the enthusiasm and beauty in the whole environment. We can see everything for ourselves -- the classrooms filled with children and the way the teachers interact with them. We can also see the notebooks and other works of art produced by the children.

All these things are not open in prerana, where we need to get the principal's permission to see them. Normally, permission is not given to view classrooms during class hours. We got to see them after class hours and the notebooks are not as artistic as the one's we saw in sloka. The building is not beautiful. However, the classrooms are designed similar to the one's we saw in sloka -- but seem inferior.

Inspite of all these things, I am still considering prerana strongly for admissions for my son because of its location. I am not in favour of sending my kid far away -- if I spend more time with my kid, instead of the travelling, I am sure I can make up for any minor defects in artistic talents or academics.

I feel that artistic talent is not that important. Moral values, interest towards education, confidence, and above all happiness are important. I didn't yet get to talk with prerana teachers. If anyone has more insight, kindly give advise.

Also, there is a recent complaint on prerana about its non-affiliation with CBSE. Is this important? Check:



DVR 2011-09-18 13:23:51


I visited Sloka campuses last week.

I spent quite some time in Aziznagar campus. Went there early morning and hence had an opportunity to talk to the parents dropping off their kids. The feedback I got is quite positive. They seem to like the school very much.

Most kids early morning weren't in thier classes, they were out doing some activity. I went to quite a few classrooms and checked out the work of kids (since their note books are kept in the class). I feel they seem to be quite competent for their age in expressing themselves through both pictures and languages. Math is ok too.

All in all I can see that the kids love the school and the teachers seem to take good care of them. Pretty stress free environment.

I have three kids (8, 6, and 2) and I am looking for a school that imparts activity based learning and Sloka seems to fit the bill. Another school I liked so far is Manthan.

I am not looking for DPS, Chirec, FutureKids, etc. I also heard good things about Vidyaranya and Chinmaya but they are ruled out for me owing to distance. I want to find schools close to Gachibowli.


sudhirreddy 2013-03-15 21:01:41


 Hi Kala,

Are your kids still in Sloka? Kindly let me know the status and your opinion on the school. Your positive review is 3 yr old and would like to know your opinion now, pleaseThanksSudhir

Jharna 2013-07-04 15:44:32



we are Steiner parents from Uk looking ot move to hyderabad possibly naxt year and continuing with steiner education. it is really confusing to undertsand which one to chose out of the 4- including Diksha and Abhaya. Since area is not an issue and we are open to all possibilitites- any suggestions will be helpful. This is for class 4 next year 2014.




krishnalatha 2013-09-25 13:31:38


Hi Kala,

Good to see ur feedback on Sloka. Your kids must be in secong grade by now. Please let me if you still feel same about the school. Also in which branch ur kids are going???




niksmom 2013-12-02 15:55:21


I was doing my research on waldorf education when i came across this discussion. Parents who have already put their children in this system - please share your experiences with ur child. As to how your child was and is learning/doing there..
My daughter is 21/2 and i am looking at various options for nursery and thereafter.. 

gudii 2013-12-11 15:43:42


Hi Everybody....

Can any give me any  more information regarding Prerna...As we are planning to join my 6 yr old kid in Prerna...

Please Help me out in this...

gudii 2013-12-11 15:51:28


Hi Vikkipal

CBSE Affiliation that complaint was in 2011... now they have and the Affiliation No. is 130303... I also checked this on CBSE website.... they have improved from 2011... (I guess)

Indralok 2014-03-22 07:29:21


My daughter is in a Waldorf Kindergarten. I was looking for a school which matched my way of thinking and found Sloka through this forum. Understanding Waldorf takes some time, lots of trust, research and an open mind. Following the system at home as well takes quite a bit of commitment tempered with common sense.

The Waldorf system of education has been around for over 100 years in the world and around 15-odd years in India. This is the first generation of Waldorf students who are in schools and colleges now. The Waldorf approach to education is different. Briefly, a child's physical body and behaviour has to grow well. Once that is in place, they shift the focus to the child's interaction with the world through academics which are presented in an age appropriate way to the children.

As they get stronger at this, their thinking is really opened up and challenged. This is why they are quite strict about the age. In India, Waldorf children do not start academics until they are in Grade 1 and they do not go to Grade 1 until they complete 6 years. In other schools they are in Grade 1 at age 5 and have already covered some ground in literacy and numeracy. Most parents view this as one lost year. In the long run, does it matter if you become CEO at 47 or 48? I don't think so.

Another major difference in Waldorf schools is that the curriculum is age based. It is served like a multi-course meal - like soups, starters, etc - one at a time. A specific topic, say fractions, is covered at a specific age fully. It is explored from all aspects. Similarly grammar, or astronomy. It is taught at the age when the child is ready to appreciate it, not just understand it. This way, they build a love for the subjects and a confidence in the children.

Most schools deal with subjects on a peice-meal basis adding a little more complexity and knowledge every year - like eating one mouthful from all the courses at once. So if your child has not done a topic yet in a Waldorf school and you move to another system, there will be gaps. However, at the end of the curriculum - by Grade 8 - they have covered all that everyone else has and sometimes more in some topics.

To support this kind of education, parents have to commit to the system and also the child. Waldorf children cannot really be sent off for a couple of hours to tuition teachers after school like children in other schools. You won't get good results unless you are willing to follow the recommendations.
However, if you do this and trust the system in the face of seeing other 4 year olds talk about planets while your child talks about fairies, you will reap really rich rewards in some time.

Because the system introduces a subject at a certain age, the children absorb it easily and the climb is pretty steep. Meanwhile all the non-academic activities done in the KG have a significant impact on this climb.

Education is taught through art so children learn to work with neatness and beauty but not all children will be good artists though they will all be able to compose a drawing or painting. They are introduced to a lot of music (vocal and instrumental) but not all are good singers but all can carry a tune. There is more of self-directed age appropriate play rather than competitive sport. There is a curriculum for all of the above and you will see progress though the initial results may not look very significant.

Hope this helped.


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