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 Former member 2012-12-18 20:02:58



Can anyone from the group let me know the teaching methodology, stress on children and acad-activity ratio for class 1 in Vikas Concept school, bachupally ?

I heard mixed reviews on few telling me that the education will not be much stressful and it would be more activity based than the education for class - 1. children will enjoy their study along with activities like sports.

Some said that it is more of education where children are stressed to a great extent without physical activities.

As I wanted to have a mix of education and activity based without much stress like that schools like chaitanya,narayana,bhasyam etc..

Any quick responses in this regard is highly appreciated as I have to decide on the school this week.

Thank you

inturi 2013-06-13 18:17:17



Did you join your kid in Vikas  .Could you please share your experiences with Vikas concept school .Which is the best of Sentia  , Vikas & Vignan ?


thanks in advance



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