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nanditaiyer 2009-12-21 17:00:47


Hello Moms,

We've just moved from Mumbai to Hyderabad, with our one year old son. All of my family is in Mumbai and we are completely by ourselves here. I want to join a mother-toddler group or some such playgroup where our baby can interact with kids his age. That I'll get to meet women my age wont hurt either.

We live in Banjara Hills and there's one branch of 'Roots to Wings' at walking distance from my place. Which distance is not the only consideration, I'd like your feedback as to how good this place is. I am yet to contact or meet them. If there's any other place you can suggest, that would be nice too.

Would love to interact with other Hyd moms on this board!

Warm regards


some14u 2009-12-28 23:26:07



       Nandita  i m also a mom from mumbai n now in Hyderabad . U can check out for Kidzee school on road no.10 banjara hills . next to Evlas . its really good n specially good as per syllabus n all . evan the teachers n staff is gr8. i m sure for all this as my son is also going  at same place form last year he is in PP2 . u can surely go for it .

Talk to incharge Mrs Akshita Reddy there.


nanditaiyer 2010-01-01 15:26:12


Thanks for your reply.

At what age did you enroll your kid in Kidzee? Pardon me, this lingo is still alien to me, so PP2 - do i assume this is pre playschool?


I will surely check this out. My son is one year and one month, I wanted more of a playtime with similar age kids as there are none around our place that I know, rather than structured teaching.

Will await your response.




some14u 2010-01-03 22:37:58


Hi Nandita ,

                            Ya dear P.P2 means as we say Seniour K.G . next year my son will go in STD First.

i went to Kidzee when my son was around 2 years . u may check it out but i think ur kid is too small.. i think u r a working woman , n need something which may be helpful for ur child . if not then its too early according to me. anyway its up to u.

In any case u can contact them and take their opnion . Think properly n then take the step. it wont b easy to leave him there .i guess u have an idea .


hrap 2010-01-06 00:04:32


 hi nandita,

try gymboree in rd#45 jubilee hills. it's the best



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