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 Former member 2012-12-14 08:50:25


Dear Parents,

This is Ramesh and my Son is currently in Euro Senior (Eurokids). First of all I would like thank whole heartedly Mickey and others for doing this great service which helped  me for the last few days.  I am looking for an admission into Grade 1 next year(2013). I have visited few schools and would like a recommendation on which among the following is good? I prefer schools around KPHB, Miyapur,Bachupally. Any other schools other than the following will also be considered. My budget is below 60-75k.


1. Sentia, Miyapur -->  Campus, Infrastructure is good. But I see few mixed reviews regarding the Activities part. Can anyone please let me know how the extra curricular activities, Stress on the children 


2. Vikas Concept School :  Haven't yet visited the school. but heard good reviews.  How are the activities and the curriculum in this school ?


Any help in this regard is very highly appreciated.





drswetha 2013-02-04 17:16:56



Vikas concpet school: just visited this school, and seems very very positive. it was good infrastructure wise, teaching wise, the staff seemed quite capable and knowledgable. they employ those with a BEd. Each class has a stength of 36 students only, so the teacher student ratio is also quite good. sections in each class might increase depending on the number of students.

the Admin also seemed quite organized. they said they give equal importance to both academics and extra curricular activities. they have a good transpost facility connnecting to various areas. school is 6 days a aweek,, 8:15 to 3:30.2nd sat holiday. for the preprimary section(upto 1st) only 5 day week. these kids are put to sleep also in the afternoon. we actually went around the school and saw the way theese kids were put to sleep, and I have to saw, i was quite impressed!

2013-2014  fees is also not that exorbitant, but for the one time non refundable 40,000 deposit.

5000 is refundable security deposit. 500 application and registration

KG     30,000

ist-4th  34,000

5th to 7th  37,000

8th to 10th   42,000

transport is extra, based on distance: 7650, 9000, 10350, 11700, 13050- are the various slabs for transport.

if food is also opted for from the school, then the prices are

15000, 16000, 17500, 18500( for KG, 1-4, 5-7, 8-10 classes respectively)


over all we felt it i a good school and we can join our children there for a good future





drswetha 2013-02-04 17:18:19


 we are also looking for an admission into class 1 for our son.....


Malhar20132 2013-02-05 09:26:48



Thanks for the details.

My Son had cleared the assessment and we will be joining him next week.

Overall a positve experience and looking forward for his admission.

I have also posted a detail review on another thread . you can go through it for any info.



MVSR 2016-01-30 20:46:24


Hello Malhar20132 / drswetha / Ramesh,

I am planing to join my son in VIKAS Concept school for 1st class. Could you please share your feedback on education, physical activities and stress on student. Would you recommend VIKAS.

Thank you,


gopal1 2016-06-09 15:39:11


Vikas is good and they have experienced management.

Sentia, Lot of home work for kids as they follow X-seed.


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