Detailed Info on the Best CBSE Schools around BHEL

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Rajeshwar 2015-03-19 20:50:56


Hi Kishore garu.

KV in HCU is too good, but I got some negative updates recently. Will have to check with the school once. Well KV is always good Sir.
Plan for KV compated to BVB BHEL.


Rajeshwar 2015-03-19 20:52:12


Sastry garu,
Most of the school buses come inside Beeramguda except DAV. They give transportation only within 3-4 km radius.


syamveer 2015-04-06 18:27:36


Hi Rajesh,

Many thanks for the detailed information provided. Just wanted to put forward that Recommendations do work very much in OBUL REDDY school. Despite losing in the lottery, we can still get a seat if we have good recommendations.


Curious2015 2015-04-19 08:30:27


Hi Rajeshwar

can you please share ur feedback on Giis. Your kids are in which class, n how is the school academics ?
how r the teachers.... And do you have any idea about higher grades ?
Thanks in advance 


Vipul21 2015-04-23 10:43:05


Hi Rajeshwari garu
can u pls help me regarding ambitus school. MY kid is into 5 yrears old. We are planning for next academic year for first standard. We r looking for Ambitus,silver oaks & manthan. Presently we r in chennai. My kid also studied jr kg in GIIS Madinaguda after that we shifted to chennai. I likes giis very much but our house is at Hafeezpet so Patancheru is too far to kid for travel. If u provide information about above mentioned schools fee structure and educational levels it will be very helpful to me.

Thanks in advance.

Vipul21 2015-04-23 10:44:04


Sorry Rajeshwar garu

Ammulu1234 2015-04-24 22:58:24


Excellent research sir. thank u for ur precious information but I effort GIIs. so pls tell me is any chance in Obul Reddy school right now or too late for my kids who r seeking into LKG and Second Class. Pls ".....WeAre staying in madinaguda right now.".................... Ammulu

rajidhayalan1 2015-04-26 08:44:29


Hi raj ,,
                 Ur analysis shows how concern on ur kid......i want my kid to join for Lkg in the academic yr 2016 - 17.... im looking for a school which has more extra curricular activities mainly concentration on sports and disciple and quite less academic burden. any idea from the list of schools which u have mentioned above.... no prob on transport we will shift to nearby.. 


Dinnu814 2015-04-29 15:45:21


Hello Rajeshwar,
Thanks for the detailed info. Can i have the latest feedback(education,extra curricular activities,education - sports balance) on GIIS school. I am planning to join my daughter in this school and also i heard about vista school any reviews on this school also pls
thanks in advance.


syamveer 2015-04-29 17:15:28


Hi Ammulu Garu,

Too late for Obul Reddy. The admissions for Obul Reddy will be closed in Jan itself, and the selection process is through lottery.


FaraShoeb 2015-05-21 09:37:17


Hi Rajeshwar garu Appreciate ur kind effort which is being helpful to many. I have a 3.2 yrs old kid. Planning to put only in and around chandanagar schools as I reside here. As per ur reviews I have giis in mind but pls advise its latest news as to wats the fee structure in madinaguda n WHR exactly its located in madinaguda? I will check personally too but meanwhile need anything info from u. Also pls advise abt other schools with reasonable fee structure... Awaiting ur reply Fara

Dinnu814 2015-06-09 14:36:20


Thanks a lot Danish for the details. I had received couple of good comments on Vista from other friends too and joined my daughter in Vista.


Rajeshwar 2015-06-09 15:47:37


Hi Curious, 
My kid is into Class 1. Till now no issue with the school since two years.
Got good update as well with senior classes. 

Hi Syamveer, 
Sorry to hear about your kid missing Obul Reddy. Yet there are few good ones, depends on the locality you stay. 

Hi Vipul,
Abitious is good as I have my friend's kids there and got a good feedback from them.

Hi Raji,
It was good to speak to you and share our opinions on the schools. Hope you have finalised for your kid.

Hi Dinnu,
Fee got a little hiked due to their expenses as they say. But it was less than 10%, so wasnt a hiccup. They did not change the fee for the first two years. Yes, Pearson is into school academics now and their curriculum is good. Depends on how the school is following the same, heard that it costs a lil more. Please let me know if its true.

Hi Fara,
When you are planning for a school there are many things you need to keep in mind based on your kid. how he/she is, what are their likes, interests, budget, locality etc. As a parent you are the decision maker. There is no much hike in fee at GIIS compared to last 2-3 years. As discussed there are pearson schools as well. if it suits your budget plan it. else Giis is a good option. 

Hi Danish,

Its been long these corporate schools stopped giving huge home work, as we used to get in school days. hahah.
As they divide the syllabus and mindset of the kid as per their age they give tasks. Do not compare them to home work what we did.
Tasks are for the kids to remember and implement what they have taught in the class. And moreover, these corporate schools have come up with their own education system. For Eg: A combination of Montessori and their own system followed since years. Or a mix of other as well.. may be pearson too. Each school follows diff systems (may be to attract parents, us).
End of day we must check and plan for a long term school, how the kid going to be raised there. 

By default most of the parents feel that the kid should start speaking in English right we join them in corporate schools as we pay them fortunes, compete with the kids in their locality an excel. Guys, they are kids not robots. Give them time. 
As a parent we all have to think on growing their Character first. Let them enjoy their life rather than just rub their beautiful minds with stress. (Its not intentional to any one particular parent. Its my view of life and raising my kid.)


tumbin76 2015-06-30 11:00:54


Hi Rajeshwar,
First of all congrats for the wonderful research on hyd schools :) I put my daughter at Vikas Concept School, Miyapur in UKG after some research and as I got positive reviews about Vikas in terms of academic performance and quality of education. So far, I did not get any negative impression about the school. But I do not know much about about their transportation. Would like to ask you whether they provide transport in Beeramguda area, as you said most schools except DAV have their transport facility till Beeramguda. Right now I am in Kondapur and will shift to Beeramguda next year and need to opt for transport. Else, I will try her admission to GIIS where ur kid is studying. Can you tell me the detailed fees at GIIS, Pathancheru? 

Rajeshwar 2015-06-30 15:00:29


Hello Tumbin,

Yes, Vikas concept school bus comes to Mallikarjuna Nagar, Beeramguda. So it must also come to other localities in Beeramguda.


Moving2hyd 2015-07-02 15:48:29


I am moving to Hyderabad in Delhi and planning to stay in Kondapur area. My son is studying in PP2 level class in Delhi and want to continue same level in Hyderabad.
It would be very helpful if anybody can let me know about Arbor international school or any school nearby Kondapur.
Thanks in advance.

Tej7 2015-08-16 20:18:16


i am looking for better schools for 1 st class and 4 th class  
do u have any idea about china jeeyar int'l school and  Global edge..
Plz suggest as i am not interested in high society lifestyle schools but at the same time concerned about the childs betterment.


sekhar17 2015-08-17 18:48:20


Good Day,

can any one tell me about Kennedy International School, Hyderabad. We are relocating to India and looking for admission for 1 st class.

Campus atmosphere, faculty, Cambridge curriculum and fees.

I try check with school over phone and reception doesn't want to explain or connect admin Dept. I dont know why?


 Former member 2015-09-10 13:27:44


Hi rajeshwar As ur kid is in GIIS for more than year since ur last update can u please share ur review how is this school doing now @activities,do thy ve CBSE,staff their communication..I ve to join my daughter in 1st for year 2016-17. Regards

sstomar 2015-11-16 09:06:44


Hi Rajeshwar, 
I am planning to change my son's school for grade-8 and considering other near by options i.e. schools arond 10km radius from Kondapur... Can you pls give feedback on followings schools?. 
- Kennedy 
- Santia 
- Vikas Concepts 
- Manthan Gachhiwauli 
- Maridian 


Khushal12 2015-11-17 12:36:10


Hi Rajesh,

Can anyone comment about Vidyanjali High School in Doyen's township.
Its also a CBSE school.

Thanks in advance.


Rajeshwar 2015-11-17 16:34:22


Sorry for the delayed replies friends.

Hi Moving2hyd,

Arbor school is good. You can also try in Manthan in Madhapur apart from Jain Heritage, DPS  and Chirec. These all r around Kondapur.

Hi Tej7,

Chinna Jeeyar Intl. Boys School is good I heard. People do consider it as a luck to get into that as they do teach vedam etc. There will be an entrance test to it.

Global Edge is good.. check the play ground and aminities before you join your kids there. If its small, there is no reason.
The fee of Global Edge is similar to many other big CBSE schools, all are in the similar range. Yes, depends if you are interested to pay the deposits they demand.

Hi Sekhar17,

I did not get any good feedback on Kennedy sir, am sorry to comment.
You have Arbor international, Ambitius, Creek.
Not a little long you have : DPS, Phoenix greens, Manthan, Maharshi, Chirec in Kondapur.

Hi Former Member,

This school is good, I cannot say Excellent as every school has pros n cons.
Staff, kids communication and staff-kid comm, activities are very good. Lot of change is been observed already. Check out the campus and meet the staff before you move ahead to any school. Do take your kid with you as he/she will be studying there and their taste matters. Its a lil far, if you stay around lingampally is fine.

Hi Sstomar,

As I just told around Kondapur, try out of Manthan (food is within the campus and its a must), NASR boys, Jain Heritage, International, Meridian,Chirec, Maharshi.

you also can plan for Obul Reddy in Jubilee hills which happens to be the Top one school in Hyderabad. Also Jubilee Hills Pubilc school too.

Hi Khushal12,

No idea about Vidyanjali in Doyen's. Sorry.
If any one has some details on this - please update.

-- Raj

Krish1983 2015-11-17 21:49:17


Hi Raj

Please let me know if you have info about DPS in Miyapur at Bowrampet

they are starting classes from next year. Would it be a good choice..

I personally came to know from others that Khajaguda campus is good but they don't have clarity on admission to class II


Balu500050 2015-11-19 21:11:08


Hi Raj,

Can you please share your thoughts/views on Corner Stone Public School from Chandanagar ? also, comparatively which one is good among BVB BHEL, Corner Stone, Genesis, DAV Miyapur & Gautami Vidyakshetra, all these are in around of BHEL, Chandanagar, Madinaguda & Miyapur areas..



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