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Rajeshwar 2012-12-05 05:55:26


Hi Parents, Friends and Teachers,

I was on a research in getting the best CBSE school for my kid. I have visited and got referred to many schools around and came to some conclusions. 

As my kid is fast and talkative, I do not want to supress her talent by joining her into any of the schools which do not support her strengths and try to imrove the skill in which she is weak.

It has become my job daily to go around all the schools and get their details and am having a look around to see the ground, communication of students, student-teacher, games & activities etc.

As am a local person here I have many friends and relatives who gave me many suggestions. End of day its me who has to make a proper decision for my kido.

My criteria of selecting a school is : Character development of the kid, Healthy atmosphere, Enhancing Communication skills, Good Academic background and concentration, Good time for Physical activities as thats more important for physical n mental growth, A large playground for the kids to sweat n play in mud, A well Parent teacher orientation, Transport facility. 

I may not get all of the above in one place, but most of them should match atleast.

Well, I have finalised  the following schools with some pros n cons and still unable to conclude. 

  1. SANGHAMITHRA, Nizampet: Got many reviews that this is an excellent CBSE school and the development acitivites (both academic, physical & Mental) are quite good. But we were unable to go through the lucky dip and I hate recommendation which is quite necessary for this school if did not get in the lucky draw. They teach abacus, vedics, character and mannerism. Communication of the kids is just awesome. quite far from BHEL and transport is till Chandanagar as of now. FEE is nearly 50k-60k for KG with Donation. 
  2. MAHARSHI VIDYA MANDIR (MVM), Kondapur: I found the ground to be very big and the asset of this school is its Transport system to every corner. They have 52 buses. As its maintained by Yogi's and scholars they make sure teh kids learn Sanskrit at a very young age. Parent teacher interaction is good and they update the diary regularly and answer the questions of parents if its mentioned in diary. FEE for LKG: Donation: 35k, Tuition fee: 27K, Bus fee: 18k. Will give the fee details later for Dress, books etc.
  3. GLOBAL INDIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL:  This CBSE school is located in Lahari Resorts near to Patancheru and is an 15 acre International school headquarted in Singapore and is existing in 8 countries - Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, USA, Dubai and India. For Nursery and KG they have a small building in Madinaguda as well. As its an Intl school the amenties are good and many awards are been awarded in just 3 yrs. All the teachers are well qualified and has good communication skills. Transport facility is very good. All the teachers get regular training once in two months by Trainers coming from worldwide. Advantage here is they get new trainings regularly and are always consistent. unlike local schools maintaining the standards for some time and again losing it. FEE for Nursery/LKG/UKG: Corpus fund: 15k, Academic feeL 41k, Transprot fee: 15k, dress n books: 7k. Books will cost high because they are blend of CBSE and Montessori sylabus designed by GlIS. Afteri UKG the child will be shifted to GIIS Patancheru branch for no extra cost. Most advantageous thing. If you want to join the kid in LKG at the GIIS patancheru branch directly the donation is some 50k - 60k as the campus is very big. (I cross confirmed this twice). The ftee hike is 10% max each year but this did not change since 2010 batch. Even for kids getting into the schoolin 2013, the fee is the same.
  4. VIKAS CONCEPT SCHOOL, Bachupally : A very good school concentrating both on physical and acedemic growth of the kid. But the communication of the kids is a bit less compared to the other schools. A huge ground with talented teachers around and very good transport system. FEE: I only got the donation details which is 40K, (it was 20K last year), a sudden surprise to the teachers too, but no growth shown for that 20k increase. As other schools are hiking, this guy just rised the fund. well the academic fee will easily be 30k and transport again :15-18k.
  5. Silver Oaks, Bachupally: A good school similar to Vikas mostly with a diferent ambience and an Intl school look. Good teachers and sporting activities too. Communication of kids is good. A bit fat from BHEL, but thats fine if you are ready to pay a donation of 1Lac which includes academic fee too.
  6. P. OBUL REDDY, Jubliee Hills: One of the best schools in Hyderabad. but quite long, as the trasport is till My Home Jewel. And it also follows tcky the lucky dip formula. But strictly no recommendation, even by CM of AP. As its a non profit organization by Andhra Mahila Sabha, this guy cares no one. FEE is just a nominal one :30-40K. But really impressive with the kids growth and other activities as well. If there is a bus facilty till Beeramguda, I will try my kids luck in this school. 
  7. Manthan Intl School, Ayyappa Society, Madhapur: Excellent school but quite long and too expensive. Nearly 1.2Lacs. It has all the best equipment discussed above for a school.
  8. DAV Miyapur: An All India level CBSE school maintained by the Dayanand Saraswathi (if am not wrong). This school here is under construction and the school committee is trying to get the money from us as building fund. An amount of 50k is charged for this. Amnot ready to pay for this. Fee and academics are similar to Maharshi (MVM). The priority is only given to local colony people, donno why. And the office staff is very blunt to answer your query. More over the school does not allow kids whose residence crosses a 3 km radius from the school. This is nonsense. They say they dont have enough buses. And they are not interested in kids from long distance. (This was the answer I got from the lady in the office). Was I looking like an idiot or what? And we need to take the copy of Birthcertificate and also Residence proof for the admission. I requested to start the admission process and I may think to relocate to a near by locality for my kid by the time the school starts or I will send my kid in our car, She demanded the residence proof in 30 mins. Oh man!! where will I get it (electricity bill, Gas bill). So I left this option. Just to add, a lot of Hinduism is being pushed into the Kids brain, which is good to some extent but not at the cost of friendship and kids keeping distance from other religion people. (Happening with my cousins daughter,.. she asked me what religion was I from). And recommendation from the local colony head or some politicial will work here. I dont understand that 3 km radius strategy does not work here.

Well, there are many other schools around and are not in my list. The Creek,  BVB Bhel, Triveni, Chaitanya Techno, Oakridge, Kennedy - - allthese are just hi-fi schools and there is no use going for them.

I hope this information is useful for some.

Any more ideas. experiences, suggestions are most welcome.


hardikch 2012-12-09 09:38:25


Hi Rajeshwar,

I think you also staying in Beeramguda.

So, We will ask P. OBUL REDDY, Jubliee Hills management to extend transport facility till Beeramguda and will try our kids luck. I hope they will extend if two or more kids joins alltogether.




Bid80 2012-12-10 11:44:22


Hi Rajeshwar,

Good Job ! . So finally which school you selected for your Kid?



mickey 2012-12-10 15:35:56


 Awesome research  !! 


prashanti 2012-12-10 16:01:33


 Hi Rajeswar,

excellent research work!!

What school have u selected for your kid finally? 


Rajeshwar 2012-12-10 20:06:02


Hi Hardik,


P. OBUL REDDY is a non-profit organization run by Andhra Mahila Sabha and they are very  strict into providing proper bus facilities. Even the bus which comes near My Home Jewel is quite old (RTC) bus and that too was given on a force ful attempt of parents. 

My Friend (classmate) is a 11th grade teacher there and he says, getting the bus till there is kind of great deal. Even present AP CM's brother who came for admission of his kid was asked to come in the queue and follow the proces. 

The Principal / Admin is very strict on all these compared to JHPublic School or JH Bhavans which are near by, where the kids come through high recommendation and start using ipads, iphones at a very young age and start comparing the cars which they come in.

All the admissions are to be followed by a process and then they will pick up the students from a lucky draw (similar to Sanghamithra). Thats it. no other chance it seems.

We are just thinking of asking/requesting for an extension of the route of the bus, dont you think other parents did not try. Yeah, they tried and got tired, but it didn't work out. So no chance of that. I have already enquired.



hardikch 2013-01-03 18:25:48


Hi Rajeshwar,

Finally, which school you have selected for your child.



Rajeshwar 2013-01-03 20:14:34


Hi Friends & Co-Parents,

I apologize for a delayed response as I was busy on couple of weekend trips, we got 4 day weekends for last two weeks rite.

So before leaving on my drives, I went to Epitesmo (a Vikas Concept School) in Nallagandla, Chirec, Vignan Vidyalayam, Sanskriti (kondapur), Rainbow (Beeramguda), Sentia (miyapur) ...

At last I have decided for Global Indian International School (GIIS). I went and spoke to them personally and visited the campus. I got a discount on fee as well.

I want my kid to be in a non pollution campus, having enough time to concentrate on activities as well as studies, which I'm getting in GIIS.

Well, if any one of you are interested in that I can recommend you and we can get more discount all together as I have a known person too inside.

Me and my friends (4 kids together) are joining them together.


Rajeshwar 2013-01-03 20:23:49


 Obul Reddy is not at all interested to extend their bus route till Lingampally or Beeramguda. It would be difficult for us to go on with such scenarios. And as its quite far from my place .. traffic n all, am not going for it

GIIS is having a sub branch in Madinaguda - Nursery, K1,  K2 and

GIIS Patancheru (Lahari Resorts) 12 km from patancheru has from Nursery - X. with a 15-20 acre campus. Though distant it took very less time to approach to the campus as there is no traffic in that route and the locality is awesome with greenery all around which is difficult to find in many schools. They have Yoga and Swimming classes from kids from K1. All sports activiites. Exellent ground for Hockey, cricket, football, basket ball, lawn tennis n all. 

Coming to Academics all classrooms r well designed with full of pictorial representations, two groups and challenging activities between them. Well if interestd visit once. They will explain well with the career path of the kid how they divided the academics and activities.


hardikch 2013-01-03 22:07:10


Please share us cost of education also.


Rajeshwar 2013-01-03 23:27:20


 GIIS Madinaguda: K1 & K2 fee: (not changed since 2 yrs and its the 3rd yr with same fee):

  • Appln form:1750
  • Corpus fund: 15000    [apartment building]
  • Academic fee: 41000
  • Bus fee: 15000 (0-5 km)  [only AC]
  • Books; school dress, jacket :7500

GIIS Patancheru : K1 & K2 fee: 

  • Appln form: 1750
  • Corpus fund: 50000  [large campus and play area]
  • Academic Fee: 53500
  • Bus fee : 24000 (16-20km) [only AC]
  • Books; school dress, jacket :7500  


  • Note books, pens, Pencils everything will be supplied for the whole year. No extra fee for field trips.
  • Hygemnic canteen for residential kids. If we too want the same diet food extra 5000 per quarter - its worth. Morning breakfast, afternoon lunch, evening snacks will be provided.
  • No extra money for music or any other activities.
  • The above Fee can be discussed and can avail a discount. 
  • I can speak for you if you want your kid to be joined there.

Ali2013 2013-01-08 18:31:49


 HI Rajeshwar..I stay in Madinaguda and am intersted in joining my kid for first grade.(2013-14)

Pls share your email id /contact, so that I can speak to your personally.

My email address -

Thanks, Ali



ramko 2013-01-08 19:18:48



I stay in LIG colony and looking admissions for my two daughters aged 8 yrs and 7 yrs, any inputs would be highly appreciated.



Rajeshwar 2013-01-08 20:19:59


 Hello Ali,

You can reach me at 

and 9866996609 is my contact info. 

you can call me during the evenings as am working in the nites these days :)


Rajeshwar 2013-01-08 20:22:31


 Hi Ramko,

First lets list out these:

  1. Which school they r presently into
  2. what is that school lacking
  3. what r ur expectations from the next or present school
  4. what is ur budget for each one of them

once we r clear on these..its easy for you even to get hold of the right place for a bright future of your kids


Technologist 2013-02-20 09:14:52


 Can anybody give me address & contact info of GIIS Madinaguda? Is it up to XII or X. I am looking for admission of my daughters in 6 & 11 in the same CBSE school. So what is the best option for both of them if I want to put them in one school.

I dont want to put them in school far away from home (My home jewel) as I do not wish them to spend most of the time in travelling e.g. 8 AM to 4 PM is not a good option for me.


P Agarwal



Rajeshwar 2013-02-20 21:38:06


 Hello Sir,

GIIS is a very good option, but the main campus is in Lahari Resorts, Patancheru which is nearly 20 km from MyHome Jewel.

Well, commuting there does not take much time compared to the city traffic, as the route is non traffic.

They are having X this year, you can have a word with Deepthi, Sr. Co-ordinator, GIIS @ 9392778778


Technologist 2013-02-21 09:09:54


 Thanks Raj

Actually I have yet to decide my residence based on best option for children. I dont want them to run for 3 hours on road wasting thier precious study time. So I am ready to shift Bachupally area also.

This is because till now I could find only one single option kennedy school where I can plan for both of my daughters in VI & XI std.


Any other such combination


KSVG 2013-02-21 09:44:24


Maharishi is starting X1 th from this acadamic year with all the groups. You may consider that too. I am also evauating Maharish for my daughter for X1.




Rajeshwar 2013-02-21 19:45:33


Hello Agarwal ji,

The best option will be Sanghamithra(Nizampet);Maharshi (kondapur), and also consider Manthan (Madhapur); Obul Reddy (Jublie Hills) rather than Kennedy. As you said your relocation depends on the school u choose, am giving u options. Also give a shot at DPS too.

Thanks KSVG for giving a good suggestion.


- Raj


SSathapathy 2013-04-09 11:17:49


 A verygood research... I am thinking of my kids admission too for next year, currently they are studying in UKG and St-1...will take this info into account and see


LatBaby 2013-04-20 01:37:07



Did you finalize, Can you share your contact info. I am also from beeramguda, planning to shift from bangalore to hyderabad. Looking for good school for my kid who is 3.8 yrs old by june. Is there any chance of getting admission in good schools so late in to the year.


Thanks in advance.



LatBaby 2013-04-20 01:47:49



I have not gone through thread, so apologies for my queries.

I will contact you over phone.




sstomar 2013-04-20 06:57:24


 Rajeshwar, Thanks! very good research. 


Sheetalg 2013-04-20 10:24:41


Hey Rajeshwar,


I have moved recently to Hyderabad and plannig to rent an apartment in Aparna Cyber Commune in Nallgandla. I was looking for a CBSE school for my daughter for 1st standard. Initially I was thinking of Epistemo Global school but have heard of issues with dumpyard nearby so I am back to square one. Can you please suggest good schools nearby where admission will be open even now?




pedananna 2013-04-24 09:23:48


HI Rajeshgaru,

Thank you very much for providing gud information about schools.

 We are planning to shift to hyderabad next acadamic that is 2014-march. My kids are studying in 10th n 7th now with cbse syllabus. so iam looking for admission for class XI and 8th in gud cbse school which give importance to acadamics as well as activities and coachings for competitive exams.will you please give some feed back on this, which school will be better and  the fee's , according to the school i will search for residence , earlier my elder son studied in JPH but now he will b in XI i dont want to go for highfi school, but of gud record school.


thanks aton in advance.



Raj1 2013-04-24 12:40:26


Hi Rajesh garu,


Recently me relocated to Hyderabad staying near Madinaguda. We are looking 1st std admission(cbse)for my Kid.


We have visited few schools (Genesis, Senta, Silveroka) they said admissions closed for the this academic year.


Here we are requesting could you please let me know another few good schools.







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