Need Feedback on Radcliffe School, Balanagar, Hyderabad

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JahnaviK 2012-12-04 08:32:27


Hi Mickey and other parents,

Good Morning !!!

We are planning to join our kids in Radcliffe School for Class -2 and PP-II, as we are staying in KPHB.

So please help me out on this regard by providing your valuable feedback on this school.

It would be great, If any of the parents whose kids are studying in this school can share your feeback.



sudipm 2012-12-08 17:33:02


Hi Jahnavi

This year around May I went to Radcliffe with the intention to admit my son in PP-I . School classrooms seemed to be well equipped. But I felt that there are no provision for sports in that school and more importantly that area is having huge pollution , being an indusrial area and a main road.





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