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rathat 2012-11-21 17:32:12


Hi All,

I am looking for a good CBSE school for my daughter into LKG admission in and around of ECIL. Any idea or reviews about the following schools that I have short listed.

1. St Andrews school, Keesara

2. Foster Billabong school, Saket

3. Bhavan's, Sainikpuri

4. DAV Public school, Safilguda




Mum2Mum 2014-08-12 15:27:57


Hi Raju,

May I ask you which school you have opted for? Im looking for a good CBSE school in the same area.

Reachlekha 2014-09-23 18:15:40


Hi Raju,
I am also looking for schools in the same area. Would request all your reviews on the following schools:

1. Atomic Energy Central School, ECIL2. Johnson's Grammar School, Nacharam3. Foster's Billabong High, Saket4. Mount Litera Zee, Kapra5. Bhavans, Sainikpuri6. CAL, Saket7. DPS, Nacharam8. DAV, Safilguda

Reachlekha 2014-10-07 16:52:13


Hi All,

Requesting your review on the above listed schools..................
Parents please suggest good schools in and around ECIL for LKG admissions....



Mum2Mum 2014-10-17 14:53:46


Hi Lekha,

We too are looking for schools in the same area. My opinion on the schools you have mentioned are as follows:

1. Atomic Energy Central School, ECIL
Very old school with experienced management (two campuses). For admissions, priority will be given to children of DAE employees, and after that if any vacancies remain it would be open for non-DAE folks. Both the schools are till 10th (CBSE), and Intermediate (BIE) thereafter. Academically good (Nephew finished his 10th in 2005, but no idea about its current status). School fees is modest.

2. Johnson's Grammar School, Nacharam
The CBSE school is relatively new, but the management is experienced (Correct me if I'm wrong, I heard the management is the same that run APTECH computer centers in the 1990s.) Timings are 8:45 to 15:45, (which I don't like). Academically good (Its 10th results were all over Deccan Chronicle). School fees is moderate.

3. Foster's Billabong High, Saket
This too is a new school -the management run a school by name 'Foster' in Sainikpuri in the 2000s, then they got this franchise from Kangaroo Kids and shifted to a new campus with a new name. Infrastructure is modern and ambience is very very rich (similar to a five star resort or hotel). No 10th batch yet, so cannot comment on the results. School fees is exuberantly high (In addition to education, you would be paying for the A/C, designer classroom walls, benches, canteen, etc :p).

4. Mount Litera Zee, Kapra

Their videos on Youtube and their FB page made me think that the local primary school my children go to is far better than this branch of Zee.

5. Bhavans, Sainikpuri

Of late read so many bad reviews about Bhavans. Many parents were complaining that communication in English is very bad. But the school timings are very child-friendly. So if I have to put my children in Bhavans, I’d utilise the afternoons and evenings in sending them to tuitions, language classes or music classes after school. Also the school gives importance to sports. Academically not bad. School fees is modest.


6. CAL, Saket

Way back in the early 1990s, when computers were a rich man’s cuppa, ‘Computer Aided Learning Public School’ appealed to all. Now its just an average school, but with good sports training. School fees is moderate.


7. DPS, Nacharam

This franchise of DPS has good infrastructure. I got mixed reviews about this school, some parents recommending it while some complaining that the teachers do not even check the class notes/ very few PT meetings in an academic year/ unjustified raise in school fees. Academically good. School fees is high.


8. DAV, Safilguda

DAV has a good infrastructure. Most of the teachers are lack the sensitivity towards child-emotions. Children who are favoured would be fine, but the neglected ones remain as good as furniture for the rest of their schooling. But we are still considering this school for our children because both my husband and I were students here (and upon checking various schools in this area, we believe that a known Devil is better than an unknown angel). Academically good. School fees is modest.

Please share the list of schools you have been considering for your child and your views on them as well.


Thanks for reading.


Reachlekha 2014-10-20 13:08:53


Hi Mum2Mum,
Thanks for your elaborate reply. The information provided was so useful. Hope other parents would benefit too. Nice to know that we both are sailing in the same boat to reach a good school for our children. 
My reviews about some of the schools in ECIL area which i visited in last couple of weeks are..

1. Atomic Energy Central School, ECIL - As you rightly said, its a very old school and i found fees very nominal. Infrastructure wise not that great when compared to other schools. Reviews on Education Quality were positive. But it is very difficult for us to get admission as they give high priority to DAE staff. Admissions start by Nov 1st week.

2. Foster's Billabong High International School, Saket - Campus is wonderful as you said equivalent to an MNC/IT company. School is well furnished and the school ambiance is very good and well maintained. Teaching staff were good and the facilities provided were great. School Timings were convenient (For LKG it is 9 - 1, more or less like a play school). Activities and learning with fun syllabus were so exciting. (Their play school is merged with Kangroo kids(pioneers in Play School Education). 
Fee structure is a bit high. It is something like
   a. Basic Fee - 60K
   b. School Books & Uniform Extra
   c. Food & Transport (if necessary)
School strength is restricted to 28 students per class ( 2 sections per class) and a class has two teachers to take care. Of course I understand that its a new school without any 10th batch completed but their curriculum tempts me to give them a chance as I was received mostly positive response from many of the parents with children studying in that school at present. I had seen many students had won many laurels to the school in Olympiad and other national level talent search exams. Extra curricular activities are also given equal importance.
So I feel, if we can afford, this is a best choice for our kids, worthy a try :) Admissions start by Dec 1st week.

3. Mount Litera Zee School - Infrastructure wise ok. Class strength is equal to 30 almost. Facilities are on par with normal private school. They have a good ground and swimming pool as well. Teachers are of average standards. I think English communication is not mandatory as I could see many kids speaking in Telugu during their Games Class. Admission Fees around 30 k and admission starts around Nov 1st week.

4. Bhavans Sainikpuri - Good Infrastructure and moderate fees. Not receiving positive reviews from most of the parents. Need to visit the campus. Admissions start by Nov 17 2014.

5. CAL Public School - Boast to have many facilities but no proper maintenance. School is over crowded and I feel the campus is filthy. Fees moderate with Admission Fees around 30k. Admission start around Dec 1st week.

6. DAV, Safilguda - Good Infrastructure and I could receive positive response from many of the parents whose kids are currently studying in the school. They have pretty good school history. Fee is nominal but admission fee a bit high (75k). Over Crowded with 40 students per class and I could 7 to 8 sections in LKG (Don't know how they manage with these many students). This school is best for parents who travel throughout India because of their profession, as transfer of kids withing DAV schools is very easy and the school is located in almost most of the big cities without making you panic for school admissions in new city where you got transferred.

I am yet to visit Johnson Grammar School & DPS, Nacharam. 

So my order of priority (as of now) would be - 
1. Atomic Energy Central School (if we get by any chance ;) )
2. Foster Billabong
3. DAV 



swathiravuri 2014-10-24 09:10:13


Hi Lekha,
Thanks a lot for your views and surely it will be helpful to ECIL surroundings people.
My kids are studying at Bhavans Sainikpuri since LKG, they are now in 6th and 3rd grades. As you said, the school had 
good campus with many grounds to support sports. The main thing is it's strength every section  with minimum of 40-45.
Still, we can opt this if we want to give a good environment for our kids. Coming to academics it is ok but not good for higher grades, thats why 
I am planning to change my son to FIITJEE world school ,West maredpally.i Do you have any reviews on thiyys.? 
please share your views on the same.


Reachlekha 2014-10-24 16:25:36


Hi Swathi,
Nice to hear from you.I am not much aware of FIIT JEE, West Marredpally but heard that it excels in placing students in IITs. It follows an Integrated curriculum ( a combination of CBSE, ICSE, ISC & SSC) and has from classes 6th to 10th. Will post more reviews if I get to know more. As you are well aware of Bhavans, can u give me the following details about it...
1)Teaching Methodology and how are children taken treated ???
2) Fees Structure

Also I have heard that student's character is spoiled due to peer pressure and influence of Junior College students.I am also said that the teachers are very rude and are not qualified....Is that true????
Please share your views and help us understand the facts about the school. I strongly believe that we parents can give better feedback on schools than any other person.


Mum2Mum 2014-10-27 15:53:34


Hi Lekha,

Thanks for the info, it was very useful. I request your opinions on JGS and DPS once you visit them.

Just FYI, the schools currently on our list are (not in the order of preference)-

1. DAV, Safilguda
3. JGS, Habsiguda
4. St. Andrews

Schools that went out of our list are-

1. Zee, Kapra
2. Cal, Saket

I'm still considering (or awaiting reviews on the academics part, specially in the middle school) for-

1. Bhavan's, Sainikpuri
2. Foster Billabong, Saket

Thanks for reading and sharing your views.


Mum2Mum 2014-10-27 16:02:21


Hi Swathi,

One of our acquaintances had moved their child into FiitJee World School, Marredpally from Indus Universal School. As Lekha said, it follows an integrated curriculum till class 8 and for 9th and 10th it is SSC. So basically children are exposed to (read burdened with) various curriculums and the school leaving certificate they get is SSC, though no doubts they'd be prepared to take on the engineering entrances with ease. The school campus is more or less like those schools that run in shopping complexes. The focus is primarily on entrance exams (sports, extra curricular activities and even board exams take the second stage -that explains why SSC for 10th class). Also, it would be advisable to check their State board affiliation (from the list of recognised schools given by the TS).

Please throw some light on Lekha's queries on Bhavans, it would benefit me as well.

Thanks in anticipation.


swathiramesh 2014-10-29 08:13:07


Hi Mum2Mum,

Th anks alot for the, Reg, Bhavans, definitely it is a school, where every parent would like to provide such a natural environment, where many schools are lacking these days. Surely, we can consider BSRKV till 5th grade. Coming to academics, the major drawback is strength of the class  nowhere less than 45. As the school timings are very child friendly, we can effectively use the afternoon for extra curricular activities, thats what majority parents are doing who are in favour of BSRKV. Teachers  are not that bad in English. All the kids at Bhavans will surely possess some good qualities like early  to bed and early to rise , doing extremely well in sports etc. such habits helps them forever to stay fit and healthy. For secondary wing, we are not happy, as the syllabus is very high and the teachers are not great, where we have to rely heavily on tuitioins. It takes lot of time for us and kids to go here and there which leads to additional strain both physically and mentally. I will continue my d aughter till 5th here only. As my son is going to 7th grade next year, i want to put him in good school , which i dont want to change him till 10th.
Hope my review will be helpful to you.


Reachlekha 2014-10-29 14:24:24


Hi Swathi,
Thanks a lot for your realistic review. Yes it is definitely very helpful for us. Your review has removed lot of confusions that were in our mind about the school. 
Thanks once again....

Mum2Mum 2014-10-31 16:12:16


Dear Swathi,
Thank you so much for the information. The problem with most schools these days (including DAV, St. Andrew's & Bhavan's) is high class strength, which results in less or no interaction between teachers and academically weak students.

Dear Lekha,
Did you happen to visit DPS and JGS? DPS would be issuing forms from 2nd week of November. Please keep in touch (sailing-through-the-herculean-task-of-finding-an-apt-school seem less stressful when you have like-minded parents on board :P)

Mum2Mum 2014-11-10 19:49:08


Dear Lekha,

Hope you read 'friend1's opinion on Foster's Billabong on this thread-


Reachlekha 2014-11-11 12:53:58


Hi Mum2Mum,

Nice to hear from you again. Shocking review from 'friend1' because I have received mostly positive reviews on Foster Billabong. Apart from high fee, I never heard any parent complaining about this school.... should be deeply analyzed and taken into consideration.....I think we have to dig in deep....
And regarding DPS and JGS...yet to visit them...Will get back to you soon with more information...
In between I am reading lot of positive reviews about Pebble Creek..

What is your opinion about the school.... Did you by any chance visit the school? My worry is whether Montessori teaching can train students to meet this competitive world...Will students adopt themselves to get into this IIT/IIM race post schooling...Can they fit into normal Inter/XI-XII, after leaving Montessori school post Xth Std. Lot of hesitations as it is entirely new mode of learning...

Please post you reviews and yeah we will definitely join hands in identifying the right school for our children :)


Mum2Mum 2014-11-11 16:18:35


Hey Lekha,

I'll take the liberty of giving you an unsolicited advice- as your child is still very young (read on someother thread that you were looking for LKG admissions, correct me if I'm wrong), schools that are nearby to your home or work place should be prefered over others. (When my children were in KG there were many instances which required us to take them home before the school closed for the day and since we live nearby we could attend to them at short notices. They never had to be in the sick room under the nurse's care for longer than 10 minutes).

Coming to Foster's Billabong, I gathered the following information from friends in Pune and Hyderabad (and also from their website)-

-> Billabong - These franchisees of KKEL in Mumbai and Pune are in news for negatives than anything worthwhile. High fees is a common complaint, but other than that people also complained about the quality of course contents (the syllabus), the tangible quality of the course books (this maybe far-fetched, I think so), the school's policy of buying stationery from them alone (at higher prices obviously) and untrained or incompetent teaching staff (meaning, an 'International' school is expected to have teachers 'trained' or 'qualified' to those standards). I understood from the KKEL website that, they design their own curriculum in accordance with the CBSE or ICSE boards, and the schools buy these study materials along with other 'Kangaroo' branded stationery or stuff).

-> Foster's high school - An ex-student's mum told me that it was a good school (though being in Neredmet for 20 years, I have never heard of it or read about it anywhere, until I was looking at 'Foster's Billabong's website). The parent told me that she loved the school and was very happy with her son's schooling. So I inferred that the school management was experienced and efficient (they were running an SSC school then).

I particularly was inclined towards Foster's Billabong for its appropriate parent-teacher ratio and clean environment.

-> Pebble Creek - One of our acquaintance's son went to Pebble Creek montessori. Also my child's music class has two kids going to Pebble Creek. All these kids are confident and speak good English (no childish grammatical mistakes). At times they act 'I-know-everything', but again that speaks of their confidence.

Now your queries-
-> I have not entered the school premises but have passed by the school umpteen times (the A.S.Rao Nagar branch).
-> I have read many blogs that children who underwent Montessori teaching can adapt to regular schools.
According to Pebble Creek website  "Pebble Creek offers the Montessori Method of Education during the pre-school years followed by an integrated Primary School Programme for grades II-VI and a CBSE based curriculum from Grade VII onward". So transition from Montessori to Pure CBSE happens gradually and in the school itself, and thus that shouldn't be a concern.

But I'm not considering PebbleCreek (as of now) because-
-> In case we move out of Hyderabad, we may or may not find Montessori schools in the places we move to. And since the school has not got the CBSE affiliation (yet), we may or not secure a seat in any other CBSE school in the new place (for my elder child who would be in Middle school soon).
-> The A.S.Rao Nagar branch is in a convenient location, but is upto Grade III only. From grade IV children go to the Tummukunta branch (Google maps show it is 13.7 KM from A.S.Rao Nagar; approx. 15 KM from my home -so that would be a problem for my children)

Thanks for reading :)

Hanuman 2014-11-11 20:18:18



I am looking for admission for my 3yr old daughter in nursery.

Please help me with schools. I stay in Malkajgiri.

Mum2Mum, looking at your previous post i thought of joining her in Pebble Creek. Can you please suggest the best.


Reachlekha 2014-11-12 12:07:46


Hi Mum2Mum,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply and yes it had removed lot of doubts in my mind. I am planning to visit the school this week end and let you know more details about it. 
Thanks for your valuable advice and yes I also want to join my daughter(LKG) in near by schools only. Looking for best schools in the surroundings, as it reduces lot of stress and traveling time. Even I was attracted towards Foster Billabong School because of its neat and good Infrastructure. But Quality of Education matters a lot more than the infrastructure. 
And I think as per your expectations (listed in the above post), I think DAV would largely serve your purpose because for people who frequently or likely to shift within India (to major cities) could get admissions within their school branches easily without any chaos. Also DAV has classes from Nursery to class XII. They do encourage lot of extra curricular activities as well. So I feel it would be a best choice. 

Best Regards,

Mum2Mum 2014-11-13 15:13:58


Hi Hanuman,

PebbleCreek is certainly a good choice for parents who look for stress-free schooling for their children. Please read Parentree member Aahiri19's views on this thread-

The two reasons why I'm not opting PebbleCreek for my children are-
-> My elder child would be moving to middle school soon, so can't risk choosing a school that has yet to obtain CBSE affiliation.
-> Also Tummakunta branch (for middle school) is very far from my place; and I would have to send my younger child to the other branch for primary school (I wish to send both of them to the same school).

Then there is DAV in Chandragiri colony, Krupa Complex. But the student intake is very high and I'm not sure if the nursery teachers are friendly and caring. You should visit the school personally and meet other parents. On the other side, if you choose to ignore the high class strengths, you would not have to run around schools for your child's Class I admission. You may also consider sending her to a play school nearby your home for now and consider DAV for class I.

The reasons why I didn't opt DAV for my children in KG are-
-> I felt the school is too formal and structured for little children
-> I was not sure if the teachers were loving and caring enough.

You may want to consider St. Anns in Tarnaka and one of the members here on Parentree (deeps81) suggested St. Martins School in Malkajgiri, you may want to see that as well (check deeps81's views on this thread)-

All the best.

Mum2Mum 2014-11-13 15:22:36


Hi Lekha,

You should visit PebbleCreek soon because admissions are on for quite some time now (I have been looking at their website for some time now and the admissions notification was given long ago). Also I came to know that there is St. Andrew's Prep. School in Sainikpuri (I have seen a sign board at 6th avenue, Vayupuri). And there is new school Radici Montessori in Vayupuri, don't know much about it.

And thanks for writing, your views reinforced my thoughts on school distance and education quality vs infrastructure.

I'd reconsider DAV because it is the nearest from our home and also is academically good (and it goes without saying that its easy on the pocket -no need for me to play MotherIndia here, savings every last paisa :P for my children's schooling).

Btw Lekha, may I ask you the schools on your current list?

raakella 2014-11-13 15:48:20


Any parents sending their kids to Foster or Indus Universal, request your reviews....please.

Hanuman 2014-11-13 17:57:57


So I have the options of

mum2mum: you say I can make her join play school. Please help me by forwarding some light on it.

Mum2Mum 2014-11-14 10:39:03


Hi Hanuman,

In my opinion, playschools are good for Nursery and KG children because children that young need a semi-formal environment and adult supervision or attention which is not possible in regular schools with high class strengths. The teachers should be able to have one to one interactions with the child to a greater extent and should be able to give customised & detailed feedback about the child's progress to her parents (Just telling you that she is able to write numbers or recite a poem is not enough, the teachers should also be able to tell you how she is socializing or what she likes to do the most, & other minute details of how her personality is shaping up). And in playschools things happen in a 'play and learn' way, so the child enjoys going to school.

Mum2Mum 2014-11-14 11:02:06


Hey Lekha,

Thought the discussion on this thread would help you-


Hanuman 2014-11-16 10:27:46



Please help me with review of Auxilium High School Secunderabad.

i am looking my kids for 7th an 8th.

please help me

ram1krishna 2014-11-17 12:19:42


Please help me by providing review on KKR Gowtham model school. How about the teaching and communication in gowtham model school located at E.C.I.L.


Reachlekha 2014-11-17 12:55:49


Hi Mum2Mum,

Yes, I visited Pebble Creek last week end and took part in their orientation program regarding Montessori teaching and their methodologies. Very impressed by the stress free learning method and narrowed down my school search to Pebble Creek. My School hunt for my kid ends here with a great sigh of relief. Yes I found the right one for my kid all because of Parentree. Thanks a lot parents...You all are awesome....Regarding Pebble Creek, Best School I have ever seen....I have seen children enjoying learning and teachers enjoying their job as they don't have the pressure of exam results. Wonderful clean ambiance and no unwanted luxuries and it is so close to our home ( Less than a KM). The only drawback is after her grade 3, she has to travel to Thumkunta. But I think she can do it as they have very good buses and she will also be around 8 years by that time. So an hour travel should not make much trouble.
My heartfelt gratitude to you, Mickey and Aahiri19 for your able guidance and wonderful reviews.
Hats off and Keep Rocking....  :)



Mum2Mum 2014-11-18 16:36:33


Hi Lekha,

Congrats girl! All the best. Keep in touch :)

Hanuman 2014-11-18 18:10:51


Hi Lekha,

Can you please explain the fee structure.

Reachlekha 2014-11-18 18:23:32


Hi Hanuman,

The fee structure for Pebble Creek is around Rs.50,000 per year (until 5.5 years).

Something like:
Admission Fee - 15,000 (one time payment)
Term Fee - Rs, 15,500   (Three times a year)
Transport - Extra (Based on the distance)
No other fees. School doesn't provide food, so children are advised to carry their own breakfast/lunch.



Reachlekha 2014-11-18 18:26:45


Hi Mum2Mum,

Thanks for your wishes and sure we will be in touch... :)
I am sure you will also find the right school for your kids with the help of our parentree........ :)

My Best Wishes!!!!




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