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AnithaV 2012-11-21 10:59:53


Hi Mickey,

Can u please share the review of Unicent school, miyapur. Its a new school. My daughter is Feb 2012 born and is in nursery now. We r moving to miyapur for the next acedemic year.

Please let me know abt the schools near miyapu, bachupally raod. I heard Kennedy high global school is good . Do share the review of it and admission process for 2013-14.




rreddych 2012-11-22 22:59:10


Hi Anitha,

Unicent school is pretty good. The management is conducting regular training courses for the school faculty and they have a well designed program & infrastructure for the same. The fee is also very reasonable compared to its peers in the same area.

I would also suggest you to visit Sentia school which is 2 KM from Miyapur X roads (left side of the road from Miyapur towards Bachupally). It has a huge campus, playground, spacious class rooms, the fees being little high though.


ramko 2012-11-22 23:49:01


Can some one share the reviews on EPISTEMO GLOBAL-Vikas learning school at Nallagandla.



AnithaV 2012-11-23 14:23:26


Hi rreddych

Thanku for the info. I heard abt Sentia school in Parentree but not aware of the fee structure and other things. Can u please let me know the details of Sentia and also howz Kennedy high gloabal school.



rreddych 2012-11-24 19:03:12



I am not aware of the fees in Sentia for this academic year (last year for Nursery/LKG/UKG it was Rs.42000/annum). You can cantact them on the below mentioned numbers for further details. But I suggest that you visit the school to have a clear picture.

email:, Website:
Ph: 040-20042821 Cell: 99852 88821

There are mixed reviews about Kennedy, of which negative remarks are more. I personally prefer Sentia to Kennedy.



AnithaV 2012-11-26 10:20:49


Thanku for the info. This week we r planning to visit teh schools and will decide then. Are there any other schools near by Miyapur cross roads ?


sreeg 2015-12-22 16:35:04



I have been visited few schools near miyapur.

I want to highlight the un official fee structure

Sentia - One time Fee : Rs 30000/- (They will give receipt) - I asked them why - they said management policy.

Kennedy high : Rs. 75000+3000 = 78000/- (They will give receipt) - I asked them why - they said management policy.

Rest of the fees is : Rs. 66000/- + amentias and transport +etc...

Delhi Public School : Rs. 50000 plus /- approximately I forgot exatly, one time fee , but I did not asked them bill, not sure will give or not)

Okridge : Rs. 50000 plus /- approximately I forgot exatly, one time fee , but I did not asked them bill, not sure will give or not)

entire year it comes around 2.50 to 3 laks for PP1

Why the parents are blindly paying the money without receipt, Is it reasonable. Please think.




Sirisha10 2016-01-25 12:31:14


Hi can any one give the feedback and fee structure of unicent school in miyapur my kid going to class 1 this year Thank you

Ratna1981 2016-07-22 13:12:57


My kids r in unicent nagole  campus.. It's good .. Hope same with miyapur..

Ratna1981 2016-07-22 13:20:10


    Very confused often!! Does it mean if we send our kids to international school they will excel in academics?? Or international schools r better than other schools?? 

MKRAO 2016-12-09 15:41:57


Hello All,

Appreciate if parents can share their good and bad experience about unicent school bachupally campus.
I am planning to consider this school for my Daughter for Grade-I 2017-18.



MKRAO 2016-12-14 10:53:04


Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Looks like they have closed the admissions for grade I, atleast they are saying so when i called them up.



Today1 2016-12-17 14:28:52


Can u please share the information of unicent school admission for 2017 -2018 for class 1 and fees structure in nagole.I want to join my kid

sriharsha 2016-12-17 15:40:28


I went to unicent bachupally two days back. I really like the school. with the activities they are providing it is worth what we pay. it comes to around 80k including transport for grade 1. we live in kphb. they said there are no students near temple bus stop in kphb. once we take the admission they will provide the transport. how is the transport facility of unicent in bachupally. appreciate if someone give a feedback of the school whose child is already studying in there.

Today1 2016-12-17 16:57:09


Hi sriharsha did u join ur kid in uncient .I am looking for my kid to join in unicent grade 1 .what extra curricular activities they are providing in the school ? Please share the info u have. They share the complete fees structure I also stay at kphb

sriharsha 2016-12-17 20:23:50


the fee structure is 10k admission fee 10k caution deposit 60k school fees and 19500 transport to kphb. there are lots of extracurricular which is appropriate for the class. they included robotics butterfly fields space adhyaan school cinema abacus etc and different sports. when r u planning to join

Today1 2016-12-18 11:55:53


Still searching for schools. I am also looking for kendriya vidya bhavan so don't know when they will start admission process for class 1

 Former member 2017-06-13 17:25:03


I went to unicent school in miyapur. The class rooms are not well ventilated. The counselor was storming at my kid when hes stretched his legs in the chair. The school is just appartment building with play area in its cellar not ventilated properly. A small place was rented opposite to building as a ground, and they have a mini theatre,  which they said they will show AVs to kids. I didnt find it great. My kid immediately disliked the school. They have another branch at bachupalli, which is a big one. Didnt visit that one though. As of now, I am taking this school out of my list.

 Former member 2017-06-14 13:57:04


Can u tell me ur experience with bachupalli campus plz


 Former member 2017-06-15 01:15:01


Just FYI - Both Bachupalli and Miyapur has same website, its just a duplicate of miyapur site with name of location changed to bachupalli :).. I just feel that they should have taken some effort to build a new website for a new school. I visited the school today and was just worried about the distance. its 11 kms from miyapur x roads... donno how long the kids have to journey. Fees comes around 1 lakh with transport books all included. the ground is still in construction. Just for info - no AC class rooms and no AC bus provided. By the website i found that the principal is same for both Miyapur and Bachupalli branches, or its a copy paste mistake. NO food provided for pre-primary. they are soon providing lunch for 1st grade and above.


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