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 Former member 2009-12-17 15:06:53



I stay at Motinagar. I have visited Slate school at Ameerpet branch. I want to join my kid in 1st standard. Can somebody tell me how the school is and how the syllabus is ? Please suggest



 Former member 2009-12-22 13:18:04


Please let me know if anybody knows about Slate school? I need to finalize her adimission.





smartshiva 2009-12-23 19:23:18


This is a state syllabus school, last year i enquired for nursery and they have told total fee around 35k, they have branch at abids.


Sbegum 2010-11-26 13:00:04


Hi Smarshiva,

Could you please tell me more about slate fee and donation at the time of admission, as I'm planning to get admission for my kid in 3rd calss. and the school princpal refuses to disclose the details over he phone and advice to visit the school in december first week, olease let me know your opnion about the school.


Thank you



unluckygirl 2010-11-29 08:24:58


 Hi Risha,

Did you enroll your kid at Slate ?

We will be moving to Mothinagar too next year and wanted to see if you have any advise on good schools to commute from Mothinagar. 





 Former member 2011-01-07 21:40:49


Hi RL,

Sorry for the late reply. My kid has given  the written test for 1st grade as well. I did not join her in the school as we moved to US recently. The written test was fine.

The fees total with transportation  came around 35k-40k.  There is an adimission  fees of 10k i think. I do not remember the perfect  figures.

The syllabus is a combined syllabus of CBSE and SSC till 5th standard and from 6th standard its SSC .

I feel the fees for slate school is more for the facilities,syllabus and school atmosphere they are providing at Ameerpet. But I was thinking for that school as I was not sure if I would be staying there or moving to US, so preferred a near by school for admission. I have not seen the abids branch.

Staying at motinagar even I had to think a lot for my kids school as all the good schools are a bit far off from that place.  Near by schools within  motinagar are only SSC syllabus like Nalanda School.  You can decide the school based on the factors your are thinking for your kid. All the best .









unluckygirl 2011-01-08 00:04:45


Sirisha... Thank You


nikhilkoduri 2012-04-19 21:17:24


 slate gives a blend of ssc cbse and icse syllabus. they choose the best boof for each subject/each class n den follow it. dats the reaosn why dey have produced best results in all india level exams like NTSE. officially though its stae syllabus its actually da best combo of all. n lemme tell u its not dat easy to get seat in slate-abids. slate ameepet also getting lots of response dez days. 


RCharan 2012-04-19 22:06:52


My children are studying in Slate Karmanghat and I am more than happy and satisfied with the school. Actually, I wanted admission at Abids branch as the Karmanghat branch started just two years back, so I was little apprehensive in admitting my children here n was firm in taking admission at Abids as I have heard alot of positive things from my relatives and friends whose children study there but asusual the seats were full and all recommendation went in vain.. But no regrets as management and education imparted is just the same in all branches, Slate is the best option - every penny u spend is WORTH..!!!

Thank you Slate - The school staff and management, maintain your standard always..



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