Any Waldorf school in Kutkatpally to Miyapur area

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PMadhu 2012-11-14 16:10:49


Hi All,

Could you please share me  details about Waldorf school in Kutkatpally to Miyapur area. we are staying in the Pragathi nagar and I am looking for a Waldorf School which has transport facility from Pragathi nagar.

I went to Abhaya - Waldorf school and felt it is too far from pragathi nagar,

Other two Waldorf Schools , I heard about are Prerana and Nature (road no 45 jubli hills),

Could you please send  your reviews  on the Prerana and Nature - Woldorf schools.

kippu 2012-11-14 17:22:32


 why specifically a waldorf school?

i am trying to decide about schools myself and its so confusing 


PMadhu 2012-11-14 20:16:11


Hi Kippu,

Waldorf education system is a stress free method of education; you can refer more about Waldorf method in  Waldorf is more about learning things with help or doing different activities, it more learning by playing with stuff, its different from normal method where kids learn from reading books or  we should say different from book teaching method.   but it is similar to our indian CBSE or SSC system if you compared in the Classes  standard  point of view not the teaching point of view, I mean LKG to 8 th standard waldorf and student can take CBSE in the 10th standard. There are different approaches in the primary education like IB method or Montessori method or Waldorf method . I have attended to some demos about Montesori education, it is also good system to make kids learn from different activities, but here they go by age than a classes system, it would more difficult to change the school in future if you want.  When compared to all of them,  I felt , in the Waldorf system kids learn all subjects by some activities  where kids remember and grasp the stuff and develop sense from the activities they do, which in turn kids learn the things   faster than reading or teaching book to them which we had gone through.  Disclaimer :  I still in researching for the different methods for my KID, I may not correct in all points mentioned above.

MuraliDhr 2012-11-15 16:11:37


Thanks for the reply.

But will these kids that are used to no-exams life be able to adjust to high-pressure environment like 10th and 12th where the mode of examinations is exact opposite of what they are used to? Will they be able to survive our universities where rote is right?

I too am undecided on waldorf vs regular school...


PMadhu 2012-11-16 21:19:23


hmm, good question, should be answered by the the Parents whose kids are studying in Waldorf education sysytem.

If we speak exam presure

even CBSC does not have exams till 5th class  as per new rules from CBSE,

 Montesori method does not have exams till 5 th class,

I thing in IB method  also we dont have exams , this I not sure, but I am sure anual exams will not be there.

when compared to the above systems Waldorf system does not make any difference in the anual exam point of view. but kids can or able to take presure as they grow up than in the younger age.


kippu 2012-11-17 00:30:39


i called up sloka since i was impressed by their methods , but sadly they were very adamant that she can only join kindergarden if shes 4 years old by july and nothing can persuade them otherwise

I , on the other hand , feel my kid has to be challenged to make her mentally grow rather than treat her like a small kid, even though shes one , so i guess i will have to miss the waldorf bus for my kid 


Indralok 2014-03-22 06:55:27


FYI, Waldorf children have monthly tests from grade 6. In a year or tow they mover to term tests and those children who have been following the school-recommended routine of regular study/play rhythms, healthy food and good sleep routines seem to do well, unless the child is a special needs child. Like in every other school, some children are academically very quick, some need more time and yet others need one-to-one time. They all seem happy, however, to be in this system.

vrada 2014-11-24 15:23:10


Back to the question, I'm looking for such kind of school for my kid in kukatpally area or near by. since I'm planning to join my daughter in LKG(2015-2016) and want to continue till X std without any shifts in between, can anyone please suggest good school?

sukuv 2015-01-06 18:20:43


varada, As per my understanding there are no waldorf schools in kukatpally area. Following are Waldorf schools in Hyderabad

 1.       Abhaya School, Gundlapochampally, near Kompally

2.       Diksha - A Waldorf School, Tumkunta, near Shamirpet

3.       Nature Waldorf School - Road no 49, Jubilee Hills

4.       Prerana Waldorf School, Gachibowly

5.       Sloka - The Steiner School in Hyderabad, Jubilee hills  (KG school), Aziz Nagar, Near chilkur road (Grade school)

 Even I am looking for good school for our son (He is now 2 years 4 months old). I thought waldorf is the best system. So I am trying to find out about Prerana & Sloka




vrada 2015-01-07 10:17:20


Thank you Suresh. Please share your findings and feedback.

18ram 2015-01-10 14:25:52


Abhaya School, Gundlapochampally, near Kompally school is good, my cousin son is stuyding there.

nharika 2016-01-20 10:12:00


Hi, I have read that Waldorf system can be religious and racist, that they teach kids that gnomes and fairies are real. I am trying to find if its true for schools in Hyderabad. Please reply here if you have any direct experience


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