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cool24X7 2012-11-06 18:26:57




I am new to this forum, reading the threads and reviews i think this is the right forum to raise my query. First of all thanks and wishes to all the people responding with the details which helps people like me to take decision.

I want to put my daughter in Upper KG or PP2 from Academic year 2013, right now she is in PP1 at Bachpan, Motinagar.

I would like to move her to a School where she can go till her High school, distance should not be more than 10 Kms.

Can anyone suggest the best schools not exceeeding 10 -12 Kms from Motinagar. 



Chandu304 2012-11-07 13:16:47


 Hi cool,

BVB (Road No. 71 & Road no. 45 Jubilee Hills), Obul Reddy(Jubilee HIlls), Radcliffe(Balanagar), Little Scholars(Sanathnagar), Gitanjali(ICSE - Begumpet), Chinmaya (Begumpet, but no school tranport), Sister Nivedita(Ameerpet), Sri Chaitanya Techno(S R Nagar). Except Gitanjali, all other schools are CBSE. These are within 10km radius of Motinagar(even i stay in motinagar),



cool24X7 2012-11-07 18:33:22


 Thanks Chandu,  having this list of schools I would prefer to go with any one of these. how would you place it in the order of performance, so that would be heplful to shortlist the top 5 and try admission on those.

Also I am little worried , getting admission in PP2 or UKG would be difficult as the seats availabilty depend on students withdrawal after PP1. Normally they dont add new class or section in UKG and most of the parent may not prefer to change school in PP2, either they do it in PP1 or Grade1.

So let me try my luck, your advice would help me to prioritise the top ones from this list. 

Once again thanks to you




Chandu304 2012-11-07 20:41:03


 Hi Cool,

Honestly speaking, i'm not in a position to rate these schools. I'm looking for son's admission in Nursery/LKG(based on schools age limit) and these schools name were mostly discussed/suggested in this forum.

One of the factors that cud affect the admission is your daughter's age. each schools is having a different cut off age.

For BVB, Obul Reddy the child shud completed 4 yrs by Apr for UKG. Little Scholar its 4yrs 6 months as on June 1st. Chinmaya 4 yrs 3 mnths as on June 1st. Same is the case for Sister Nivedita i guess.

Gitanjali or most of the ICSE schools follow different age limit. For the, the child shud be 4+ for LKG, 5+ for UKG & 6+ for 1st.

Because of this, even i'm not sure in which class my son will be given admission as he is born in March. 

I personally visited Little Scholars in Sanathnagar. They dnt have big playground but the students & parents seems to be happy with the school(i interacted with some of them). Based on different discussion in the forum, the order cud be:

- Chinmaya & Gitanjali

-BVB (Road no 71) and Obul Reddy 

- Sister Nivedita

-Sri Chaitanya.

- There is a school called Kalpa(ICSE) which is in Banjara Hills Road no 8(Opp GVK mall). Heard gud reviews about it. Not sure how far this wud be from our place but i'm guessing it shud be within 10KM.

- Radcliffe has got good reviews but started in 2010 it seems. Its website claims tat it is in process of getting CBSE affiliation. I'm not sure if it is till Xth. I was planning to clarify this when i visit them. Chances in this school gud be cud for your daughter. Check this link:

- My friend suggested St Martins schools which is near BHEL (Ferozguda). it's an ICSE school and a very old one. Not sure how it is in academics. 

Some other schools which cud be considered are:

- Global Edge ( previously Euro School) in KPHB but i'm not sure if it is till Xth.

- DAV Public school - Vivekananda Nagar.

- Hillside Academy (Road no 46, Jubilee Hills).

Most of the schools i listed follow CBSE/ICSE since i was not looking at SSC school at present. Yes as u said getting admission into UKG might be difficult but i guess you will get a complete clarity only when you visit the schools. 

Please check the schools website for the right age criteria. This is the right time to contact them as most of them wud be giving admission forms from this month or next month.

I know i haven't given you any concrete answer about the school ranking but as i mentioned i dnt think i can judge thme 'cos i started to search for schools from last two months only. Also search on this form with the school, there are reviews for most of them. 

If you get visit any of these schools then Kindly share any information which you think would be useful for me.




Chandu304 2012-11-07 20:49:39


 Also, there is Jubilee Hills Public school but i read that it takes heavy donation. I think Bachpan has tie-up with Academic Heights school. But i'm not sure how this school is. I think it is in S R Nagar. 


sk014 2012-11-08 17:08:05


 Hi Chandu/Cool,

Not all ICSE schools follow 4+ age limit. Gitanjali and Kalpa will take childern if they are 3.5 plus for LKG.

Gitanjali Begumpet will start registration on Jan 2 for PP1. They have not mentioned abt PP2. 

Kalpa registration will start during Dec third week. You can call up these schools and find out more.

It's better to decide whether you want to choose CBSE or ICSE. Problem with ICSE is that very few schools in Hyd currently offer 11 and 12 classes. Who knows 9-10 years hence situation may change or govt may even abolish the ICS board. 

All the best.


cool24X7 2012-11-09 15:12:41


 Thanks Chandu and Sk, I shortliseted and checked with the schools as per following priorityi.e. BVB, Gitanjali Begumpet, and obul Reddy . As said by sk Gitanjali will be issuing applications on 02 Jan 13, but not sure if they have seats from UKG.

Obulreddy will be promulgating the dates through Paper, ie. Eenadu and Hindu. Need to check the exact dates by second week of December. Even here, admission in PP2 depends on the vacancy.

In BVB, they asked to check in March or late Feb to see if any withdrawals are there from PP-1. So not sure and also i have less hope on BVB as without some extra influence we cannot make it through.

Meridian Madhapur will be issuing application by second week of December, exact dates yet to be known.

This is the update I have, but as said not sure about admission in PP2 as it completely depends upon the vacancy and withdrawals. let us wait and see...

Age criteria should not be an issue, as my daughter will be 4.5 yrs when the next academic year starts. Also I would prefer to go with CBSE.

Regarding Academic Heights,  I think this was started a couple of Years ago only, though they have tie up with Bachpan I dont have any updates regarding this school. Also would be better to go for experienced schools or proven schools rather than trying a shot with new schools (yet to prove).

let us wait and see, which door opens for us. 

Thanks guys.. 



Chandu304 2012-11-10 00:33:12


Hi sk014, Thanks for your inputs!

Hi Cool, thanks  for the info. 

I visited some schools today and following is an update:

- Obul Reddy - By the time i reached there most of the staff left. The watchman said that there is some school function hence every1 left to tat place. He said to contact the school in 1st week of Dec. I really liked the school location. When i contacted them last month over the phone, the representative said that they will update the admission form date on the website. we may have to keep checking it from now on.

- St. Martins (ICSE): I came to know about this school only two weeks back when my friend suggested it. Its a very old school it seems and its near BHEL (Ferozguda), the 1st left after you cross BBR hospital. They will be giving admissions from 2nd Jan. I'm not sure how the school is at academics but i feel it must be gud to have been running from such a long time and also opening new branches in diffrnt locations. 

- Kendriya Vidyalaya ( its just few 100 mts away from BHEL Ferozguda): This will start admission process from Feb 1st week. Interesting this is that they start taking kids who are 4+ and there is only one Pre-primary class(i guess PP2/UKG). After tat it 1st grade. I think they dnt have PP1. It has got an amazing playground, very huge but the school is not providing transport. KV's have always got gud reputation in academics & extra curricular activities. 

- Army School ( just beside KV, entrance is from Air Force Station); They too will start admissions from Feb 1st week. No transport provided and the school starts from LKG. Even civilians can join this.

- Radcliffe(CBSE): It has started giving admission forms. I didn't take one as i was nt tat much satisfied especially with its location. its on the busy balanagar-moosapet highway, with all those heavy vehicles moving around and surrounded by workshops. But as they say never say never. 

- Global Edge(previously Euro School): I visited the Madhapur branch, u need to take a left from 2nd chaurasta which u will get when u are going from Madhapur police station to Hitech city(there will be an Image Hopital ad at the beginning of the road). The school is giving the admission forms and i feel you will be able to get the seat here. The school has a very small playgroud but i was impressed but its curriculum. There are few good reviews about this school. There is also a branch in KPHB but its till 7th. The school rep said that from next year they will expand to Xth in next 3-4 yrs. Madhapur branch is till Xth.

- Hillside Academy - This is on Jubilee Hills road no 46, on the way to Ambedkar Univ. They are giving the admission forms. School location is gud but does not have big playground. Please check this thread from around 30th page. There are couple of reviews of the school:

I have little hope in Gitanjali but will defntly try to apply in it. Any specific reason for not opting Chinmaya Vidyalaya? If possible speak to few parents of children from Little Scholars. As i said, parents were happy and satisfied by the school. They wil also be issuing the forms from 2nd Jan. This is more than 10yrs old it seems.

There is high demand for BVB and Obul Reddy so even i have my doubts of getting admission for my kid. Just hoping to get lucky in the lottery. 

How is Meridian? Wat is the fee structure, i think it is a bit on higher side. There also a branch in Banjara hills.

It wud be great if we can update the admission forms date here. If possible i'll try to visit Kalpa and DAV on Sat.





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