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Kapil1 2012-10-09 12:33:28


Dear Parent Tree Members,

I am new to this forum. The discussions regarding schooling appear very helpful. I am looking forward to such discussions in future.

I am looking for good school(s) for my kid who will be going to Class 1st from next academic session (2013-14).
I have few parameters in my mind which I think are important and they are:

1) School should not be very far from home. We stay in Kondapur. I prefer schools which are not more than 5 kms from my home. If there are no such schools within this distance, I don't mind shifting to a place near to the school.

2) School should have good play ground(s). It is important for a school to have facilities for different sports. Even if there are not many sports teachers in the school but still there should be grounds to let the kids run during sports activities.

3) There should be mix of experienced and young teachers. These days it is tough to find experienced teachers for primary classes especially in private and modern schools.

4) School should have good mix of students from various backgrounds and economic levels - majority should be from middle class and few from rich/poor families. Student should not think that everyones' parents are Software Engineers by profession.

5) Out of city tours (camps) should be for higher classes. Also, such events should not be very frequent. 'Picnic' and educational/recreation tours should be more than once a year but in and around Hyderabad only.

6) School should not thrust unwanted rules on students/parents. E.g., some schools make transportation compulsory for students. I dont have any problem in using the school transportation. It is always a great service for students as well as for parents. I have a problem when this is made mandatory. It could mean that school is making significant profit from this service and/or managing student movement in and out of school is simplified. While this may be fine for most of us who can afford the extra money (that is how we generally look at things), but this also means that the school management is of the opinion that it doesnt matter if some dont take admission because of this rule, there will always be more people eager to take admission and obey whatever the school management says. This clearly means that these rules are more important than providing admission to the kids.

7) School should not have history of making significant increments in the fees structure. Ideally speaking, there should be regulatory rules regarding fee structure and school policy. I am not aware if such things exist and even if they exist, I dont know to what extent they are implemented. Keeping ideal cases aside, I have a problem if school has hostory of making significant increments in fees. Few months back, I heard of 60% increase in annual fee in one of the sought after schools in the city. Why should school fees increase by more than 05-15%? Doesn't this clearly convey something about the school?

8) Class rooms should be spacious (class room height should be much more than our typical room height) and well ventilated (without electric bulbs/tubes, class-room should not appear dark).

9) Apart from individual oriented extra curricular activies there should be group activities.

10) Home work should be assigned to students. But its purpose should not be to keep student busy doing it for most of the time he/she is at home. Its purpose should be to keep a student disciplined, to clarify the concepts, and to allow creativity/thinking.

11) Students should not be encouraged to buy expensive items/clothes for school activities. Uniformity should be maintained to the extent possible.

12) CBSE board preferred

13) Boys and girls should be nearly same in number in a class.

14) For primary classes teacher to students ratio should be less than 1:15.

15) Focus should not be on finishing the syllabus but on learning the concepts. It will always be the case that few kids will be faster than others when it comes to e.g. say reading and writing. But in the initial formative years, each kid will have its own pace of learning and there should not be unnecessary comparision with others in the class. It is not important for everyone in the class to know everything in the syllabus. Focus should be in identifying the key things (max 50% of the syllabus) that everyone should know. It is alright till a student is learning and the learning is incrementatl, no matter how small the increment is. In these formative years learning should be encouraged instead of racing to finish things faster. Student should like to come to school and he/she should not avoid school (be it because of boring schedule, bullying class mate(s), tiring timings, home works, etc).

I have long list of criteria and expectations which may not met by one school as such but above factors are in mind in deciding the school. Please provide your valuable suggestions.

Thanks and kind regards,




Cherri 2012-10-10 18:33:17


BVB ( old one), Chinmaya , KV may meet most of teh requirements you have maetioned ( except  few things like student teacher ratio etc)


Ezzi52 2012-10-12 08:04:59


Hi Kapil,

Must say u have v clear n detailed views as to what or how u want ur kids school to be. n like u said its impossible to have all the qulities/ views that we have for a school to be present in ONE school. Hence, like u.. all the parents look out for the best maximum benifits that a school can serve our child.

I m looking for a good icse/cbse school for my son for class 1.  i m all confused by all the blogs/ discussions that i have read here. the moment i decide on one school i suddenly read a mixed review on that :(...

as of now i have Kalpa & Nasr boys in mind. Kindly share ur reviews about these school n also if u have short down any other school as well.

Looking fwd for ur reply.

Thanks .


avi25ge 2012-10-12 17:59:41


Hi Kapil,

Your thoughts are welcome. If I were a venture capitalist and had any plans of promoting a school, I would have put my investnent in you! :-) I can see the anxiety you have about giving nothing but the best to your child. In a world where most swim with the current only a few swim against the current, like you, who want to make the system a better place to live in. I just wished we are able to find a school which fits your criteria.

The few schools I had explored, most of them would easily fall out if all these criteria were to be applied. This is an era of demand and supply and as you are aware there are more kids then the schools available today, which is due to the non-availability of good teachers to teach in these schools, as very few would be willing to quit their high paying jobs and take up the teaching role.

Most of the schools have a teacher to student ratio of 1:25 or 1:30.

Will add more to this..


Kapil1 2012-10-14 21:45:34


Hi All,

Thank you for your valuable comments and suggestions. I think it is going to take some time before I decide on a school.

@Ezzi52, yes I am clear about what I want in a school, but it is very difficult to find such a school. All the parameters will never meet, and I need to prioritize them. Confusion is good thing to have than rigid criteria :) Well, I don't know about Kalpa but I have heard good things about NASR. I don't have any first hand feedback as of now, will let you know once I get any information.

As avi25ge said, it is business out there to run a school and definitely a matter of demand and supply. While I agree with avi25ge, but I think that the supply is not properly being taken care of. So many schools coming up in the recent past but very little to differentiate one from the other. Are the venture capitalist listening ;-)

Anyway, I have decided to go to the schools and check out few basic things that I can. This week I went to few school and made some observations. I am sharing few point in this post. I hope it helps someone in the future.

I went to Chirec, Meridian, Hansel, Global Edge, Sanskriti, BVB and Arbor. Next week I plan to go to JPH, DPS, Maharishi, Kalpa, NASR, Chinmaya, Phoenix Greens and KV Gachibowli. I might have missed out few schools, will re-check later. Some observations:


Chirec (Kondapur):

Infrastructure looks very good. With the kind of fame and reputation they have got, I was expecting a much bigger play grounds in their campus. But overall campus looks impressive. I talked to a person in the admissions department and she made me fill up an enquiry kind of a form which had sections like Occupation/Organization/Phone/e-mail of both mother and father. It also had an option for board of education: CSBE/Cambridge/IB. I noticed that the school was pushing more for Cambridge. Cambridge might be good but I think that for boards apart from National boards, it needs more than IB/Cambridge certified teachers to make sense. I don't have much idea about this, so, I could be completely wrong. Regarding admission criteria for class 1st, they want past 3 years report card, DOB certificate, and few other things. So, it looks like that one of the criteria for the admissions is also going to be the pre-school where kid was going. If that is true then it is a clear indication of the mindset of the school management. I was also told that the fee details will be provided during personal interaction session. It seems that the Chirec web-site will publish the dates for getting the Admission Forms. I could sense that the number of applications will be much more than the number of vacancies. Not sure about this one. My wife insists that I should keep it in the list and find out more details.


Meridian (Madhapur):

School infrastructure is very good. I asked for admissions and a process if there was any and I was provided with the details regarding fee structure. I think this is a school where your kid can get admission if you can pay fees which is on a higher side as compared to other schools. I couldn't make any more assessment about the school. I need help from other Parent Tree members to share their experience regarding this school. I am ruling this school out from my list.


Hansel (Madhapur):

This is in Aiyappa Society, Madhapur. They seem to give more importance to the academics which is not bad :). School management seemed enthusiastic and passionate about running it and explained to me in detail various activities they follow in the school. I liked it, but for few things like no play ground at all, little dark classrooms, etc. I am ruling this one out.


Global Edge (Madhapur):

It was Euro Kids earlier and later school management splitted from Euro Kids management and formed Global Edge School. I think they have done a good job so far. But lack of play ground is a concern for me. They have a cemented little ground. I think that having no play ground is better than having a cemented ground. I know few of my friends whose kids go to this school. Most of them are happy with the school. I think it has to do with the fact that this school was formed when there were not many schools in the vicinity. Need more information about this as well, keeping it on hold.


Sanskriti (Madhapur):

School infrastructure looks good. Class rooms are spacious and bright. School play ground is decent, not very big. I talked to the principal who was cordial enough to explain to me in detail about the school. They seem to have a nice balance between academics and other activities. I visited this school when there was a parent teacher meet going on. I interacted with few parents and they were happy with the school and the progress of their kids. So, this one is in.



Infrastructure is very good. Most of the things are good about this school but for the student teacher ratio. This is like normal good schools of our times :) Definitely keeping this one in. Thanks @Cherri.



It is an International school sponsored/run by son of an MLA of this area. Infrastructure is very good even though it is not yet complete. But I am ruling it out for some other reasons.


Thanks and kind regards,



konthu 2012-10-15 14:58:27


Great insights Kapil - few more schools (BVB/Sanskiti) added to my list Im planning to get my son's admission for next year (2013) into Maharshi as few of my colleagues are happy with his. I have not actually went to see the school. last week when I spoke to them over the phone for LKG admissions, they gonna start from Dushera and asked me to come in Nov/Dec for LKG admission. If you are planning to visit this school personally then I'm eager to hear from you on your findings about Maharshi Vidya Mandhir. Also, can you please let me know where in Madhapur is Sanskrit?




avi25ge 2012-10-15 15:01:29


Thanks Kapil for your analysis. Can you let me know what is the student teacher ratio of BVB(JH), I heard it is 30:1.


avskkota 2012-10-15 15:23:25


 Hi Kapil,

Thanks for your good analysis on schools, which is very useful for parents like me. Can you tell me about Sentia global school. How is the teaching and admission process.


imbarkha 2012-10-15 15:27:49


Thanks Kapil for the detail information. Please keep posted when you visit other schools in your list


rchava 2012-10-15 19:06:13


Hi Kapil,

I am planning to join both my kids (2nd std and PP2) at Mantha International school for 2013-14 school year. I feel that most of your requirements are met in that school. Any reason why you haven't included that school in your list? Did you hear any -ve feedback on that school? 





Ezzi52 2012-10-16 07:27:21


Hi Kapil.... Thanks for sharing all ur reviews for each school. pls do share ur feedback when u visit kalpa n nasr boys. ur observations/feedbacks r really guiding my directions :)

Hi rama....  have u visited manthan ?? how did u like the school ? n what is teacher student ratio? n fee structure ? m looking for admissions for class 1. Looking fwd for ur reply n sharing ur reviews.



rchava 2012-10-16 18:36:55


Hi Ezzi52,

We are moving to Hyderabad in April 2013 from USA and I heard very good reviews from this parenttree website and few other friends. The teacher to student ratio is 1:25 and the fee is around 1 lack.  I haven't visited the school but just relying on the feedback in this site and from friends.  They have one campus currently running near Ayyappa society, madapur and they are opening a bigger campus near Gopanapalli for 2013-14 school year.

Please let me know if you know more information on this school. 




priyaish 2012-10-17 13:00:41



I want to join my kid in PP1 at gitanjali school Begumpet. Can anyone tell me about the admission process and fee stucture of the school.




Cherri 2012-10-17 17:56:37


Geethanjali- Begumpet is ICSE school. they issue application forms in the month of jan 9 mostly first week of jan) and conduct  oral interview for both children and parents.  last year fee is 60K+ ( excluding transport). Pls keep track of  admissions from december month.


4Dolly 2012-10-17 23:22:45


Hi Kapil,

Your post was so informative. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Our first choice was Chirec and we went there couple of weeks ago. We were not so satisfied with the experience. She said admission schedule will start in NOV and asked us to decide on it soon and it sounded like "there are others waiting if not you". And I feel the fee structure is very high over there. (Donno abt the other school's fee though).

Did you get a chance to visit DPS, JHPS. We are planing to go to these schools this week. Will share our experiences.

Also after reading your post, we are planning to go to Sanskriti & BVB.

Please share your visit experiences.




avi25ge 2012-10-18 10:59:49


 We had visited JHPS two weeks back. However was not allowed in as they said admission process will start only end of Nov or Dec. However the school has big campus and did hear the fees is not more than 60K p.a, transportation additional. Also saw they were conducting interviews for new teachers from Nursery to class 5. Donations are a norm here. Hope this helps. 


raina1234 2012-10-18 22:16:48


Hi kapil,

Indeed your analysis is very informative.

I am looking for BVB for my daughter who will be going to class ukg from next academic session.though I didnt visit the school personally but i did called them and  was told  that there will be NO admissions for ukg as there is no vaccancy.

It will be a great help to me if u let me know when they will start the admission process so that i can ckeck with them one more time.





konthu 2012-10-19 13:46:35


Hi Manasa,

One of my coleague kids study in JPHS and he is not satisfied with the studies over there. He has paid 60k for his son (4yrs bck) and 1lac as donation (excluding admission fee, dress, books and transportation etc..) for his daughter in last year and that too post recommendation from one of the directors of JPHS, if you are willing to pay high donation then getting admission in JPHS is quite easy.

I have not enquired him about other activities - but overall he is not recommending the school.

Hope this helps.



Boyapati 2012-10-19 17:51:34


Hi Kapil,

You have a very clear and much needed requirements for a good school.I can suggest Manthan International school which I feel would meet most of your expectations. I joined my kid in PP2 this year(2012 -13) and we are completely satisfied with the school. I could see the school management is very keen in following good ethics and working towards continous improvement.



Cherri 2012-10-19 23:19:27



Hi Boyapati,

many parents are  seeking feed back on Manthan International school. It is nice to know that your kid is studying there and you are satisfied with this school. you are best person to give the feed back abt it. it would be very useful to parnets.

1) what is the teacher and student ratio 2) does they take care every child in the class 3) heared that they do not have play ground.  what are all teh extra circular activiites availabel? 4. do they encourage each child to participate in every activity  5. what is fee particulars for PP2  5) what abt the communication skills of teh kids in this school.

Pls let me know .

Thank You.




pnks 2012-10-20 00:31:40


Hi Kapil

Your post is very very informative. Just 1 month back i shifted to hyderabad, Serilingampally area. 

Even i am looking for a gud school for my daughter in nersury. I have similar criteria in mind but am so very confused. Most of the people here are talking gala of cheric. 

People here were also talking gud of Euro Kids(Nallagandla) but i didnt like it. Infact initially i wanted to admit my daughter in play school but haven’t liked any near my place so have decided to admit her in formal school. 

Pls keep posting your views upon visiting schools. Also pls suggest which all school i can consider near to my place. 





mili1 2012-10-20 21:22:05



Hi Cherri,

My son also studied in Manthan in Sr Kg last academic year (2011-2012) and few days in Grade 1 this year.We have moved to US now but still my son misses his school badly.

We are very much satisfied with the school.....their teachers are very good,extra curicular activities are also good and most of all i like their way of teaching....not stressfull but very structured.

1)Their student teacher ratio for sr kg is 1:12

2)They do care about every child

3)They do have play ground....not a big one....but i found it satisfactory..

4)for Sr Kg they have yoga.gymnastic,drawing,art and craft,music and dance.From Grade 1 they have basketball,throwball,tennis.......they also have classical music and drama.....but i don't know from which grade.

5)All the kids participate in all classes in lower grade

6)fee for sr kg  is 60000+12000 for food+21000 for  bus.other than this 25000 caution deposit(refundable.....we got our money back) and 25000 admission fee (one time).

7)communication skills of the student is very good.....my son started speaking english after going to this school.

We will be going back to India in 2 yrs....and my son wii again join Manthan.


Boyapati 2012-10-22 12:18:34


Hi Cherry,

Sorry for my delayed responce.... I completely agree with "mili1" and even I have the same answer for you.  Just want to add one more thing.. They are planning to start one more campus in 5 acers of land at Tellapur/Nallagandla area..from next accodamic year (2013-2014)  school will be operating in both the campuses for students till 7th grade and from 8th grade it is only in New campus.





picean09 2012-10-22 15:54:28


 Hi raina1234,

i am too planning to join my son in bvb, I m disappointed as I learnt from u no admissions for ukg 2013. Do have any idea about the age criteria and fee structure of bvb. Please share any information if u have.




picean09 2012-10-22 15:56:06


 Hi all, 

please share information if anybody has about the admission procedure, age criteria for ukg 2013 in chinmaya vidyalaya , begumpet




Cherri 2012-10-22 18:23:42



Thanks  Boyapati and mili1.


rchava 2012-10-22 19:07:47


HI Boyapati,

Thanks for your reviews on Manthan International school.  We are planning to return from US by end of April and will approach Mantha International school for admission in 1st week of May.    My kids will attend 2nd grade and Sr.kg next year. Do you think we will be able to get the admission in current campus if we approach in May?

As the campus near Gopanapally will be new, I am sure the admissions will be available for that school in May But, as it is a new campus ,I am little worried about the new teachers/ construction in the campus etc.    What would be your suggestion on the new campus?

Thanks for your information.



Boyapati 2012-10-23 11:29:00


Hi Rama,

Yes getting admission in Manthan may not be difficult in the month of May but to get admission in madapur campus, I feel its better you contact the school management and take their suggession.

Regarding the new campus, actually I'm planning to move my kid to new campus as I stay close to that... I once had a discussion on the same point with Mr Rama Krishna Reddy, head of the Institution ... He promised to ensure the same standards in the new campus as well.








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