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raj129 2012-09-25 23:10:19


This school has started this year 2012 and very sorry to say that the teachers are not up to the standard. The school is just looting the money saying that they have very good standard and best teachers and their method of teaching is best in the industry which is completely bull shit.

I admitted my daughter into this school in 1st standard based on the above information that my daughter will be doing good but it is very disappointing that the school is not at all up to the mark. We have given enough complaints to the principal and given the time to fix all the issues but nothing has changed till now. We have waited for almost 2+ months but no change we have seen. When we escalated the complaints to south zonal head, they are just ignoring the complaints without fixing the issues. My daughter has completely forgot the UKG subject what she has learned in the previous class.

I would like to request other parents also post thier feedback.


Busi 2012-09-28 23:00:50


It has been a terrible experience so far with the school. The Management talks like politicians with no definite commitments. Though we understand initial hickups from a start up school, too many things went and going wrong with this school. The hype created and word spread through EURO KIDS is not kept. Software professionals may relocate and cannot wait for long term results as they may seek admission in a different city or country next year.

One lakh fee is not worth for this school with no playground and CBSE affiliation.

I think Global Edge is wiining the rivalry.



mshyderabad 2012-10-14 13:27:43


Hi Raj:

Can you provide some specific details on what are the pain points for this school. I live in Kondapur and was seriously thinking about my kid until I read your review. What other school would you recommend for LKG / UKG in and around Kondapur / Madhapur / Gachibowli for 2013 session?

Thanks for your help!

- MS


raj129 2012-10-14 15:14:14


Hi MS,

There are lot of disappointments from the time I admitted my daughter.

The teacher is not up to the standard. Even after giving lot of complaints to principal, she has not yet taken any action. It has been almost 4+ months now. We are still not sure how that 4 months syllabus will be covered one more time.

Before joining they have mentioned a lot like GPS in the bus, Gym, play ground, play area, etc. For having the GPS, they are charging premium amount for the bus service but they have not even kept the GPS till now and we came to know now that they are not putting the GPS. No Gym, play ground, play area yet.

We have given lot of complaints to the Principal but she is not in a listening mode. She feels us as if she is listening but no action will be taken against those complaints. When you go to her for the next time with the same complaint, she argues with the parents that everything has been fixed and she points to the parents and mentions that parents are wrong and she is correct. When we have given complaint to the head office, there is no response from their side.

I really say pathetic management. No commitment what they say before joining.

I won't recommend this school to anybody.



mshyderabad 2012-10-14 20:52:31


Hi Raj:

Thanks for sharing your experience. Appreciate your directions!





Ezzi52 2012-10-16 07:34:33


Thanks for sharing ur experince n the trouble u went. ur reviews will really help lot of parents in this forum.


AnupamaVijayakumar 2012-10-16 09:59:17


 Hi, thanks for the reviews, i really had my mind set on admitting my son to this school. i have been looking for reviews about this school for a long time now. your opinion has come just in time.





parentofone 2012-10-25 10:20:31


 Hi everyone,

In my case we were transferred from bangalore due to my husbands job - i found the school very competent and accesible . My two kids are studying here and i found their improvement very good in terms of academics and extracurricular activities. I can bet there is no school around with such good location and affordable fees. Since my kids are not in I class i cant comment on the teacher but i can say ONE teacher doesnt make a school and one more goodwill advise is that we as parents should not poke too much into the school activities , we should let our kids enjoy their childhood .

My two cents - anupama please dont go by hear says why dont you visit the school.


 Former member 2013-03-22 15:03:42


what u said ,its really true..

even we had the same experience.............what all they promised is not done.

the teachers are too fast in explaination just the computer screen is shown . the teachers dont even bother whether the kid has understood are not.

every week they send a list of things to buy for some activitity which are according to me are wastse. too much money and for a 2nd grade kid the activities are to the standard of a 5th grade child....we have to sit and do the  projects.

most of the occasions are done on school without parents.

transport is really bad..they said ac classrooms..they switch off the ac.

since the principal is north indian she selected all north indian teachers. and if you compalint anything she will make u believe you are wrong my teacher is correct.

waste of money time and education teahcing all show off. no committed teachers no palyground..................

i say dont go by name ................truly for children CBSE is teh best syllabus very good.

euro school follows their own curriculum which is too high for a child to understand.


aki1 2013-10-17 15:26:20


how can any can put any thing ......

please use ur mind before taking decision .. my kid is in II garde, from last year i didint find any thing wrong happnenig in school    Teachers r very cooperative and i like the way they teach,,,,,any how i am very happy with school

aki1 2013-10-17 15:28:07


doing projects is a healthy excercise these days ,,, i enjoyed seeing my kidd is doing well knoww,,,about global edge such a arogant stafff ,till now they taking euroschool name for admission     what else we can sayyy,

AryaMehra 2013-10-23 19:56:07


My nephew goes to the Euroschool in Navi Mumbai..There was an issue that they were facing.. They got in touch with the main management via email...try emailing on may help..their problem had gotten resolved

ravikishore123 2013-11-25 10:28:24


the principal is pathetic after every meeting says you dont get your children for the picnic they will not learn etc. also the reason why she is on cloud 9 is coz the head is his own student and all. the teachers are pathetic who often beat the children for not doing homework etc. the commitments of play area etc are false and so is the affiliation.. pl dont waste your lakh rupees on this school. 

dabsulu 2014-01-31 23:43:14


I have my kid going to this school from last year..last yeaar his section teacher was good and other section was bad... the thing is if u says the teacher is not upto the mark, the principal won't listen... my friends tried and fed up and left the school... as it was fine for my kid I continued...but the teacher is not up the mark this year for my kid.... So now  I am thinking...if the next year teacher would be good it would be fine ..else not..... don't have any hopes on the principle would listen anything you say.... She would try to convince in everything are  and your kids are not correct..only school is always correct....    So my advice is you visite and take the decition or talk to more than one parent whose kids are studying there.....

dabsulu 2014-01-31 23:44:05


he is going to Gachibowli branch....

Chandu1673 2014-02-26 09:49:05


No campus . No games. No quality education. waste of money . They are increasing school fee like anything. I am looking for other school.

suruchi30 2014-02-26 12:58:22


If 8 parents are saying the same  thing then its clear....that this school is  not worthy at all......
thanks parents for valuable friends was also thinking about euro school now I can tell them about these all problems....I hope ur msg will not b deleted as u have given a negative feedback...with me it happened and happening till now...
thanks parents

cherry79 2014-07-08 11:56:42


thank you...appreciate your feedback!


RKSM1234 2015-03-31 07:52:39


Teachers are pathethic and education is not good. They won't care for education. We have given multiple complaints. Principal, teachers and management do not care. I already burnt my fingers and other parents should be more cautious. 

ajforu74 2015-06-28 10:37:29


Euro School, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - Pathetic teachers/management
Yes, I am absolutely agreed. The school is managed by immature management and one lady. Because of this lady my kids one year is wasted and we have to struggle to get her up to standard with other schools.

The ever worst school and the immature management that we as a parent have seen so far.

 Former member 2015-06-28 15:33:25


Dear Fellow Parents,

Warm greetings from a humble civil servant and a citizen of this nation. !
I am drafting this email with a lot of frustration and lack of quality of education run by this organisation called Euro Kids.
My Kid studied in LKG with Euro Kids, Gachi Bowli.
1. The quality of education is so bad that kids in other school were able to count 1 to 300 and in this school my kid was not even 1 to 50.
2. The school is managed by a franchisee called Neha Saha and they never communicate properly on academic activities, transport despite collecting the fees. 
3. The lady Neha Shah literally lied to us stating all messages were sent in SMS and no communication has reached my mobile of my wife mobile number.
4. The school is located in a house and there are no proper fire safety norm or policies and exits within the school. When we question this, she gets furious and responds stating us to complaint where ever we want.
5. Their head office in Mumbai is useless and they are worried only about franchisee money and not kids education.
Hence, I kindly request you to take necessary action and ban this organisation called Euro Kids in Telengana atleast.
We have a great trust and honor for your office to take necessary action on this Euro Kids, Gachibowli. Please consider this as a public lit.

Your humble citizen,
J. Anand MCA, MBA, PMP, CSMDirector of Crime, CAGGLOP, United Nations+91 7702199344image

Vivekaries78 2016-08-24 12:51:36


Hi Saviram,
Thanks for your review comments,
Could you please confirm what is the Transfer terms and conditions e.g.
1. Do I need to pay Donation again to the New Branch if I take Transfer from Pune to Hyderabad?
2. Also please confirm if I need to make Full term fees to new school as well or only for the second term?
Or they have changed Procedure now?
Appreciate Quick response.


sharethought 2016-09-12 12:47:50


I have been associated as a  parent with EuroSchool Hyderabad for quite sometime. I feel they have impeccable academic standards. The Principal of EuroSchool Hyderabad is a dynamic leader and an intelligent, proactive and innovative person. When I go by ratings, then also its the top rated upcoming school in the city. The security, safety, and all round development of a child is taken care with utmost priority at EuroSchool Hyderabad. The schedule is always brimming with academic, cultural and sporting activities. The students receive training in multiple sports at the famous Gachibowli stadium of Hyderabad with which the school has a weekly tie-up. 

SubhraC 2016-12-06 06:56:13


I had one of the worst experiences with the school. The only aspect I found good about this school is that it was not a money making machine. The teachers were not able to get my 3 yr old in class for 2 weeks he was always playing outside no matter when I went to bring him back. The Ayahs were not even capable of taking the poor thing to washroom regularly. Every second day he used to come back with wet pants. Excuse - A typical old city response "Nahin suntaa saaar, pant nikalne jao toh chikhaan martaa hai". HUH. Everyday his box of dry fruits used to be so clean, we got surprised. No matter what quantity of dry fruits we put in. He used to comeback dirty from top to toe everyday. More than once I saw tear streaks on him. He learnt nothing during those days, nothing. I WILL ADVISE EVERYONE TO AVOID IT. I stand by my review.


marinac 2016-12-14 13:24:18


Is it in  Eurokids or EuroSchool???

JunnusDad 2017-07-08 18:14:07


I am surprised there are some positive comments about this school, i am sure those are from their staff trying to prop up their fallen reputation.One word of caution before even visiting this school, please do not end up paying an entrance fee of 750Rs when there are actually no admissions available. Two questions to the school managements and to the parents.

1. Do you see any companies charging candidates that they interview for jobs ? Its a mutual need, Companies need good employees and employees need good companies to work for. The need of Schools and students also have similar analogy.
2. Why do schools charge one time non-refundable fee? Obviously they don't want students to leave even if the school is not upto expectations. The more the amount of non-refundable fee, the worse the school is.

Euroschool is one of such schools which relies on entrance exam fee collections rather than students admitted.


RajParent 2019-02-08 08:38:18


Last year I took admission in EURO SCHOOL Gachibowli, for my two kids due to hurry as management said, very 1 or 2 seats available, then I paid full admission amount for two with afraid of missing seats as asked to pay full,. In a weak realized/felt like this could be risky. I see there are lot construction works going on and there is no ground (they take kids to Gachibowli stadium weekly once or twice I think) and also felt like not so safety like emergency exits and all..then asked for admission cancellation and refund of Admission amount. post that summer holidays started. I have been asked to write an email on cancellation and they forward it to Corporate office... then I Keep following it but never got the amount back. with intention that i will get refund I have joined my kids in some other schools... So Lost the Admission amount here. Well I would just double think before taking admission into school which is in Gachibowli center near Ikea...they are planning for new building seems...

May be school is good for people who travel frequently to cities like Hyderabad , Mumbai, for easy transfer etc.

BTW.. I heard EURO kids is good one .



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