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asp08 2012-09-25 15:43:16


Can anyone update me on DPS,Nacharam, planning to join my 5years daughter in this school? Is this a Good School or is Johnson Grammer school, habsiguda a better option? Also which syllabus is good CBSE or ICSE??

Ram77 2012-09-25 18:14:59


CBSE I think. All Indian entrance exams are based on CBSE. From a syllabus perspective also it is far more practical than ICSE. They dont teach you useless Shakespeare in  English!


Cherri 2012-09-25 18:42:18



DPS - nacharam is quite good at acadamics as well as in extra circular activites. the only negative point which was heared abt this is, they hike fee quite often.

Johnson gramme school - habsiguda is a good ICSE school. but it has no play ground. the fee is less when compare to DPS.  it is easy on pocket.

if you are looking for  CBSE syllabus, DPS is best. otherwise johnson grammer school.

ICSE has vast syllabus. some children may not coop with it.

CBSE is easy when compared with ICSE  and most of the competitive exams like EAMCET/IIT JEE etc follows CBSE syllabus.

it all depends on our children and the school . if you want your kid to write competitive exams in future, you can prefer CBSE syllabus. anyhow the school should be good,syllabus does not matter. pls take other parents openion too.

pls visit both schools and talk to the parents.




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