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Dream 2009-12-07 16:36:11


Hi ,

Can anyone let me know the fee structure of Chirec, Kondapur for both CBSE & Cambridge.


saagarwa 2009-12-08 11:29:49



I have copied it from some other blog. pls find the details.

My daughter goes to 3rd grade CIE at chirec. The fees for 1 to V as per last year is as follows:

(non refundable)Admission Fee: 50,000 nr
(non refundable)Caution Fee: 50,000 nr
(refundable) Security Deposit: 20,000 nr

Annnual Fee: 18,000 r
Recreation Fee: 16,000 r
Tuition Fee: 40,000 r
Transport : 15,000 r
Lunch: 12,000 r

Transport and lunch are optional. Lunch to be paid for the whole year in first term conveyance is split into terms.
nr means non recurring once at the time of admission. r is recurring expense every year.

For the coming year there is going to be a 5% increase in all the recurring ones. Dunno how much the nr ones are going to increase.

CBSE is roughly around 50k less in one time and about 5000 less in recurring fee. thats all
Hope you have an idea of the fees now.


Dream 2009-12-09 15:16:14


Thanks for the inputs. I was looking for admissions in  CBSE  which i have heard that, they havent opned this year for classes above PPI. Admissions open only for CIE and for CBSE they are open to take only for Nursery and PPI.



sd_may76 2009-12-14 12:50:06


Is there any possibility that Chirec will open CBSE admissions for class II in 2010?


vivikth 2009-12-18 16:15:04



Can anyone tell me how is the education standard in chirec school.And also fee structure for LKG.


Dream 2009-12-19 12:32:36


i think they have closed on admissions... 10th Dec was the last date for the applications. The education is good over there.. this is what i have heard.

Fee structure  for CBSE and cambridge are different.

60 k one time plus 70 k annually  for CBSE ... and for Cambridge 1.1 lac onetime and 1 lac annually. Am not sure about it thou. 


vivikth 2009-12-20 17:35:34



Thanks for the reply.


RKSM1234 2015-03-01 16:54:40


Too expensive. I think government of Telangana should help parents now byy bringing these kind of fees down to earth so that everybody can study


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